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Barbarian MD
2010-05-02, 04:24 PM
Hey again, folks!

Thanks to the Demented One's Epic advancement tables for Initiators and Epic Maneuvers (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134459), I've been fooling around with a Divine Crusader. Here are two Salient Abilities I'd like to get PEACH'ed. I'm basing them off pre-existing Salient Abilities, which I'll quote above the homebrews.

(Granted, at this level of play, there's really no balance left, but I thought I'd at least run it by people to see what they thought!)

Spellcaster level 1st, Int 29, Spell Mastery.

The deity can prepare any wizard spell that it can cast without using a spellbook.

This ability gives the deity access to every spell on the sorcerer/wizard spell list, provided that the deity has sufficient wizard levels and a sufficient Intelligence score to cast them. The deity also can invent new sorcerer/wizard spells without researching them.

Suggested Portfolio Elements
Knowledge, magic.

Martial Mastery

Initiator level 1st, Con 29, one Epic Initiation feat.

The deity can ready any maneuver.

This ability gives the deity access to every martial maneuver on the Crusader/Swordsage/Warblade list, provided that the deity has sufficient initiator levels to ready them. The deity also can utilize epic maneuvers without first learning them (that's right: no XP cost).

Cha 29.

This ability is similar to the wish spell. The deity merely thinks of something and then makes it so. Doing this requires at least a standard action.

The deity can duplicate any spell of 9th level or lower as a standard action. The duplicated spell has no material or XP component, and the DC of its saving throw (if one is allowed) is 20 + the deity’s rank + the deity’s Charisma modifier.

The deity also can duplicate a spell with any metamagic feat (so long as the metamagic feat is available to characters of 20th level or lower). This use of the ability requires the deity to rest for 1 round for each level that the feat would normally add to the spell. It still takes a standard action to use this ability, so there is no point in using the ability to duplicate a quickened spell.

The deity can render a magical or supernatural effect permanent. The rest requirement varies with the effect: 10 minutes per level of the effect times the number of subjects affected, 10 minutes per total Hit Dice of creatures affected, or 10 minutes per 10-foot cube affected. Use the highest applicable value.

The deity can create temporary, nonmagical objects. This works like the Create Object ability (including the required rest period), except that the items last one day per rank.

The deity also can create permanent nonmagical objects as if using the Create Object ability except that all rest requirements are doubled and there is no reduction in rest time for being on an Outer Plane or in the deity’s own realm.

The deity can create temporary magic items or creatures. This works like the Divine Creation ability (including the required rest period), except that the items or creatures created last 1 hour per rank. This ability cannot create permanent magic items or creatures.

The deity can reshape a landscape, creating any type of terrain the deity can imagine. Each 10-foot cube of material to be reshaped requires 1 round of effort, and the deity must rest for one day per 10-foot cube shaped after the work is completed.

Divine Initiator

Con 29, Initiator level 1st

The Divine Initiator is considered to have every martial maneuver of 9th-level or lower readied. Using a martial maneuver does not expend it, but does count towards the limit of martial maneuvers an initiator may use in a single round as normal.