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Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-05-24, 04:45 PM
I had an idea for an arcane defender, please read what I have and try to add to it.

Elderich Champion
“Die? You wish, my master has something much more creative in mind.”

Role Defender. You fight on the front-lines for your elderich master and keep foes busy by both burning them alive and stabbing them in the spleen. You lean towards striker as a secondary role.
Power Source Arcane. You gain your power from an elderich pact and play as a champion of the powerful being that granted you your power.
Key Abilities Strength, Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity.

Armor Proficiencies Cloth, Leather, Hide, chain male.
Weapon Proficiencies Simple Melee, Military melee.
Bonus to Defense +1 Fortitude, +1 Will
Hit Points at First Level 15 + constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained 6
Healing Surges per Day 8 + constitution modifier

Trained Skills From the class skills list below,
chose 3 trained skills at first level: Athletics (Str), Aracana (Int), Endurance (Con), Intimidate (Cha), Religion (Wis).

Build Options Fey blade, Demon thrall, Infernal champion, Dark reaper.
Class Features Elderich Pact, Elderich challenge.

Elderich Champions are warriors and champions of a powerful being that granted them an elderich pact of power in exchange for their full devotion and loyalty. They use punishing hellfire, demonic energy of the void, dazzling fey arcana, or crackling necrotic death as well as good, old fashioned steel to get the job done. As an Elderich Champion you might be a traveling mercenary with strange powers, a fanatical zealot fighting tirelessly for your arcane master, a power hungry solder of fortune who took the pact for greedy personal gain, or you might be an exiled noble who took the deal just to survive in a hash world. Whatever your reasons dark power flows in your blood and horrible truths dominate your mind.

Creating an Elderich Champion
Elderich Champions rely on Charisma, Strength, and Occasionally constitution for their powers while also needing constitution for hit points, skills, and fortitude. They should also have a good dexterity for armor class, reflex and secondary skills. If you like disorienting your foes and messing with their minds you should choose the sylvan pact, if you like dealing lots of damage and ongoing damage you should choose the demonic pact, if you like rooting your foes in place and than killing them in interesting ways you should choose the satanic pact, and if you like weakening your foes and draining their power to fight you should choose the necromantic pact.

Please help me wright more.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-06-02, 11:47 PM
Eldrich Pacts
Choose 1 of the following pacts:

Sylvan Pact
You gain your power from a corrupt feylord or a powerful fomorian. You are a master of dazing, stunning, weakening, slowing, and teleporting; because of this you lean towards controller as a secondary roll.

2010-06-03, 12:34 AM
...there is almost nothing here to work on. No real class features, no abilities, not even hints of abilities.

We need to see some actual mechanics before we can comment on it. Right now, it's just an average defender in terms of defenses and such.

2010-06-03, 07:39 AM
Just a little tip: It's spelled "Eldritch".

2010-06-03, 07:42 AM
I thought from the spelling and the :smallwink: that this was going to be something about Elder Evils. Live and learn.

Sorry I can't say anything useful, I don't play 4e.

2010-06-03, 08:32 AM
Well, I'll bite.

A couple of things jump out at me here - firstly, he is an Arcane defender who wears light armour and doesn't wield a shield. How will he be mechanically different from the Swordmage, who fits under the same umbrella?

Secondly, he seems to thematically be a Warlock. Your class fights in melee with a sword, but the whole "make a pact with a powerful being for magic strength" thing is pretty much the Warlock's schtick. Maybe this could be handled in a way similar to the Skirmisher Warlord (In case you don't have Martial Power 2 or a DDI subscription, the Skirmisher Warlord is a Warlord who switches out a couple of his powers in order to become an archer rather than a melee fighter).

Warlocks already get a fey pact which is thematically very similar to your sylvan pact and an infernal pact with is a good analogue of your demonic pact. Then there are plenty of ways to make a warlord strong in melee, but maybe you could offer an option where a couple of the Warlock's more mobile class features could be replaced by something a bit more Defender in style. Prime Shot and Shadow Walk would be good options for this.

I don't want to walk in and say your idea is terrible, just offering a couple of opinions - and besides, a whole class is a LOT of work. It would be a lot easier to make some good thematic options for an appropriate class that already exists. Perhaps an Eldritch Champion Paragon Path could be something to consider?

Edit: I just realised that you've got a Light Armored Defender with Str & Con being noted as important for his attacks. This will lead either to a really low armor class, or people ditching their Con in order to have acceptable armor class with Dex or Int. In the long run, you can only really afford to have raise 2 stats to any solid level. Do you have a reason behind setting the class up like that, or could you sub in a feature similar to what a lot of classes get, where they get to use another stat in place of Dex/Int to determine AC