View Full Version : Wanted: Unusual Art Styles, feat. You!

2010-06-02, 06:51 PM
Two-Narrative Webcomic [Fighter]
You can tell more than one story at a time.
Prerequisites: A highly stylized method of graphic art. Preferably something surrealist, though there are ideas for other styles (including cute, superhero, shonen, gritty, etc.) The most important thing is that your art style be notably distinct - no one aping Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick, no one working with premade sprites, no one who hasn't moved past a generic apprentice Shonen or Comics art style. I have a number of stories in mind and I will adapt them to whichever art style is settled upon.
Benefits: You join Team Anteheroes and make a graphic novel, with me! Whee!
Special: Domochevsky and I are looking to put up a side attraction to the main comic that can flesh out one of the side characters. Though this will ultimately get put up for viewing on the site, these sidestories are intended to be one-shots, and I would like to work each 'issue' from start to finish, page by page. In other words, there will not be a daily or weekly hard deadline, though I don't exactly want anything to get the Duke Nukem Forever treatment.

2010-06-08, 09:50 AM
We have two potential applicants so far, but entry is still quite open.