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2005-08-09, 11:03 AM
Hey, Im new to the boards but not the strips and was looking for discussions on comic books... where are they?
I would be interested to know if anyone is following the Marvel House of M storyline and what they think.
P{ersonally I ahve seen alt realities done much much better (the original age of apocalypse, what if...?, even Exiles." I enjoy Bendis's woerk, but does he need to be on everything marvel does these days? I havent picked up a house of m book or tie in this month, has it gotten better?

Malachi, the Lich King
2005-08-09, 01:57 PM
From what I've seen so far, you've pretty much got to start your own comic book thread. There was a Green Lantern related one a while ago but I haven't seen much on comic books since.

I haven't touched "House of M" at all. I'm getting a little sick of so many alternate reality storylines while nothing of any consequence happens in the real books. I've also gotten sick of Bendis but don't blame him making all the cake he can while his name is still a hot commodity. I tend to follow the talent rather than the characters so what I collect changes fairly rapidly these days.

2005-08-09, 02:41 PM
Those threads used to populate this section of the boards . . . beforel the dark times . . . before the fan-pire.

They are still here, buried beneath the half-dozen or so threads on V's Gender, various threads on Banjo, and mounds of Fan Art.

I,too, am a fan of What If . . .?. I have fallen out of the comic book scene due to other things snacking on my disposal income. There are plenty of TPBs that are on my "to get" list, though.

The Giant
2005-08-09, 03:04 PM
I love comic books, but I've skipped House of M. I'm more of a DC and independent collector anyway; Marvel drove me away when they totally revamped the X-Men for the 178th time and threw out all the things I was enjoying. I mostly only read the Ultimate and Max titles from them anymore.

And yeah, as much as I loved Bendis, he's getting overplayed now. I still read Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, and The Pulse (because Alias was too good for me to not try it out for a while), but I've dropped the rest of his stuff.

Malachi, the Lich King
2005-08-10, 03:20 PM
Arrrgh! I feel the pain on X-men. Alan Davis is my absolute favorite comic artist but I don't want to read any more of Chris Claremont's "steal my soul and identity" rehashes so I refrain from buying X-men. I'm waiting for those two to just about come to blows again and Davis move to something else.

I've also bought a fair number of indy titles though there's not much out there now that interests me. Cerebus finished [Thank God], Bone finished >:( , Stray Bullets is infrequently published at best. Knights of the Dinner Table is a fave.

2005-08-25, 01:08 PM
I haven't bought anything from dc or marvel in a long time. I got into manga after the great spiderclone and energy superman storylines. Though I do enjoy Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans as cartoons. :)

2005-08-26, 07:28 PM
My introduction to comics was ElfQuest..I tried to read Marvel stuff after that, and threw it out in disgust for the lack of plot, character development, or any attention to anotomical realism.

..tho Belkar does have some Wolverine-esque traits, with the lack of a background, two-weapon style and bloodthirsty, gritty personality.

Would Belkar prefer yellow spandex?

2005-08-27, 12:56 AM
I've had subscriptions to a couple different Spider-Man comics for the last couple years (Spidey has been my favorite superhero since I was a little kid). I've actually really liked the Spider-Man House of M comics; it's something new for me. Perhaps those who've read a lot more comics that I find it cliché, but it's new to me.
I've never gotten into any indie comics, mostly because I can never decide which one to buy and usually end up getting a new D&D book instead of a graphic novel or something.

A couple questions:
I remember seeing the Sin City series at my local comic shop a couple years back and was interested, though at the time I had less than no money and never got them. Most people that I know that saw the movie (I still haven't) said they didn't like it. Are the graphic novels any good?
Also, what are some other good comics for a person that was raised on Spider-Man?
Thanks ;)

2005-08-27, 01:30 PM
The graphic novels of Sin City are fantastic. There's simply no other words to describe them. I've been able to buy the first three myself and am looking to get the others in the series. If you liked the movie then pick up the books.

2005-08-27, 03:15 PM
My introduction to comics was ElfQuest..I tried to read Marvel stuff after that, and threw it out in disgust for the lack of plot, character development, or any attention to anotomical realism.

An ElfQuest fan? Amazing... hard to find these days.

However, comparing ElfQuest to Marvel Comics is like apples and oranges. Both can be eaten. (Er, apples and oranges that is, not ElfQuest and Marvel... though, if you're determined enough, I suppose they could be eaten too).

ElfQuest has a Start AND Finish point. The original ran 20 issues (okay a bonus 21). Seige ran - what? - 8 issues? Kings ran - um, 8 issues. Every other ElfQuest title after that that they tried to make ongoing simply TANKED for lack of a better word.

So this is why ElfQuest has so much character development - because the story typically has a start and finish and focuses very heavily on the characters and how they're impacted by this story.

Marvel comics (and DC for that matter) have been going on and on and on since - what? 1960s (and early in many cases, depending on when you wanna nail down the specifics of the company names).

Make no mistake. I love ElfQuest. Hands down Wendy Pini is one of the most incredible artists and writers, ever.

But yeah, if you wanna compare Marvel and WaRP, it's not gonna work out. :D

Malachi, the Lich King
2005-08-29, 08:09 AM
Love Elfquest but the subseries you mentioned were all intended as limited series. Once that story arc ended, the 'title' stopped until they had the next story arc ready.

Sin City used the comics as the storyboard. If you see the movie, you've essentially read the comic. 95% of the script is exactly what is written in the comic. Very easy to tell if you'll like the story, its just a question of whether you like Frank Miller's art.