View Full Version : [Exalted] Creating Evangelion-ish Warstriders: Giant Robot + Behemoth + Temper = RUN!

2010-05-15, 10:08 PM
Well, not actual Evas, mind you, but certainly warstriders that are more trained cyborg then fantasy robot.

You may have read about my plan to create an "alien" invasion of Creation ("alien" in quotation marks because the Ruestli are transhumans). What you didn't know was that these aliens are of the "completely different track of technological development" kind, their technology being based on Genesis rather then Magitech. They also had a Golden Age a lot longer then the First Age, to the point where they hit a technological singularity.

But this isn't about the daily lives of the Ruestli before they started to decline-no, this is about what happened when they went into an all-out civil war that ended in the destruction of a continent!

One of the things that happened was the creation of the Spirit Knights, which are the Eva-Expys I'm talking about. Developed primarily to defeat kaiju-level opponents (of which there were a lot-we're talking Monsterpocalypse (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsterpocalypse)-levels here), the Knights are, in essence, mass-produced sapient royal warstriders with the ability to self-repair. They accomplish this by being mostly organic, with the brain being the only real part that needs building (give it enough biomass and it will do the rest). True, they have magitech implants, but these are not necessary for function and hand-to-hand fighting abilities, just weapons and upgrades. They also do some of their own customization based on their pilots, configuring organs for amplifying magic for sorcerers, and creating claws and exoskeletons for martial artists.

Of course, they have their drawbacks. First and foremost is the fact that the nadir of brain creation is tricking Lethe into giving it a First Breath, meaning that each and every one of them has a soul and an independent mind. They don't really care that they're human minds in behemoth bodies, but their instincts drive them to challenge their pilots' dominance regularly. Speaking of pilots, once one is attuned to a Knight, that Knight will be their only one, to the point where they get their motes back-if a pilot dies, the Knight dies with him, and if the Knight dies, the pilot can no longer fly any other. These are the normal extent of drawbacks-"feedback" does not exist here except as the pleasant sensation of losing an arm as your Knight does-but they do have a "berserk" problem (hey, you try not lashing out when you know that your life depends on the now-unconscious human in your forehead), and like actual Evangelions, the ego tends to take a bit of a...beating...when exposed to such a strange mind for so long.

Of course, I'm horrible at crunch, so...

Could I have some help statting these guys out?