View Full Version : Dragonblood Campaign Idea (Exalted First Edition)

2010-05-02, 01:44 PM
Been having problems running a standard Exalted game and decided I needed to fine tune by running a Dragonblood campaign to cover the first few years following the first rumours of the Scarlet Empress disappearing have just begun to filter out from the Blessed Isle.

The general idea is a sort of X Files meets Rome in that the players get to run either a Dragonblood character or a heroic mortal with a possible alternative character choice available in one instance.

They're part of a unit set up for the purpose of investigating situations pretty much anywhere in the Realm since the Realm's military can hardly react to every threat as it happens so a unit like them is sent in to check things out and report their findings (if they survive) so the mainstay force can react to the real threats.

The idea is that I can get a better handle on the system and the background since I tend to go into a little too much detail and need to overcome that habit and see this as an ideal means of doing both as well as fine tune what I hope to develop.

The original game involved an entire settlement being beset by nightmares that cause the exaltation of a trio of locals one's a former Monk turned gangleader, a former missionary whose seen the light and is preaching the Unconquered Suns and the third is an eccentric inventor who with the help of some alchemically exalted allies has created his own Howl's Moving Castle.

I messed up the combat, but they escaped the pursuing wyld hunt and were heading north evading pursuit because they can't be tracked inside the Twilight's elemental powered creation.

I was using the anime Scrapped Princess for inspiration and altering some other bits which I have yet to fully explain but the backdrop as I currently see it, "Creation" is whats left of a portion of the earth that was swallowed up by Autocthon, a revolt freed humanity and eventually gained control over their new home thanks to the creation of the Exalted whom imprisoned the original rulers who seek to regain control and their freedom.

Anyway what are your thoughts?

I was wondering if any of you have run a dragonblood exalted campaign and what your impression on this kind of game.