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2005-02-20, 02:37 AM
I am new here but I have read all of the Order of the Stick. and i was wondering how many people here read acual comic books. i also want to know out of the people who do read comic books, do you read Green Lantern Rebirth. I am a Kyle Rayner fan and i don't like the fact that they are bringing back Hal. and even worse i am amazed on how they brought him back. part of me is happy while part of me is angry. i hate how they made hal inocent and everything but i like when hal was starting out. near the end he started to get annoying so i moved on to guy...and i HATE how they made Guy Gardner so i quickl moved on to John and thought John has done good and is finished. so i went to Alan and relized that he minly deals with magic and left to Kyle and now i think Kyle is the best character. he delt with the gain "god like" power and used it for the greater good unlike Hal in 48-50 or John in Green Lantern Mosaic. I am glad they did not gice Guy the "god like" power thing cause it would jsut be stupid. Please respond your thoughts on GL Rebirth or GL OR if you read comics or not.

2005-02-20, 02:42 AM
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The Glyphstone
2005-02-20, 08:30 AM
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2005-02-20, 04:23 PM
I read "real comics" too. I have the following preference for Green Lantern:

1. Alan Scott
2. Kyle Rayner
3. Killowag
3. Guy Gardner
4. Hal Jordan
5. John Stewart

Yet, I don't mind Hal being made innocent. I don't mind his return. I don't mind that all the Silver Age fans in charge are going to revert everything backwards in time, shoving Aquaman back into the orange and green, so on and so forth. Why? In about ten years, my generation will be in charge. Kyle will be brought to the forefront by some, and the post Silver Age era will likely be brought back (minus Mullet Superman).

I don't worry about changes anymore. None of the big companies give a crap about continuity anymore, so why should I? I'll just go buy indy comics that peak my interest, and only follow specific writers who seem to like coninuty and respect characters (ironically, Geoff Johns is probobly one of the best at this, despite what many Young Justice and Green Lantern fans think lol)

Just my two cents.

2005-02-23, 02:41 PM
I'm a fan of mainstream comics and have been following the Rebirth storyline. I'm a Rayner fan myself, but I don't see the Jordan/Rayner situation as being mutually exclusive. True, there will always probably be only one "main" Green Lantern, who occupies the public spotlight, but I seriously doubt they're going to completely write Kyle out of the picture even if Jordan steps back in as Green Lantern of Earth.

My suspicion is that Jordan will take over in Green Latern comics, becoming the guardian of Earth once more. John Stewart will stay in the Justice League, since he's in the cartoon Justice League and the people who own DC comics will want to avoid confusing young fans who buy lunchboxes and action figures. Kyle will star in his own series, hopefully a Green Lantern Corps relaunch that takes place in space rather than on Earth, and Guy Gardner will go back into the shadows (where, in my opinion, he belongs, though I'm still hoping he'll work his way into Formerly Known as the Justice League at some point). Anyway, that's my prediction.

I think the Rebirth series has been pretty good overall. Finally explaining the weakness of the rings towards yellow is a nice touch in my opinion, though no doubt it will enrage plenty of people. Personally, I never liked the idea of having the rings be useless against a specific color--as one writer put it, it sets them up for "Oh no! Big Bird! You have foiled me again! Lemon-Scented Pledge! I am defeated!" So giving a decent reason why that has been the case, and hopefully eliminating that as a problem for now on (though I doubt they'll go that way) is a plus for me.

I'm excited to see what Green Arrow is going to do with his ring. Ever since the Archer's Quest storyline where he revealed Hal had given him a ring for emergencies, I've been wondering when that was going to come back. Looks like the emerald archer is finally going to get to pit his will up against that of his old road-trip buddy...

2005-02-23, 05:58 PM
It had been explained before that the guardians put the yellow weakness in the rings intentionally, so as to keep Lanterns in check.

I think that may have been ignored, post-crisis.