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The Demented One
2010-05-22, 02:22 PM
Oof, it's been a while since I've last run one of these, but I've got the Vote Up a Fever. Let's make a charm, Exalted crew.

Rules of Voting and Submission (Read before Posting!)

1. Only a single vote per person per aspect is allowed. Multiple voting will not be counted.

2. Post all votes in this thread.

3. Please do not criticize or disparage the votes of other forum members. Let the votes fall where they may. Just be patient, and allow other voters to voice their own opinions.

4. Changing of votes is not permitted. Just because something has a lot of votes at some point, doesn't mean you have to hop on the bandwagon.

6. If your vote cannot be tallied due to violation of any of these rules, I will post to inform you of that before voting ends. I will also ask you to modify your vote, so that it may be changed.

7. Unless otherwise stated, each poll's result will be winner-takes-all.

8. Upon commencing each vote I will announce the deadline by which time votes must be in. Voting rounds will last about a week, submission rounds will last until I get a goodly number of submissions. All times are by the Central Time Zone.

Past Rounds

Round 1: Charm Type
For starters, let's figure out what type of Charm we should be making. Your choices are:

• Solar
• Lunar
• Dragon-Blood
• Abyssal
• Infernal
• Alchemical
• Astrological
• Other (Spirit, Ghost, Fair Folk, and so on).

Voting ends in three days, on Tuesday the 25th. Ready? Go!


Round 2: Ability Voting
It's an Solar Charm! Now, vote for what Ability the Charm should fall under. Since there are so many, each person can cast three votes for three different Abilities. Your choices are listed in the table below.

Martial Arts|0

Round 3: Ability Vote-Off
Ability voting was too close for me to call, so let's have a run-off between the top four contenders. I'm starting Stealth off with an extra two votes for being in first place, and Performance and War with one extra vote for being tied in second. Everyone only gets one vote this time, and I'll end this round tonight or tomorrow.


Round 3: Essence
So, we're making a Stealth charm! For this round, vote on what Essence level should be required for the Charm.

• Essence 1: Minor tricks, difficult to distinguish from ordinary competence or luck. Stealth Charms let you be a supernaturally skilled spy, fade into the background, and perform similar feats at this level.

• Essence 2: Heroic, nigh-superhuman feats. Stealth Charms might let you force others to ignore your presence, stay so still as to become invisible, and perform similar feats at this level.

• Essence 3: Powers that are almost unquestionably magical, beyond all mortal human reach. Stealth Charms might let you cause others to forget your existence, snuff out your anima banner, and perform similar feats at this level.

• Essence 4: World-shaking powers of true Exalted might. Stealth Charms might let you become truly invisible, hide from essence sight, and perform similar feats at this level.

• Essence 5: The power of a Lord of Creation, the epic heights of what players can achieve. Stealth Charms might let you hide within Elsewhere and perform similar feats at this level.

• Essence 6+: Beyond all power imaginable to the Exalted of this Age. Stealth Charms might let you hide yourself even from samsara, force entire realms of existence to ignore your presence, and perform similar epic miracles.

Essence 1|0
Essence 2|0
Essence 3|2
Essence 4|6
Essence 5|5
Essence 6|0

Round 5: Submit Concepts!
Okay, we're going with an Essence 4 Charm! For this next round, I need your ideas. Send them in by PM–whether it's a loose concept, a mechanic, or just a name–and I'll work with you to polish them up.

2010-05-22, 02:23 PM
Vote for Infernal.

2010-05-22, 02:36 PM
Solar gets +1

The Rose Dragon
2010-05-22, 02:42 PM
Abyssal. Because I love Abyssals.

Well, I probably would say Abyssal, but goddamn it the Astrological Charms part looks so fascinatingly interesting, so I'll actually go with that one.

2010-05-22, 03:41 PM
I vote for Infernal

The Tygre
2010-05-22, 04:49 PM
Huzzah! Exalted has meaning again! I vote for Abyssal; that appendix was woefully short for my tastes.

2010-05-22, 04:59 PM
Dragon-Blooded gets my vote.

2010-05-22, 06:05 PM
Astrological is awesome.

The Mentalist
2010-05-22, 07:50 PM
Abyssal sounds fun

2010-05-22, 08:01 PM
Vote for Abyssal.

2010-05-22, 08:11 PM

I've always found that one of the greatest ironies in Exalted is that the Exalted who are all about doing awesome stuff are sadly lacking in awesome charms.

Also, what are Astrological charms? Is that the name for Sidereal charms?

2010-05-22, 10:56 PM
Solar. Because I like Solars.

2010-05-22, 11:01 PM
Yay for Solars! Because Solars are awesome and yet have boring charms.

2010-05-22, 11:03 PM
Solars, for much the same reason as the above.

2010-05-22, 11:17 PM
Alchemical! Because I'm on a mad science tear after starting a Genius: The Transgression game.

2010-05-22, 11:21 PM
Infernal! I love those guys so much.

The Demented One
2010-05-23, 12:51 AM
Also, what are Astrological charms? Is that the name for Sidereal charms?
Astrological Charms are the reality-warping secret powers of the Sidereal Exalted, locked away by the Maidens. Glories of the Most High has more detail on them. I'll show you a sample, one I made.

Unexpected Housemates Arrival
Cost: 15m, 4p
Mins: The Ewer 3, Essence 4
Type: Simple
Keywords: Emotion, Fate, Shaping
Duration: Instant

Looping a blue string of romance around his own destiny, the Sidereal sets in motion more melodrama than he might desire. He may name a single quality desired of his ideal mate, be it red hair, ferocious martial prowess, or hideous writhing tentacles. He cannot choose qualities dependent on Exaltation or enlightened essence, but any other qualification is valid, so long as it is something he sincerely desires in a romantic partner. This Charm exerts unnatural mental influence on up to (Essence) randomly chosen characters throughout the universe, causing them to gain an Intimacy of romantic attachment to the Sidereal. The Storyteller should choose characters who all meet the Sidereal's stated qualification, although not necessarily in the manner he expects. This unnatural mental influence may be resisted for a single point of Willpower, but doing so causes this Charm to find a new candidate for romance, up until the point that (Essence) lovers have been found or all valid candidates have run out.

The Intimacies created by this Charm are magically inviolable, and can only be eroded by the volitional and uncompelled choice of the characters. Though all of the Intimacies created are of a romantic nature, each one is slightly different in its context, ensuring that each of the Sidereal's relationship with each of his prospective mates has a unique emotional context. Chance and coincidence work to ensure that all of the mates chosen and enchanted by this Charm meet the Sidereal within a single week. Though they do not know who he is or anything of him, they immediately feel the full effects of the Intimacy upon seeing him, and will most likely be naturally drawn to meet or pursue him. Such romances are favored by the fact that all mates chosen are immune to that Sidereal's arcane fate for as long as they retain the Intimacy created by this Charm. Unfortunately, they are also able to see through any resplendent destiny the Sidereal might wear.

2010-05-23, 09:50 AM
Well, I'd like a Fair Folk charm, but that doesn't seem likely so Infernal

2010-05-23, 09:54 AM
I choose Other, because gods don't get any love.

2010-05-23, 10:01 AM
Descisions, descisions. Let's see Solars need some love in the Charm department, but Infernals could very well be my favorite type of Exalted. All of your Alchemical Charms I've seen have been frickin awesome too, and Astrology Charms sound very interesting though I will probably never get any use out of them as I don't have the Siddie book or Glories of the Most High. Why must all of your Charms be so awesome?!?!!?! Gah!!!

I'm gonna say Infernals as I can't decide between that and Solars who currently has more votes so I'll try and help my other favorite win.

The Demented One
2010-05-23, 05:52 PM
And the Lunars slide into last place. Muahahaha!

The Tygre
2010-05-23, 06:49 PM
And the Lunars slide into last place. Muahahaha!

As they planned all along.

2010-05-23, 06:52 PM
Yay for Solars! Because Solars are awesome and yet have boring charms.

I agree. Solars

The Demented One
2010-05-26, 12:09 AM
And it's a Solar Charm! Now, we move on to voting on an Ability. See the first post for rules–each person can vote for three different Abilities.

2010-05-26, 02:50 AM
I vote for Performance, Presence, and War.

The Tygre
2010-05-26, 03:37 AM
Ugh. 200 pages of these things, man... Alright. I'll throw my votes to Performance, Presence, and War as well.

The Rose Dragon
2010-05-26, 03:39 AM
C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

I vote for Sail, Medicine and Stealth.

2010-05-26, 04:09 AM
Performance, Medicine and Stealth

Just to mix things up a little.

2010-05-26, 05:39 AM
Stealth, Larceny and Performance.

2010-05-26, 05:52 AM
Sail, Awareness and Lore.

2010-05-26, 10:56 AM
Presence, Integrity, and Athletics.

2010-05-26, 02:37 PM
Occult, War and Integrity.

2010-05-26, 02:53 PM
Archery, Dodge, and Awareness.

2010-05-26, 02:56 PM
War, Sail, and Medicine.

Shades of Gray
2010-05-26, 02:58 PM
Sail, Thrown, and Stealth

And so the ninja solars developed the ability to throw boats at people.

2010-05-26, 03:13 PM
Awareness, Occult and War for me, please.:smallcool:

2010-05-26, 03:37 PM
Archery, Linguistics, and Resistance please!

2010-05-26, 03:54 PM
Bureacracy has no love whatsoever.
Linguistics is an interesting choice.
And I'd also like to see Craft.

Ooh, but I'm looking forward to this.

The Demented One
2010-05-26, 05:45 PM
Bureacracy has no love whatsoever.
Hmm. I've actually made a few Solar Bureaucracy charms that are rather fun. Check out All-Desirable Heavenly Treasures (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:All-Desirable_Heavenly_Treasures), Nation-Shaping Economic Policy (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Nation-Shaping_Economic_Policy), Righteous Sun-King Proclamation (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Righteous_Sun-King_Proclamation), and Heaven's Will Legislation (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Heaven's_Will_Legislation).

2010-05-27, 04:22 AM
All-Desirable Heavenly Treasures (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:All-Desirable_Heavenly_Treasures)
Heh. Nice.
"This is no ordinary lamp! It once changed the course of a young man's life!"

Nation-Shaping Economic Policy (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Nation-Shaping_Economic_Policy)
Oh, I like this. Good for a savvy ruler, someone posing as a wealth-providing god, or even an anarchist looking to bring down an area. Very cool.

Righteous Sun-King Proclamation (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Righteous_Sun-King_Proclamation), and Heaven's Will Legislation (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Heaven's_Will_Legislation)
I love these. Exactly the sort of stuff that could be used with good intentions, but would have made the First Age utterly horrifying for a non-Exalt.

Still, there's more that could be done! Effacious Hiring Strategy, Jade Beckons Yojimbo, Unleash The Hoard, Greased Palm-Greased Wheel Method, Every Man's Price Estimation, Swim In Gold Aspiration, Wealth-Plated Resplendency, Fortunate Promotion of Misfortune, Obfuscation of Duties, Shallow Veil of Industriousness, Lonely at the Top Dominance, etc, etc...

2010-05-27, 11:20 AM

2010-05-27, 01:05 PM
Stealth,Awareness and Presence

The Tygre
2010-05-27, 01:53 PM
Hmm. I've actually made a few Solar Bureaucracy charms that are rather fun. Check out All-Desirable Heavenly Treasures (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:All-Desirable_Heavenly_Treasures), Nation-Shaping Economic Policy (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Nation-Shaping_Economic_Policy), Righteous Sun-King Proclamation (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Righteous_Sun-King_Proclamation), and Heaven's Will Legislation (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Charms:Heaven's_Will_Legislation).

Permission to show them excerpts from the sacred tome, sir?

2010-05-27, 02:30 PM
Resistance Stealth Athletics

2010-05-27, 03:52 PM
Performance, Stealth and Occult

The Demented One
2010-05-27, 04:47 PM
Permission to show them excerpts from the sacred tome, sir?
No, on the grounds that too many of my old things are really really embarrassingly crappy. If anyone wants to download a .rtf of my latest charm list, they can download it here (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5SPN5WYV).

The Tygre
2010-05-27, 08:43 PM
No, on the grounds that too many of my old things are really really embarrassingly crappy. If anyone wants to download a .rtf of my latest charm list, they can download it here (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5SPN5WYV).

What if I avoid your stuff? I can generally tell its not yours if it has typos, links in the text, and looks like it had to be formatted for RPG.net.

2010-05-27, 11:16 PM
Let's go with Larceny, War, and Sail.

The Demented One
2010-05-28, 09:03 AM
SUDDEN DEATH! Round 3 is here, a run-off between the top four abilities. It'll only run a day or so, so vote for your favorites fast.

2010-05-28, 10:05 AM
Preformance. Yes I am slightly ambivalent.

2010-05-28, 10:18 AM

2010-05-28, 11:03 AM
I vote for...


2010-05-28, 03:16 PM
Stealth 10 chars

2010-05-28, 03:41 PM
Stealth, please

2010-05-28, 05:13 PM
Bureacracy, Bureacracy, Bureacracy, Bureacracy.

The Tygre
2010-05-28, 05:31 PM

The Demented One
2010-05-28, 06:09 PM
Okay, we're now voting for Essence! Let's go!

2010-05-28, 06:31 PM
Aw, I had an idea for a Terrestrial Stealth charm, but we are doing Solars :/

Anyway, Essence 4 is my call. That's higher than any of the printed Stealth charms.

Edit: Except Stepping Between Heartbeats in Glories:UCS. Pardon me.

Edit 2: Is it only me, or does Vanishing From Mind's Eye Method seem like the ur-Sidereal thematic, but is still a Solar charm? :O

2010-05-29, 01:25 AM
Essence 3, please

2010-05-29, 01:31 AM
Essence 4, because we need awesome Stealth charms.

2010-05-29, 02:29 AM
Essence 3.

Maintaining the balance, here. :smalltongue:

2010-05-29, 03:17 AM
Essence 4.

The Tygre
2010-05-29, 04:18 AM
Another for Essence 4.

2010-05-29, 06:08 AM
Essence 4.

2010-05-29, 08:42 AM
Essence 4 please.

2010-05-29, 11:11 AM
I say Essence 5 since I'm curious what it will look like.

2010-05-29, 12:42 PM
essence 5, i am curious too.

2010-05-29, 05:21 PM
Essence 5.

2010-05-29, 11:47 PM
Essence 5! Yay!

The Demented One
2010-05-30, 10:09 PM
Okay, it's an Essence 4 Charm! Now, send in your charm concepts! Pm them to me, and I'll work out a solid idea with you.

2010-05-31, 02:26 AM
You might want to change the thread title?

Anyway, I've got nothing for now. I'll have a think. Stealth? Hm.

2010-06-03, 08:25 AM
I'm not here, and I've particularly not bumped this thread. You saw nothing.

2010-06-03, 08:38 AM
It's no use, Sidereal! I remember you! My hearthstone (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=Hearthstones:Star-Hiding_Shroud)ensures that!

PMed my idea. How many do we have now?

2010-06-06, 11:49 AM
Heavenly Bump Technique!

2010-06-09, 04:03 AM
Seven-Fisted Hot-Blood Bump!


2010-06-09, 11:21 AM
Who the hell do you think I am?!


2010-06-25, 09:15 PM
I thought I'd try my hand at a charm.

Also, thread bump. [Insert appropriate Gurren Lagann quote here]

2010-07-05, 08:16 AM
So, uh, is this thread still going, or...