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2010-05-19, 01:33 PM
Here's some more necromancy feats, focused on making the Wiz Necro better:

Necrotic Pulse [Reserve]
Prerequisite: Wizard 2, Know at least 3 necromancy spells
In a blink of your eye, a wave of necrotic energy radiates from your body
By witholding one Necromancy spell, you may create a Wave of Necrotic Energy that deals the level of the spell witheld d8 to all creatures in front of you in a ECLx5 by ECLx5 by ECLx5 "wave" that moves 30 feet. Also, you cast all necromancy spells as +1 levels higher

Bretherine's Awe [Necromancy]
Prerequisite: Wizard 1, Specialize in Necromancy, Int 17 or better
Your innate talent with the undead leads them to be in awe of you
You can rebuke or control undead as a Cleric = Wizard levels. As a cleric would add their charisma modifier, you use your intelligence modifier

Spellstiched Familiar
Prerequisite: Any Wizard level where you can obtain a new familiar, Specialized in Necromancy, your familiar is an Undead
Your undead familiar is far more than what it seems...
Your familair recieves the Spellstiched template. Treat the familiar's abilities as if your Wizard levels were 2 lower

More will come later

2010-05-19, 02:57 PM
Spellstitched Familiar would go nicely with Stitched Flesh Familiar.

Bretherine's Awe sounds setting specific (what with the unusual name), it is also quite strong, seeing as it is a feat that gives a very useful class feature.

I don't undertsnad what the area of Necromantic Pulse is supposed to be A cube of with sides measuring 5 feet per caster level? That will end up awfully large and even then the feat is quite superior to other reserve feats (titanic area, better dice, can heal freely at the cost of a second feat), so I think it is safe to assume it is a bit too good.

Oh, and the "Wizard" requirements look superfluous. Why shaft the sorcerers and the Dread Necromancers? Not everyone likes to play prepared casters. I know I don't.

2010-05-19, 03:56 PM
In the first feat what do you mean by witholding a spell?

For Valor
2010-05-19, 04:52 PM
In the first feat what do you mean by witholding a spell?

it's a [Reserve] feat (They come from Complete Mage), so he's trying to say "If you can cast a [Necromancy] spell", but it's just phrased awkwardly. Concerning that feat... why is it for Wizards only? It seems useful for anyone, and shouldn't be limited to just those bookworms.

As for the second feat, well, I just have a problem with stat minimums over 13. Why is it that you have to be supremely intelligent to rebuke/control undead? There doesn't seem to be a very good reason for it...

The third one isn't something I'd burn a feat on, though it's flavory.

2010-05-19, 04:53 PM
I think it means as long as you still have a spellslot with a spell of that type it works like the rest of the reserve feats.

Divayth Fyr
2010-05-19, 05:05 PM
Necrotic Pulse - I'd make it have a static size, a 100x100x100 wave at CL20 seems a bit too much - especcially since its a better blaster spell then normal spells:smallwink: Also, is Necrotic even in 3.5?

Bretherine's Awe - being based strictly on Wizard level limits its usefulness - I'd prefer abilities given by prestige classes then staying a pure Wizard to get better turning

Spellstiched Familiar - I don't remember the details of the template, but can't you spellstitch an undead familiar without having to burn a feat?

2010-05-19, 07:10 PM
A 5 ft. wide and high clot of negative energy that sweeps through and damages everyone in a 30 ft. line is probably better suited to a Reserve Feat than one that grows like this.

2010-05-19, 07:23 PM
I agree that the area should be limited. Also Yay finally a necromancy reserve feat!