View Full Version : Rifts: It can't be taken too far.

2010-06-07, 03:47 PM
Starting about a week or so ago, my Dungeon Master decided the DnD has become to passe, as we've been playing for years, and he finally decided to take my suggestion that we try out Rifts. I've had the books for several years now, but only recently began to start Hadron-colliding character ideas. Josh (the D/GM) told us he wants us to have as much fun as possible for our characters, so while looking through Sourcebook 1, specifically the robot creation rules, I noticed you could play a robot with the chassis frame of a mid-size sedan. Being the smart-ass I am, I have decided to make that frame a black Trans-Am, with a cylon style eye port on the front. Yes I have decided to play KITT of Knight Rider fame.
So I ask you, what insane, inane, downright stupid, or hilarrious ideas have you had for Rifts characters (keeping in mind technically everything can be played in Rifts)

2010-06-07, 06:14 PM
Heh. Just using the Triax and the RMB, you can get a Borg with Heavy Infantry Armor which adds 420MDC...I can't remember how it worked out exactly, but at 1st level, I had around 900 MDC.

I'm sure there's tons more, but I think that the "Dragon" Experience Table should really NOT be the highest table there. I'm aware of ONE table that's higher, but that's an exception. So many superpowered OCC/RCCs use the Dragon table, when really they should be double that or something.