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2006-02-04, 02:55 PM
Ok, so I'm reading this book, and suddenly I'm into Chess. I realize there are some good books out there, especially by Alan Moore, but I'm thinking this is honestly my favourite Comic of all time. Other than glossing over Stalin, the book shows an interesting elseworld that asks a good question: what if Superman, who's perfect and believes in "the system" just happened to have been raised in a different "system". That's what I find the elseworlds books are about, but this one was particularly good.

it follows the question: what idealism does Superman represent? What does he follow? Is he Apollo in a greek pantheon, or is he the "american dream" (whatever that's supposed to be)?

The whole world-spanning scheme really hits the spot, and to top it all off it's drawn by the artist who did the covers for d20 modern books (Dave Johnson).

Anybody get a good look at this?

2006-02-04, 03:05 PM
Yeah, I've got it. It's one of my favourite elseworlds. Gives the whole Superman mythos a nice twist, and i really like the time travel element. I think my favourite bit is the fact that Luthor becomes the savior of mankind even though (at heart) he's just as evil as his canon counterpart.

All the semi-cameos were nice too

2006-02-04, 03:45 PM
I'll need to pick this up, it seems interesting. And Batman has an awesome hat.

2006-02-04, 03:54 PM
Batman does indeed have an awesome hat. In the sketches in the back of my edition, there's a whole spiel about how there's nothing wrong with Batman's hat: He's in Russia! He'll need a nice warm hat!

2006-02-04, 03:55 PM
and i really like the time travel element.

I was conflicted. I mean, it was introduced in like the last 5 panels and added nothing to the story. NOTHING. It was just, oh, we have a twist ending now. That's cool. It explained why there was no Kryptonite, but still, where did Brainiac come from then?

That said, everything about it was AMAZING. Especially, I think, Batman's design.

2006-02-04, 07:03 PM
actually, brainiac in the original comics never came from Krypton. In the animated series they just thought it was a cool way to bring him in (Superman Vol 1, in stores now!!!)

it works well. I like him, bizarro and Luthor the best (well, this luthor... anyway), so it was gold.

I liked the time travel. Just another way to link together the Ubermensch aspect of Luthor and Supes, and why Supes can beat Luthor at chess (well, bizarro; which was awesome!!!)

2006-02-04, 08:05 PM
Bizarro was excellent, the US insignia on his chest was just plain awesome.

With regards to time travel, I thought it worked well, linking everything together and adding a nice wee supes/lex twist.

I especially liked Luthor's line saying that if Superman had landed in America, they probably would have been best friends

2006-02-04, 11:01 PM
actually, brainiac in the original comics never came from Krypton. In the animated series they just thought it was a cool way to bring him in (Superman Vol 1, in stores now!!!)

Really? Huh. My main knowledge of DC is through the whole DC "animated universe" thing.

That said, yes, the whole "oh we would have been the best of friends" line was fantastic. Also, Superman's narration about "I could observe electrons in their endless dances...and yet, I could be so blind" in regards to Wonder Woman was pretty poignant.

2006-02-05, 06:27 PM
my knowledge of DC is mostly the same, although I have a shelf of tpbs and originally I got into it when I inherited the dc universe rpg. it wasn't bad, and it had so-so histories of everyone. actually, the brainiac in it was a hypnotist who got possessed by an alien... which is weird. the android from another galaxy thing I actually learned from the commentaries on the superman animated series dvd.

did anyone start playing chess after reading this, tho? I did. I can now beat my father (I was on a two-week winning streak up until two days ago; never assume you'll win, even vs a newbie you've just started teaching, or vs the man who taught you as a child!)