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2010-05-06, 11:56 AM
So, I love the paladin. Sadly, under the 3.5e rules, it sort of sucks. Especially under all the suffering of the dreaded term MAD. Instead of making a paladin fix, I decided I would, mostly for my own pleasure and use, create a number of feats that would give the paladin a number of new cool options to pick from.

Now, beyond monster creation, I'm not an accomplished homebrewer. But I love dnd, and I wanted to perhaps contribute even a couple of neat little features for one of my favorite classes. I'm sure there are a ton of nit-picky issues, as well as some crunchy, possibly even ones that can be abused, issues.

Please, give me every bit of advice on how to adjust the feats for better gameplay, hell, even come up with a couple yourself.

Divine Strike [Paladin]
Your devotion to the eradication of evil have granted your smite ability incredible power.
Prerequisites: Smite class ability, Paladin level 5th
Benefits: Grants you the ability to use Divine Strike. Divine strike works exactly like smite, except it gives double your charisma modifier to the attack roll, and twice your paladin level to the damage roll. In exchange for the added power, Divine Strike takes two uses of Smite.
Normal: Smite normally only grants charisma modifier to attack roll, and paladin level to damage roll.

Holy Storm [Paladin]
Harnessing the powers of your inner light, you can unleash powerful storms of holy energy upon your enemies.
Prerequisites: Divine Strike, turn/rebuke class ability
Benefits: You can unleash a Holy Storm, using one use of Divine Strike and a turn attempt. All enemies within 5 ft. of you take 1d10 plus charisma modifier each round for up to three rounds, and you may make one melee attack at your highest BAB each round, which my be any kind of attack (including additional smite attacks). You can move during a Holy Storm, but doing so forfeits your one attack. In addition to the above effects, Holy Storm also heals you for 1d10 plus charisma modifier each round. Holy Storm takes one standard action to activate, and another standard action each round you want to maintain it. Undead take 2d10 plus charisma rather than 1d10.
Special: By expending one Turn attempt, you can improve the effects of Holy Storm in the following ways: Add an additional die of damage, extend the range to 10 ft., or heal up to three allies for the same amount you're healed. All of these abilities may only be applied once, with the exception of adding an additional die of damage, which can be picked as many times as you want, but at an increased cost of two Turn attempts.

Extra Smite [Paladin]
You have learned to use your ability to smite more often.
Prerequisites: Smite class ability
Benefits: You gain two additional smite attempts each day.
Special: This feat may be picked more than once. Its effects stack.

Seal of the Zealous [Paladin]
Your devotion to your ideals have increased your endurance, allowing to access your powers more often.
Prerequisites: Paladin level 12th, Divine Strike, Holy Shock
Benefits: Whenever you successfully hit an enemy, roll a percentile die. All rolls of 71 and above cause you to regain either one use of your smite ability, your turn undead ability, or Lay on Hand points equal to the damage dealt. This effect cannot occur more than once per round.

Holy Shock[Paladin]
You have learned to redirect the power of your smite, using it for both defensive and offensive purposes.
Prerequisites:Smite class ability
Benefits:Whenever you use your smite ability, you can instead chose to heal yourself or a living target for 1d6 plus your charisma modifier plus your paladin level.
Normal:Normally, smite can only be used to deal damage.
Special:You can choose to expend a turn attempt, and gain the following benefit: Using the Holy Shock feat, it now affects everything within 5 ft. of the target. This works for both damage and healing purposes. If used for damage, all additional targets get a reflex save (10 plus half paladin level plus charisma modifier).

Holy Lance [Paladin]
You have learned to harness the holy energy of your Lay on Hands ability, and can make use of it to greater effect.
Prerequisites:Lay on hands class ability
Benefits:You can use your Lay on Hands as range ability, up to 30 ft. away. In addition, this allows points of Lay on hands to damage living target as well as undead. If used to attack, treat it as a ranged touch attack.
Normal:Lay on Hands normally require you to touch the target.
Special:If you also expend a turn attempt, your Holy lance ability strikes anyone within 5 ft. of the target, doing the same amount of healing. If used as an attack, all additional targets are allowed a reflex save (10 plus half paladin level plus charisma modifier).

Empowered Light [Paladin]
THe holy energy of your Lay on Hands ability is more effective.
Prerequisites:Lay on hands class ability
Benefits:Every one point of healing gained by Lay on hands now do two points of healing. One point of the lay on hands ability still only do one point of damage to undead targets, and the actual amount of lay on hands points doesn't increase.
Normal:Normally, one point equals one point of healing.

Channel Light [Feat Type]
You have learned to heal your foes with positive energy.
Prerequisites:Lay on hands class ability, turn/rebuke class ability
Benefits:Whenever the Paladin uses the lay on hands ability on a target, she may expend one turn attempt to add 1d6 plus charisma modifier of healing.

Illumination [Paladin]
You have learned to channel positive energy inwards, replenishing youself.
Prerequisites:Lay on hands class ability, turn/rebuke class ability
Benefits: You can expend one or more turn attempts, giving you an amount of points for your Lay on Hands ability equal to your charisma modifier times your remaining number turn attempts. For example, the fifth level Paladin Bob has a charisma modifier of +4, giving him 7 turn attempts every day. He could expend the first of those turn attempts to gain 42 points of healing.