View Full Version : Does anyone recall a campaign...

2010-05-28, 02:01 AM
...hosted online about...oh, ten years ago (and perhaps persists even today, though I don't know how to find it), detailing a very expansive and vivid world with two important details.

The first was the setting itself, which focused on four (perhaps more) gigantic columns scattered across the world that kept the heavens aloft. They were in danger, and it was the PCs who had to travel to each.

The second, much more interestingly, was that the entire campaign was driven by a very long and detailed prophecy, that went something like this.

The first of the twenty shall be _____,
The next of the twenty shall _____,
The last of the twenty shall be steel guide
Strength unused 'gainst Destiny's tide.

And so on.

This is likely a futile search, but I remember it being quite popular many years ago and would very much like to read it again. The prophecy had a very specific name as well, called the Song of Sammael or similar.

Alas, my Google-Fu is weak.