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2010-05-17, 10:52 PM
Hello, I am InyutheBeatIs, amateur artist (is an understatement :smalltongue:) and new to this particular board! I just wanted to introduce myself on this board by presenting a little something I concocted. I would call this a fictional letter, for lack of a better term. Anyways, here is Dear Nibiru...!!! Comments and critique are more than welcome.

Dear Nibiru...3/18/2010

Dear Emperor Nibiru,
We, the Entirety of Humanity, are sending you this notice of vacation from our corner of the galaxy in light of your intention to destroy us. We are well aware of your capabilities and experiences, and we are also aware that you have ignored similar “requests” to spare all of life in the systems you have obliterated. We are aware that you have an empire defended by the undead corpses of the utopian planets you have decimated, surrounded by what little remains of the abundant life that flourished on those planets. We are aware that you have kissed stars that were in their prime just prior to snuffing them out like so many candles, and all that you left showing were the chars on your chest and the resounding din of your insane laughter. We are aware that you have sent your asteroid dogs to quake the Earth with their frightful barks and thundering presences. However, we will do whatever it takes to remove your foul presence from our peril. Yes, we will hunt down your dogs until they run back to you with their tails between their legs like lap pups! Yes, we will dash your undead followers upon our weapons like you have dashed those living beings that you call “insects” upon your brow! And yes, we will carve a crater into your “indomitable” armor so deep that it will bite into your cold, dead heart! All this and more if we must! And no! This is not just some animalistic act of desperation, an aimless scratching and biting in an attempt to survive. It is much, much more than that. It is a passion, tempered by faith and certainty, salted with reason, and backed by cold hard fact. What makes us different from all the other “insects” you have wiped from existence? Simple, hope. We are not like the elder races, beaten down by despair, cowered by wrong, or possessing eyes glazed over by the pains of time. We are still a young race, with much to learn yet, and much to see before the end. We will not have that come crashing down around us because of the will of a tyrant! The day humanity will die will be the day that the skies shatter and fall like glass, the sun burns it’s last, and the Universe collapses into her own ever-expanding embrace! Until then, humanity WILL NEVER FALL!!!

You have two years to comply.

Most sincerely,
Humans, The Ones Who Lived.

2010-05-18, 04:44 AM
Heheh, sounds nice.

Though maybe use the Enter key more?

Makes the breaks more nuanced. Instead of reading on straight away.