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2010-06-08, 01:59 PM
I played my first game of Werewolf: The Foresaken yesterday, with a group of people mostly composed of experienced players, but there's something about the group that I'd like some clarification on, that the group weren't really able to clarify for me.

One of the group is playing a werewolf who's on a silver crusade, on the authorisation of the lunes. My character is a newly changed Elodoth Storm Lord, who used to be a police officer trainee.

The group was investigating an overly active wind spirit, and we found out that its balancing spirit (East to its west, if we're talking names.) had dissapeared. After a bit of digging, the group found that the other spirit had been taken forcefully as a fetish by a small group of pure werewolves. The silver crusader (An expert in stealth and tracking) found their trail and tracked them down, as we followed. We stopped outside their locus, and the silver crusader stalked in, and was taken away by the ST. We were thrown into a combat, and during the course of it, he killed two of the four pure werewolves outright. We managed to take the other two mostly unharmed. We secured the fetish, and took the locus as our own. He sent me and one of the other werewolves (Of the four in our group, the other is a rahu who he's mentoring) to patrol the edge of our locus, while he took the other werewolves to the edge of a nearby pure territory.

I didn't know (IC) that he was a silver crusader, or even what a silver crusader was. One of the only rules of being a werewolf my guy knew, is that, no matter the reason, you do not kill werewolves. Therefore, having seen this guy shoot two of them dead, I was too suspicious to leave him alone, so I followed them at a distance. Right on the border of the pure locus, he shoots them both dead.

So, I confront him, and he talks as though it is his not only his duty but his right to kill every pure he came in contact with. My werewolf is really not comfortable with that attitude, as the two werewolves had been cooperating and had offered to help, and certainly weren't a threat. He just seemed non-chalant.

Am I taking the right approach to a silver crusader? What extent should I be willing to allow him to kill pure? At the moment it looks like we're set to collide, and I doubt I can take him. But show no weakness, right?

2010-06-08, 02:15 PM
I'm not an expert on nWoD by any means, but from what little I know about it I didn't think that the Uratha considered the Pure to be "of the People", but rather Anshega.

And I think that the Oath of the Moon specifically calls out not murdering other Uratha.

Doesn't mean he wasn't being a douche tho lol

2010-06-09, 03:32 PM
Ah, that clears it up. Thanks

Fouredged Sword
2010-06-09, 05:27 PM
The Pure are Uraha, that is one of the reasons that the Forsaken are lawas on the looseing side of the conflict, the Pure suffer nothing for killing a forsaken, a forsaken who kills a pure looses a portion of luna's blessing.

Morality, or in this case harmony, is one of the most non-followed rule sets in the game. Talk to your story teller. If he is playing loose with the rules than it may be ok on your harmony to kill the Pure. On the other hand the other player may just be on the road to insanity. If your story teller is silent on the issue, and some are to leave the party to quander out right and wrong on thier own, look to see if his character is suffering from several mental illnesses. If he is then killing uraha is why. The game doesn't stop you from breaking luna's oath, it just gives you penelties for how bad you do it.

Your party member may just be playing a psyco-killer though. The rules not only allow that, but provide a handy mechanic for telling just how crazy he has gone. It sound like he is breaking the oath to the moon in more places than just not to kill uraha.

And even if he is following the orders of a Lune, Lunes do not speak for Luna, and even if they do, Luna is at her core a spirit of insanity and change. She has given the Uraha conterditory orders before and left them out to dry.