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2010-05-08, 06:19 AM
I've seen a few of those "questions to answer when making your character"-questionnaires around, but never saved one. Now I happen to be in a position where one would be useful; I could write one myself, but as I'd be sure to miss something crucial, I figure someone must have links or lists lying around.

2010-05-08, 07:13 AM
There's an alignment questionnaire on the archived WotC site (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/20001222b) - whether you're into alignments or not, the questions it asks are good at defining how you see your character.

2010-05-08, 07:20 AM
I recently used this one, spoilered for Wall O' Text:


1. What's your character's name, race, and class(es)?
2. What 'role' do you see your character playing in the party? Select as many as apply. Examples: melee combat, ranged combat, sneak, hit-and-run skirmisher, battlefield controller, healer, party 'face' (social interactions), wilderness expert, party 'brains', support, summoner, party buffer, enemy debuffer, area-effect spellcaster.
3. Do you have a prestige class in mind? More than one? If so, which one(s)? If not, would you be interested in suggestions for prestige classes to fit your stated concept?
4. Why does your character adventure?
5. What's your character's main goal in life?
6. If your character got to pick any three magic items or other treasures, what would they be? You need not name a specific item, just a general description of its function.
7. List - by name, race, and class, at least - three people your character trusts.
8. List - by name, race, and class, at least - three people your character distrusts.
9. Is there a specific type of campaign you'd be especially interested in playing? Select as many as apply, indicate any campaign type you want that's not included, or state 'no preference.' Examples: a wilderness campaign, an urban campaign, a pirates storyline, dragon hunting, fighting the undead, a military campaign, a lengthy dungeon-crawl, adventures in the Underdark, foray into Hell or another plane of existence, Vikings, Oriental adventures.
10. Would you like the game focused more on: A) Combat B) Storyline C) Character development D) Traps/puzzles. Please list in order of preference.
11. BONUS QUESTION FOR THOSE WITH PREVIOUS D&D EXPERIENCE: What one thing have you always wanted to do in D&D that hasn't happened yet? This can be a monster you want to fight or an in-game event like becoming a king or a werewolf, or something else. Please list something other than 'survive to 20th', as that's the hardest goal for a DM to plan for without cheating.

Note that my players are pretty n00b-ish, so some of the questions here may not apply exactly.

2010-05-08, 08:55 AM
There is the Ten Minute Background. (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19713850/The_Ten-Minute_Background--Post_your_characters)

2010-05-08, 09:12 AM
This is not really a gaming questionnaire. It's more of a general questionnaire that we used in our creative writing club for character design:

Character Design Sheet
Character’s Full Name (and Titles, if necessary):

Nicknames and Aliases:

Sex (mark one):
♀ ♂
Gender (mark one):
♀ ♂

Physical Characteristics



Hair Colour, include if this is natural or not:

Eyes, include colour, size, and other eye-related features:



Typical Outfit and/or preferred fashion:

Any Outstanding features:

Any Item that he or she always carries:

In three lines describe your character without drowning your character in detail:

Social Background:
Where did he or she grow up?:

Current Residence:

Parents: include names, and if are they still alive or deceased:

Parents’ respective occupations:

Siblings: How many, include names and ages:

How do they vote? Do they vote at all?

* Where did they go to school, and what was their favourite subject?

* Who was their best friend, and have they kept in touch?

* Who was their favourite relation, and why?

* Do they/did they get on with their parents?

* What is their favourite food, and what would they never eat for all the tea in China?

* Favourite drink?

* Favourite colour?

* Regional accent?

* What do they do for a living - and what is their dream job?

* Do they have a partner, and if so, how did they meet?

* What is the closest they have ever come to dying?

* How do they spend their weekends?

* What are their tastes - and would they be different if they had unlimited money to spend?

 A childhood accident which has left them with a fear

 Their hate.

 Something they do really well.

 Something they do really badly.

 Something in their past they wish they hadn't done - and why.

 A recurring nightmare.

 A fantasy

 The one thing they would change about themselves, if they could.

 The worst and best moment of their life so far.

 How would they react if a stranger offered them a lift?

 How would they react if they saw a child, crying and alone?

 How would they react if they found a purse full of large denomination notes?

Finally: If you are to describe this character to someone in one sentence, what would you say?