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2010-05-16, 03:41 PM
In my current campaign I'm playing a character who will eventually be a Druid 4/Ranger 6/Lion of Talasid 10.

I intend him to be a two weapon fighter, and both he and his animal companion will have pounce, so on a charge (with haste) that means 8 attacks from him, and 6 from the animal companion. However, none of these attacks will be particularly powerful on their own, so I'm looking for ways to take advantage of this buttload of small attacks.

Wounding is a must, I'm thinking, I thought about dipping scout for skirmish, but I'll miss out on my last iterative (probably worth it, I'm still debating).

As far as rescources go, I have a lot of leeway as far as magic items/spells/feats and whatnot go. Pretty much anything goes except for most 3rd party and homebrew. He'll be able to cast as a 14th lvl druid, wildshape as a 12th level druid, and his companion will be as if he's a 20th level druid.

So any other ideas on how to make a plethora of small attacks work for me?

2010-05-16, 03:59 PM
Getting Sneak Attack would be helpful; you can use Martial Stance to get Assassin's Stance for +2d6, the Rogue's Vest for +1d6, and weapons with the Deadly Precision and Assassination enchantments for +3d6.

2010-05-16, 04:18 PM
Well, what level do you start at?

2010-05-16, 04:21 PM
Well, what level do you start at?

Started at level 1, he's currently level 7, Druid 4/Ranger 2/Lion of Talasid 1

If you have any ideas though, they don't have to be able to be accomplished right now. They can be something to work towards

Incan Road
2010-05-16, 04:35 PM
Well if possible any poison to an attack could be nice. I am currently playing a two weapon fighter but I have fairly high strength so I never had to think about adding very much more to the attacks, besides magic abilities and what not. But I really like your build I may cop it some day.

2010-05-16, 04:50 PM
Use wooden weapons, and put the brambles and spikes spells on them. Simple and efficient.

Edit: If you use some metamagic reducers, you could persist the spells even with 12th level Druid casting. Saves you the hassle of casting them at the start of battle. If you're not going this route, you should probably at least use a lesser metamagic rod of quicken to get them both off in the same round.

2010-05-16, 06:10 PM
If ToB is allowed, finagling a way to get Ironheart Aura and Stormguard Warrior would (if my reading of the feat is correct) let you swap your -5 and -10 (I don't think you'll get the -15, but of you do, you can convert those too) iterative swings for touch attacks that give you damage bonuses in the next round, turning attacks that will probably miss into free damage the next round. Also, power attack, shocktrooper, and leap attack for charging builds. Granted that's a lot of feats and you still have to qualify for Lion of Talisid, but it adds near-guaranteed damage, as opposed to sneak attacks and the like.

Any ideas on weapon choice? Kukris will get you lots of critting, but bastard swords in conjunction with a level of exotic weapon master and a lesser sunblade will let you treat both your MH and OH weapons as 2-handed for purposes of power attack (your lesser sunblade will count as light from its weapon property, one-handed from EWP: Bastard Sword, and twohanded from the 1-level dip in EWM). You could also go dual scimitars (please don't be a drow, or if you must at least be a bloodthristily evil drow and not a noble refugee from your race's evil ways) if you take oversized two-weapon fighting, which saves you the exotic weapon proficiency but requires you to take another twf feat.

Since you're probably going to end up with a ton of light-hitting attacks Damage Reduction may end up being your greatest foe. You should get +1 weapons ASAP, and since you're dual wielding with non-full BAB it will probably be worth taking those bonuses up to +5. There are some bracers in MiC that treat your weapon attacks as magic and silver (eliminating the silver source of DR without gimping your single-swing damage further), there's a cold iron ring from one of the forgotten realms supplements that does the same for DR/cold iron (PGtF I think), so try and buy or get your dm to place adamantine weapons as appropriate loot for you. If you run in to outsiders or undead and have a cleric or rogue in the party it's time to break out an oil, scroll, wand, or eternal wand of bless/holy weapon for demons/devils or disrupting weapon for undead. If you're constantly fighting such creatures it may be worth it to get holy put permanently on your weapons. If your DM uses FC I and II you may have to get scrolls or whatnot of align weapon to bypass chaotic and lawful DR, slaadi and inevitables may still be worth picking those items up for if you know you'll be facing them.

Also, augment crystals if you can get them from MiC.

The point of the above is to have two really good weapons you can use against almost any opponent, instead of needing excess gimped weapons you have to bring out against demons, devils, constructs, undead, and other baddies with high DR that can appear at moderate to high level.

Depending on whether you're hurting more for gold or feats, improved critical or keen/impact weapon are your best friends.

The Cat Goddess
2010-05-16, 07:03 PM
Also, get Gauntlet of Ghost Touch. Much less costly than Ghost Touch on one weapon, much less 2 or more.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-05-16, 07:13 PM
Also, get Gauntlet of Ghost Touch. Much less costly than Ghost Touch on one weapon, much less 2 or more.
There is a shriud thngy on the MIC that gives that and a deflection bonus, it was quite cheap also (about 2-3k IIRC)

2010-05-16, 07:14 PM
dont go for any bracers that arent strongarm bracers. with oversized TWP or a pair of sunblades, having them a size larger will increase your damage (though only by a little, its worth it) you need to maximize the damage you can do

other than that, use contact poisons on your blades, and hopefully some of them will decrease their DEX, so that it is easier to hit them. or possibly CON so that they dont need to be his as much.

other than that, have the party bard/cleric/wizard place truestrike or ghoststrike on you. with that, you can full power attack without worrying about missing that often.

heck, in my game i am a psychic warrior. for flavors sake, i took EWP for a jovar (greatsword with 18-20 crit). then i took improved crit. that gives me (with strongarm bracers) 3d6 damage, plus 1d6 fire from an augment crystal that crits at 15-20. i use expand to go to huge sized, and now i am doing 6d6 + 1d6 fire + STR. with that, i rarely need to power attack, but it is still fun. heck, against most creatures i can kill them in one full attack (with psionic lions pounce)

if you can make friends with the party bard/cleric/wizard, you are actually a formidable opponant with your power attack and a high crit range.

2010-05-17, 07:34 PM
Bracers from MiC that bypass silver DR may actually be gauntlets.

2010-05-17, 09:09 PM
Bite of the were-X from spell compendium, gives you good enhancement bonuses to strength and other stats as well, making these some of the better buffs you can cast.

Also, why are you taking so many levels of Ranger?

2010-05-17, 09:29 PM
Dumb question, but where is the Assassination enhancement from?

2010-05-17, 10:54 PM
For extra fun, add levels of master thrower so you can throw a million daggers and hit their touch AC.

The Rabbler
2010-05-17, 11:08 PM
For extra fun, add levels of master thrower so you can throw a million daggers and hit their touch AC.

this is best used as a primary build idea. master thrower really isn't all that helpful to anything but throwing builds.

if you can fit it in somewhere, factotum 1 + able learner + quick sheath + quick draw will get you iaijutsu focus. if you have it maxed, you can pretty reliably put out 6d6-9d6 bonus damage each attack. throw in some skill tricks to get them flat-footed and you've got yourself one dead enemy.

2010-05-17, 11:37 PM
The Ranger spell Hunter's Eye (PHBII, I believe) gives you 1D6 sneak attack per caster level. Not sure how much casting you've got (not sure if the Lion of Talasid PrC advances your Ranger casting), but if you can get it, it's great fun! :)