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2010-05-10, 11:54 PM
Krotam stood before the human figure. Although bent over and barely taller than the dwarf, when she turned to face him, her filmy eyes seemed to bore through him, seeing deeply into the recesses of his soul, where even he didn't like to visit too long. "I know why you are here, and what information you seek" she rasped, "and the Great Ones will answer you. There is only one thing I would have you know .... the answers bring their own price with them, and it is only in paying it that you will truly understand." Krotam swallowed involuntarily, and his usually glib and hearty responses failed. He managed a brief nod, and waited as the oracle began her prayers.

Myself and co-DM are creating a shared character for a campaign (3.5 Red Hand of Doom, we're converting to Pathfinder for the new party (after a TPK)) We both liked the old 3.0 "Divine Oracle" PrC, and while the Pathfinder Advanced 'Oracle' base class seems potentially fun in its own way as a divine spontaneous caster, it didn't really capture the 'divination focus' of the old DO IMHO.

So here's a kludge based loosely on a combination of the Loremaster and the old DO class, hoping for a critique (is it balanced? sufficiently flavourful? any suggested changes welcome....)

Divine Oracle PrC

Requirements: Knowledge(Religion) 9 ranks, Sense Motive 9 ranks, Skill Focus (Sense Motive), ability to cast augury and speak with dead

Skills: 4/level; class skills Concentration (Con), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (all skills taken individually) (Int), Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int)

Saves: good Wil, poor For. Ref
HD: d6

Class Abilities

+1 spellcasting level for each level gained
Does not gain increased channels/day, increased channel power, increased Domain powers, or other level-dependent features besides spellcasting.

1 Divine Mystery, Divination Focus (I)
2 Divine Insight
3 Divine Mystery
4 Divination Focus (II)
5 Divine Mystery
7 Divine Mystery
8 Divination Focus (III)
9 Divine Mystery
10 True insight

Divine Insight (Su)

In place of any Knowledge check, a Divine Oracle may make a Wisdom check with a bonus equal to one half her class level to obtain information about a place, circumstance, creature etc. The form the insight takes is determined by the GM, but the amount of information provided is roughly equivalent to an equal Knowledge roll. The Divine Oracle may expend a Channel Energy attempt and a full-round action in order to access a relevant minor vision, adding +8 to this roll.

Divine Mystery

At 1st level, and each level beyond, the Oracle may choose a Mystery from the following list:

Greater Insight
+3 bonus to use of the Divine Insight class ability.

Oracular Vision
The oracle gains Alertness as a bonus feat

The Oracle is never considered flat-footed in a surprise round, and may spend a Channeling attempt in order to act in a surprise round if she would otherwise have been considered surprised. To select this mystery requires that Oracular Vision already have been chosen.

Oracular Protection
The Oracle gains a +1 insight bonus to all Saving Throws.

See Fate
If the Oracle has at least one daily Channel attempt remaining, she may use that attempt in order to reroll a saving throw to prevent death. The effect saved against must cause hp damage sufficient to reduce the Oracle below 0 hp, Constitution damage sufficient to reduce constitution to 0, or be a death effect. This cannot be used other than for effects that produce death or a dying state (for example, unconsciousness, paralysis, domination, insanity, ability damage other than Constitution) or effects that do not allow a saving throw (for example, hit point damage from non-magical attacks.)

This ability may only be used once/day.

See Hazard
The Oracle gains a +4 insight bonus to saving throws and AC against the effects of traps. In addition, Search becomes a class skill.

The Oracle may spend a full-round action to retrieve a small mundane item from a pocket or bag, which she just remembered she actually did pack, somehow knowing at the time it might come in handy! The type of item able to retrieved is subject to GM ruling, but essentially is limited to a non-magical item up to a few gp value and a couple of pounds of weight. Anything that couldn't plausibly have been sitting unnoticed in the character's pack / robes is excluded (a live chicken, a burning flame, etc...)

This ability may only be used once/day, or twice/day for a 6th or higher level oracle.

Oracular Versatility
The Oracle may spend a Channeling attempt in order to gain a +4 insight bonus on a skill use.

Others? Taking suggestions....

Divination Focus (I)
When casting an augury, divination or other divination spell with a chance of failure or misleading information, the Oracle may expend a Channeling attempt. If so, the DM rolls twice, selecting the better result. In addition, the following spells are added to the Oracle's spell list, with DF substituted for any non-costly material component: clairaudience/clairvoyance, arcane sight, scrying (as 4th level spell)

Divination focus (II)
The Oracle's effective caster level for Divination spells is increased by 2 for all purposes, such as level-dependent spell effects. Difficulty of saving throws against an Oracle's divination spells, if applicable, are increased by 2. In addition, the following spells are added to the Oracle's spell list: locate creature, detect scrying, dream, legend lore

Divination Focus (III)
The Oracle may substitute any divination spell of appropriate level for her daily Domain slot, if she so desires. In addition, the following spells are added to the Oracle's spell list: vision, discern location, foresight

True Insight
taking suggestions (:-P) yet to be decided, but I thought the name sounded good ....

2010-05-10, 11:57 PM
Seems a bit specific, and most of the effects can be replicated with a few feats and School Specialization (Divination).

2010-05-11, 12:33 AM
I can't really see how to replicate the Insight/Lore ability without multiclassing Bard or taking the Loremaster PrC ... and as far as I know there are no Feats that allow a divine caster access to some of the vital high-level (arcane) divination spells. I suppose custom Feats would do the job but if you're going to create several custom feats, isn't a PrC a better way to go?

I may have this wrong, but aren't Prestige Classes supposed to be relatively specific (relative to Base Classes)?