View Full Version : [4e] PbP Dungeon Crawling?

Elvith Jars
2010-05-04, 12:50 PM
I'm new to DMing play-by-post games and my players are about to go dungeon crawling. Traditionally you'd have a map and move minis around it until they encouter a trap or a combat. I'm not sure that'll work for a PbP game so I'm wondering what others have done for dungeon crawling. Do you just narrate the highlights? Tell players to let you know where on they map the go whenever they post? What do you find that works best?

2010-05-04, 01:00 PM
I use a program called Gametable, http://gametable.mornproductions.com/Index
The program is actually meant to be used for online game (life, with chat and all), but I make screenshots and post them online.

They look like this, for example:


I have players give announce their movements like "I move from A6 to B7".
That's basically how I do it. I update the map frequently, or allow them to do it through Microsoft Paint and post a new version.

Also, a tip, one of the things I have experienced is that pbp combat can take very long, (and 4e combat already is quite longer than in other editions), so I usually ignore initiative. People just post their turn for 1 round when they're online. In my experience it works well and get's things moving much faster.