View Full Version : A Play by SpiderMew called Legend of the Forigner

2010-06-01, 12:03 PM

So during the time of my last visit, I have also began to fancy myself a writer. I took a playwright class at CSUDH, and this was my final project.

Its one act for a play i plan on expanding.

C&C welcome.

If for some reasion you wish to perform the play, please let me know.

Please point out any typos you find. I got an A on it, and the teacher didnt find any.

2010-06-01, 12:41 PM
Some corrections:

Page 8 - 'Threw' should be 'Through'
Page 15 - 'Allot' should be 'a lot'
Page 23 - 'Allot' should be 'a lot'

Apart from that, it's v. good

Just one question, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CREATE A 6FT GNOLL?????

IMO, it reads more like a film script than a play script, but it's still v. good.

Can't wait for the next Act.

2010-06-01, 01:14 PM
I once saw these stilts that kind of have a neat reverse joint hinge on them, and a guy used them to look like a warewolf, just alter the idea of that costume and vola, Insta-Gnoll

Yeah it would be kinda hard to do as an actual play lol. But there has been a reading performence done of it at my university.