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2010-05-18, 07:29 PM
I want to figure out a concept that represents me if I were in magicland D&D. I'd prefer 4e suggestions, but I'll take 3.x as well and do the conversions. This is for flavor and roleplay not optimization. Races would be nice too but I'm mainly interested in class.

I'd ask my group but I want to keep them in the dark and see if any guess it as I reveal more and more. Even thinking of doing a character personality that is alien to their world, but that's not relevant for this thread.

Ideas so far, Psion, Monk, Rogue, and Warlock.

Psion because I love the flavor, I love the idea of the power of the mind, and am intellectual.

Monk vs Rogue- I've taken martial arts for close to a decade. I'm not the hardest hitter and am effective more for the ability to strike vital areas. But I'd pick up a weapon given the chance, and have trained a lil bit with them. I like the idea of stealth and cunning, but that can fit a monk too. Tough call.

Warlock- I don't view things in black and white, and would totally make a clever bargain with a dark power and use it for the greater good. Plus like the psion they also can be scholarly. I like dark horror literature/anime.

I love thinking about philosophy and have studied it a bit. This could fit in with any of them though, except rogue.

This may or may not help, but I'm 6'2" 200lbs (not exactly rogueish) but fast (is rogueish but also monkish.) OTOH I do not have all that much endurance, which is more rogueish than monkish.

I'm leaning toward hybrid (or multiclass) for two of them, but I'd also consider one class. Maybe Warlock/Rogue, or Psion/Monk, but Warlock/Monk or Psion/Rogue could also work. Not sure which I'd pick if I had to choose a single class...maybe psion.

Any suggestions? Feel free to ask questions.


Darklord Xavez
2010-05-18, 07:34 PM
For a build:
Monk 12/Rogue 1/Psion (nomad/psychoportation) 7
Ability scores in order of importance:
1. Dexterity
2. Wisdom
3. Intelligence
4. Strength
5. Constitution
6. Charisma (cause constitution's a horrible dump stat)