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2010-06-10, 04:00 PM
Made on request, this thread is a throw back to Oslecamo's thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=142724) on this board. The difference between the two is that this one is a direct conversion of the monsters, whereas Osle's is more of a tribute.

My version may be a little more difficult to balance. There's also the consideration of LA monsters without racial hit dice and templates. Help would be appreciated on this.

If you wish to post in this thread and have me show case your work in the OP, you should follow these rules (adapted from Osle's rules):

- Adjust RHD to always match the player's level so that it does not punish/reward them against level dependent abilities. If a monster has RHD that is above its CR (ie. an awakened ooze with blind sight), I suggest that, rather then throwing RHD willy-nilly or scaling the entire creature down, give the creature an ability that increases its hp on a static level (like the 'toughness' feat; could be passive or 'activated' (requires an action and bonus hp is 'temporary' and possibly non-stacking with additional uses of the ability), but note that toughness is 'passive' in that it always applies and is a permanent bonus) - that way it can't be optimized via (for example) a high constitution modifier.
NOTE: Even though this is a direct conversion as precise as we can make it, the above is applied to accommodate the rules originally made by Oslecamo.

- Keep in line with monster ability bonuses and natural armor.

- Make monster special abilities level dependent so that they will continually increase (not entirely necessary though - creator uses at their discretion).

- Cut down most abilities to keep the power level in check. No stuff like teleport at will at level 5. This is at creator discretion however - normally 'greater teleport at will' at a low level is fixed with level adjustment, however I'm trying to address this issue at the top of the OP; for now I suggest avoiding these creatures until an acceptable solution arrives.

Osle's FAQ (adjusted)

No ability penalties?
What Osle Said: Nope.
What I say: They're allowed, but I suggest you input them at first level and then input monster-specific feats that the player can take to reduce or eliminate those penalties. Inputting them at first level encourages the player to take more levels in the monster class, as I understand it - this isn't meant for balance. Just for the sake of conversion.

Do I need to take all the levels or can I just take what I want and then go to other class?
What Osle Said: Just like a normal class, you can leave a monster class at any level up and then even come back later if you wish. You aren't supposed to mix different monster classes together however. Do it at your own risk.
What I say: Osle pretty much has his reasoning down here. Although normally, I wouldn't allow it at all since it makes no friggin' sense (1/2 of a mind flayer that's also a minotaur and 1/3 of a red dragon???), but it's really at the discretion of your game master.

What's this lose all racial bonus thingy?
What Osle Said: Basically, these classes count as both initial race and class, so you can't be a human/ogre mage. You're just an ogre mage.
What I say: Again, why would you be an Orc Gnoll? ("Behold, I'm an orc who specializes in the art of behaving, fighting and essentially living the life of a gnoll, of who's body I have stolen! Stand before me, pitiful NPCs, agape in awe and that I may undo you with my unique orc/gnoll hybrid combat prowess.").

Note also that 'lose all racial bonuses' includes losing all racial (Ex), (Su) and (Sp) abilities.

I want to play a spell slingin' monster!
What Osle Said: Monsters that cast as "class X" like the dragon and Rakshasa will stack their spell casting with the respective classes.

Other monsters like the mind flayer don't actually cast as "class X", but if they multi-class to certain caster classes they gain powerful bonuses to spells of certain descriptors and/or schools (when listed), and the same goes for manifesting powers (in the case of monsters branded as psychic, like half-giants).

If you want a dragon that casts as a full sorcerer, I strongly encourage you to note the fact that not even WotC dragons can cast as a full sorcerer.

Alternatively, you could take just one level of the monster class (X color dragon) and then go full caster - however, you wouldn't be a very big dragon, and your 'dragon stuff' like flying and breath weapons would be paltry. Another option could be to polymorph yourself. Or invent a feat (assuming the GM allows it) to accommodate your levels in the dragon monster class.
What I Say: I got nothin'. Except for what I edited into Osle's above dialogue to make it more clear.

What's the Caster Level for the SLAs?
What Osle Said: Unless otherwise specified, the Caster level for any SLAs is equal to your total HD.
What I Say: Very sound reasoning.

Growth Modifiers

{table=head]Base Size|New Size| AC & Attack Bonuses*|Space*|Reach (Tall/Long)*|Ave. Size Incr.|Ave. Weight Incr.|Grapple Mod.|Hide Mod.
Fine|Diminutive|-4 (size)|+|+0/+0|+6|+1/2 lb.|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Diminutive|Tiny|-2 (size)|+1|+0/+0|+9|+5 lbs.|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Tiny|Small| -1 (size)|+2|+5/+5|+18|+36 lbs.|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Small|Medium| -1 (size)|+0|+0/+0|+3|+240 lbs.|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Medium|Large|-1 (size)|+5|+5/+0|+6|+2000 lbs.|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Large|Huge|-1 (size)|+5|+5/+5|+12|+8 tons|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Huge|Gargantuan|-2 (size)|+5|+5/+5|+24|+80 tons|+4 (size)|-4 (size)
Gargantuan|Colossal|-4 (size)|+10|+10/+5|+48|+200 tons|+4 (size)|-4 (size)

What Osle Said: No you don't gain extra stats just for growing. It's not even listed on the table. Just to make it clear since every other person asks it. Your natural weapons damage increases one die size for each size increase though. Kudos to Zeta Kai for the basis of the above table.
What I say: Refer to SRD for standard natural weapons damage per size category; natural weapon damage can deviate from this standard as you wish, but it should be listed with the monster class in any case.

Monsters By imp_fireball

Awakened Zombie (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8648363&postcount=565)
Ogre (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8657924&postcount=597)
Stone Giant (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8800152&postcount=2)
Gnoll (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8804870&postcount=3)
Centaur (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8805120&postcount=4)
Ettin (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9002665&postcount=8)

NOTE: Assuming they abide with the thread rules or are willing to (and are in the process of PEACHing, etc.), I will post the creations of others in their own spoilers.

Monster Requests
- Pit Fiend

2010-06-28, 03:22 AM
Stone Giant

Tiny, the 10th level stone giant.

HD: d8
Proficiencies: A stone giant is automatically proficient with all simple and martial weapons and shields.
Skills: 2 + Int Modifier
Climb, Hide, Listen and Spot are Class Skills.
1|+ 1|+2 |+0 | +0| Stone Giant Body, Stone Skin, +2 Strength, +1 Constitution, Stone Stealth
2|+ 2|+ 3|+ 0| + 0| Darkvision 60ft., +2 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity
3|+ 3|+ 3|+1| +1 | +2 Strength, +1 Constitution, Giant Tenacity, +10ft. Base Speed
4|+4|+4|+1|+1|+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom, Rock Throwing
5|+5|+4|+2|+2|+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, Slam, Rock Catching
6|+6|+5|+2|+2|+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity, Improved Stone Skin, Growth
7|+7|+5|+2|+2|+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, Greater Giant Tenacity
8|+8|+6|+2|+2|+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
9|+9|+6|+3|+3| Stone Communing, Additional Slam
10|+10|+7|+3|+3| Stone Phasing, Awesome Giant Tenacity

Stone Giant Body

The stone giant loses all racial bonuses and abilities acquired from their race (but not necessarily sub-races; GM discretion), and gains those of the giant over type (primarily, low-light vision). They cannot take levels in any other monster class other than stone giant except for 'template monster classes' such as 'zombie'. They are size medium at first level, and can only move at a base speed of 20ft. By third level, their base speed effectively becomes 40ft (30ft. + 10ft. base speed) as they adapt to their heavy bodies.

Stone Skin

At first level, the stone giant acquires +2 Natural Armor.

Stone Stealth

At first level, a stone giant acquires a +8 racial bonus to hide checks in rocky terrain.

Giant Tenacity

At third level, a stone giant acquires +1d8 hp and applies their Con bonus for each die of this gained hp. This bonus hp does not count as HD for the purpose of calculating effects dependent on ECL or ECL itself. They also acquire a +1 to Fort Saves and 2+int bonus skill points.

At seventh level, the stone giant acquires an additional +1d8 hp, a +1 to Fort saves, and an additional 2+int bonus skill points.

At tenth level, the stone giant is finalized with +2d8 hp, (2+int)x2 bonus skill points, and a +1 to Fort, Reflex and Will saves.

Rock Throwing

At fourth level, a stone giant has a +1 to attack rolls when throwing rocks. Using both hands, it can throw a rock that deals 2d8 + 1.5xStr damage, at a range increment of 180ft. Stone giants are highly accomplished rock throwers, most likely due to having little else to spend with their long lives.

Yet, while skillful, a stone giant isn't fully adapted to throwing rocks in combat, and thus receives a -2 penalty on attacks made to throw rocks.

Rock Catching

At fifth level, a stone giant acquires a +4 bonus to reflex saves made to catch a thrown rock.

Once per round, a giant that would normally be hit by a rock can make a Reflex save to catch it as a free action. The DC is 15 for a Small or Tiny rock, 20 for a Medium one, and 25 for a Large one. (If the projectile provides a magical bonus on attack rolls, the DC increases by that amount.) The giant must be ready for and aware of the attack in order to make a rock catching attempt.

At size medium, the stone giant may catch rocks of tiny, small or medium size. At large, the stone giant may catch rocks of small, medium or large size.


A stone giant gains a slam (1d4 Bludgeoning + Str) as a natural weapon at fifth level and then another one at ninth level.

Improved Stone Skin

At sixth level, the stone giant made apply its constitution modifier to its natural armor bonus.


The stone giant becomes large sized. If already large, nothing changes.

-1 penalty to Armor Class, -1 penalty on attack rolls, -4 penalty on Hide checks, +4 bonus on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits double those of Medium characters.

Stone Communing

At ninth level, a stone giant can use stone shape and stone tell each once per day, as spell-like abilities. Their caster level is their ECL.

For every 5 ECL above 9, the stone giant can use these spell-likes an additional 1/day.

Stone Phasing

At tenth level, a stone giant may choose to acquire either transmute rock to mud or transmute mud to rock as spell-like abilities 1/day. The save DC is 10 + half their ECL and is charisma based.

For every 5 ECL above 10, the stone giant can use these spell-likes an additional 1/day.

2010-06-28, 07:11 PM

Skryre'meex, a 1st level gnoll hunter, 4th level ranger.

1|+ 1|+ 0|+ 2| +0 |Gnoll body, Path, +4 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha.
Skills: 2 + int modifier. Listen and Spot are class skills for the gnoll.
Proficiencies: All simple weapons, light armor, light and heavy shields.

Gnoll Body

A gnoll gains +1 Natural Armor, Darkvision out to 60ft. and loses all racial bonuses and abilities acquired from another race or monster class, with the exception of template monster classes such as 'zombie'. Gnolls are size medium humanoids.


A gnoll chooses from the following paths below at first level.


The gnoll brute acquires proficiency with gauntlets, all martial weapons and medium armor - making an attack with a gaunlet deals the gnoll's unarmed damage, with the exception that it is lethal and no longer incurs a -4 penalty to attacks for being improvised. Gauntlets are light weapons and do not occupy the hands.

Additionally, brutes have +1d8 + Con modifier hp, 2 + int bonus skill points and +1 to Fort saves. This bonus hp does not count as HD for the purpose of ECL.


The hunter acquires +2 Dexterity, +1 to Reflex Saves, 2 + int bonus skill points, scent and the track feat.

They can choose up to three skills as class skills from the following list below:

Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Use Rope (Dex).


The gnoll skirmisher ignores armor and shield check penalty when using the hide and move silently skills (but only while wearing light armor and/or wielding light or heavy shields) and may count their levels in gnoll towards precision damage die progression (such as sneak attack). They also receive 6 + int bonus skill points and may choose 8 additional skills to become class skills from the following list:

Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Use Rope (Dex).

Finally, the gnoll skirmisher has the option of eliminating their -2 racial penalty to either intelligence or charisma. Skill points are calculated retroactively for increased intelligence but may be only invested at new levels when appropriate.


The gnoll chooses a fullcasting or fulmanifesting class (wizard, cleric, druid, ect) and gains spell slots, caster/manifester level and spells known/power points as if he had one level of said class. This ability stacks with levels of said class, so a gnoll 1 who took the shaman path for wizard and then takes one level of wizard would cast as a wizard 2. The gnoll doesn't gain any other class features from the chosen fullcaster/fullmanifester class like familiar, turn undead or actual spells/powers known (only capacity for powers/spells known) untill he actualy takes levels in that class.

The gnoll shaman can choose to eliminate their -2 racial penalty to either intelligence or charisma or acquire a +2 racial bonus to Wis, but receives a -2 penalty to Str and Con. Their HD from levels in gnoll now becomes d6.

2010-06-28, 07:49 PM

Dromesh, the 3rd level centaur outrunner, 1st level barbarian.

1|+ 1|+ 0|+ 2| +2|Centaur Body, +2 Str, +1 Con, +1 Dex, -2 Int
2|+ 2|+ 0|+ 3| +3|Tough Hide, Cunning, +2 Str, +1 Con, +1 Dex, +1 Wis, +10ft. base speed
3|+ 3|+ 1|+ 3| +3|Vigorous, Path, +4 Str, +2 Con, +2 Dex, +1 Wis, +10ft. base speed
Skills: 2 + int modifier. Listen, Move Silently, Survival and Spot are class skills for the centaur.
Proficiencies: All simple weapons, light armor and light shields as well as the longbow and composite longbow.

Centaur Body

Lose all the racial bonuses and abilities of other races and monster classes except sub-races and special template monster classes such as 'zombie'. The centaur is large sized (Large size. -1 penalty to Armor Class, -1 penalty on attack rolls), however it occupies a 10ft.x5ft. space and has only 5ft. of natural reach and 30ft. base speed. It has darkvision out to 60ft and 2 hooves (1d6 Bludgeoning +1/2xStr) as natural weapons.

Ability Bonus

A centaur factors only 1/4 of their racial Str bonus when wielding non-ranged weapons in their hands (+2 Max). However, they count as mounted for the purpose of attacks made with weapons in their hands (and for feats such as spirited charge and wielding a lance), but without the height advantage (+1 to attack). Note that centaurs must still wield lances in two hands.

Tough Hide

At second level, the centaur gains a +3 Natural Armor bonus.


At second level, the centaur receives an additional 2 + int modifier skill points.


At third level, the centaur gains +1d8 + Con modifier hp and a +1 to Will and Reflex saves. This bonus hp does not count as HD for the purpose of ECL.


A centaur must choose a path at third level.


Outrunners become proficient with medium armor and heavy shields. They have +1 BAB (totalling +4 for 3rd level centaur) and receive 1 bonus feat. This bonus feat can be any feat that applies to mounts, such as trample or improved overun.


Flankers can carry up to medium sized riders on their backs without encumbering themselves. The riders can make ride checks to control the flanker or to defend themselves, but the flanker can also act independently and guide the rider. Centaur flankers are not animals, and thus do not need to be tamed to be ridden. They are essentially heavy warhorses and are well suited as mounts (no -5 penalty to ride them). They can spurred, like regular mounts.

When flanking a target, a flanker acquires a +3 circumsantial bonus to attacks and applies it to both the rider and them, instead of a +2.


The mystic chooses a fullcasting/fullmanifesting class (wizard, cleric, druid, ect) and gains spell slots, caster level and spells/powers known and/or power points as if he had one level of said class. This ability stacks with levels of the said class, so a third level centaur who took the mystic path for wizard and then takes one level of wizard would cast as a second level wizard. The centaur doesn't gain any other class features from the chosen fullcaster class, like familiar, turn undead or actual spells/powers known (only capacity for spells/powers known), untill he actualy takes levels in that class.

The centaur mystic eliminates their -2 racial penalty to intelligence. Skill points are calculated retroactively for increased intelligence but may be only invested at new levels when appropriate.

2010-06-28, 08:28 PM
I'm a little confused about some of this (though I never saw Osle's rules). Why does the giant have 8 skill points (the giant type normally has 2)? Why does the gnoll have 3 (humanoids usually have 2, and for some reason classes don't give an odd number of skill points)?

Also, this seems kinda overpowered. For example, gnoll shaman has good BAB, spellcasting, d8, and all those ability modifiers. Assuming this is a first level character, that's a lot!

That said, I definitely agree with your cause, and have pondered this issue myself. It's practically impossible to play a caster with racial HD or an LA, but I have no idea how to go about fixing that in a balanced manner.

2010-06-28, 08:43 PM
I changed up the shaman a bit. Penalty to Str and Con and HD shifts to d6. Still has +1 BAB and proficiencies. Shouldn't be too bad.

I'm a little confused about some of this (though I never saw Osle's rules). Why does the giant have 8 skill points (the giant type normally has 2)? Why does the gnoll have 3 (humanoids usually have 2, and for some reason classes don't give an odd number of skill points)?

It's to make up for the lost HD compared to the SRD creatures (granted, I usually give those creatures bonus hp anyway, but it doesn't count as HD for the sake of ECL and does not grant skill points).

2010-06-28, 11:06 PM
Well.. I am a big fan of the other thread... Although, I am always willing to look at something new.. So how about my favorite monster... The pit fiend..

2010-07-25, 07:44 PM

Head 1: Dorves?! Hehehrrhrr...
Dwarf 2: What's it saying?
Dwarf 1: Who cares? Ettins are too dumb to hunt dwarves.
Dwarf 2: Shut up!
Dwarf 1: What?
Dwarf 2: Too late, I - I think it heard you.
Head 1: Dorv unfunny and no make fun make die! Ahahaha!

1|+ 1|+ 2|+ 0| +0|Ettin Body, +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -4 Intelligence
2|+ 2|+ 3|+ 0| +0|Rough Hide, +2 Strength, +1 Constitution, +10ft. base speed
3|+ 2|+ 3|+ 1| +1|Co-operation, +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
4|+ 3|+ 4|+ 1| +1|Growth, +2 Strength
5|+ 3|+ 4|+ 1| +1|Greater Co-op, +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
6|+ 4|+ 5|+ 2| +2|Dense Hide, Two Heads > One, +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
Skills: 2 + int modifier. Listen, Search, Move Silently, Survival, Hide and Spot are class skills for the ettin.
Proficiencies: All simple weapons, light and medium armor.

Ettin Body

Lose all racial bonuses and abilities related entirely to race and acquire those of the ettin. The Ettin has low light vision and is size medium with powerful build. Once taking a level in Ettin, the creature cannot take a level in any other monster related class except for monster template classes such as 'zombie'. The ettin's subtle-empathic connection between its two heads give it a +2 racial bonus to Spot, Listen and Search checks, assuming both heads are able to co-operate on the effort all at once.

Rough Hide

At second level, the Ettin acquires Natural Armor equivalent to 1 + 1/2 their Constitution modifier. This bonus is permanent.


Head 1: We co-operatun-ing!
Head 2: Raah huh huh huh!

At third level, an ettin's two heads begin to learn to co-operate with one another in combat. Both an ettin's hands count as their main hand - thus, take no penalties due to wielding weapons in their off-hand. If they take the two-weapon fighting feat, the penalties to attacks when both hands make an attack are now -2/-2; and possibly further reduced when wielding light weapons in each hand. The off-hand is effectively no longer penalized for being an off-hand. At 8 ECL, an ettin acquires an additional +2 competence bonus to AC (stacking) when fighting defensively with the 'two weapon defense' feat.

Each head is also entitled to reactive spot, or reactive listen checks (instead of just one reactive check for the entire creature), however an ettin only stops being flatfooted when all heads are aware of the danger - effectively, in this way, an ettin can act against a danger they are flat footed to, while flat footed.


At 4th level, an ettin grows to large size and loses powerful build. If already large, then they do not lose their powerful build and nothing else changes. Apply adjustments to the base creature as appropriate.

At 12th level, the ettin reacquires powerful build. If they already have powerful build, then they have the choice of acquiring 'monkey grip' or 'throw anything' instead.

Greater Co-operation-ism

The ettin's two heads have now learned to co-operate in, surprisingly, almost perfect harmony.

The ettin no longer takes any penalty on attack or damage rolls for attacking with two weapons. If they have 'two weapon fighting' as the feat, they instead acquire an additional attack with each weapon they are holding, instead of just one additional attack for their non-existent off-hand.

At ECL 8, the ettin can no longer be flanked, unless flanked by more than two creatures on either side of them. This is due to the fact that each head can focus on one target without body being misled and compromised.

At ECL 11, the ettin can now power attack at sacrificed BAB x2 damage while holding a weapon in one hand. It treats a weapon held in each hand as if it were holding said weapon in two hands. Thus, strength modifier to damage with each held weapon is also x1 and 1/2. If holding one weapon in both hands, they can opt to deal sacrificed BAB x3 damage on a power attack or strength modifier x2 and 1/2 damage.

At ECL 14, the Ettin can grapple with a +4 competence bonus to the check, as each entire arm of the creature independently finds cunning ways in which to overcome an opponent.

Dense Hide

At 6th level, the Ettin's natural armor bonus from 'Rough Hide' is replaced with a natural armor bonus of 2 + Fort save modifier. This bonus is permanent and racial.

Two Heads're Better Den One

Both heads have learned to accommodate the ettin's body in tasks beyond combat. If both heads concentrate on the effort, the ettin receives a +4 competence bonus to any skill check. Alternatively, they can forgo the bonus to multi-task between two dexterity related skills at once, assuming the skills can be adopted with only one hand devoted to either - the ettin takes half the penalty to such a skill check for using only one hand. Alternatively, they can apply this affect to two solely mental skills and may roll twice for mental related ability score checks and skills (ie. reactionary spot and listen checks, concentration, etc.).

At ECL 14, each head becomes somewhat akin to an item with a personality. They receive double the skill points per level beyond ECL 14, however these skill points must be evenly distributed between each head - each head now begins to diversify into their own separate list of invested skills with ranks and modifiers (beginning each with modifiers in each skill reflecting the base creature) as they level up further. Only one head is required to control the body and so the other head isn't required to follow up with its own skill ranks in skills with physical ability scores - concentration, ie., is a mental skill hence the entire creature can simultaneously micromanage a purely mental skill (knowledge is another example) and physically relevant skill in the same action, or mathematically less actions than normal.

If the ettin is taken over by a mind affecting effect, only one head is affected - the unaffected head can still operate on its own, and roll to save and override the affected head with a concentration check once per round, as a free action (against the affected head's will save; a failed will save means that the head unaffected by the mind affecting effect is affected as if by the hold person spell with caster level equal to ettin ECL - meaning they cannot control the ettin's body). Further concentration checks made in the above way in the same round are move actions.

In order to target both heads with a mind affecting attack, the attack must be able to target at least two creatures (each head counts as one creature).

The heads can make concentration checks against the will saves of each other to attempt to gain control of the body, but a head affected by 'hold person' cannot make these checks. Instead of a will save, a head can choose to make a concentration check to defend against the controller's concentration check instead, but this is a mental move action for that head.

If only one head is active at any time, then it loses any benefits it would of gained by having the second head.

Each head can eat, sleep and breathe (although only one head needs to breathe at any time) at its own cycles.

Finally, one head can roll aid another to assist another head in any task (as normal for aid another). They receive a +8 competence bonus upon success.

Each head is fully independent of the other, and has its own actions, but not initiative (initiative is rolled for the body). The body also has its own pool of actions.

Ie. Head 1 commands the body to move. This is a move action for that head and the body. Head 1 then orders the body to attack, which is a standard action for both the body and head 1. Head 2, meanwhile, expends a full action making a search check to see what lies in the room.

Head 1 can only control one arm in attacking - in order to control the other arm, they must make a concentration check, and even then, only to assist Head 2 in controlling the other arm (they can't control it themselves).

2010-07-25, 08:05 PM
Pit Fiend

Your pitifully short time on this universe shall be squelched with but the most minor of my inconvenience along with your eternal soul, mortal. Know that your suffering has had about as much meaning as life within that absurd weakling infested realm from which you were spawned; utterly none.
- Forgol'kyrdr'thrum'gush Lykxol'tum (For-gul-keerd-a-roarthrum-gush Licks-kicks-zul-toom), Pit Fiend

2010-09-12, 11:08 AM

I'ma gonna scream primally at joo for maximum intimidation aight. And then I'm gonna make you feel uncomfortable in a social situation with my low charisma yet high strength score which usually is about 24 most o' the time. Let's all hope this stat block is worth it, aight? Everyone agreein' here, 'cause othawise... oh no. Oh no...

1|+ 1|+ 2|+ 0| +0|Half-Ogre Body, +4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma, Dark Vision 30ft., Natural Armor +2
2|+ 1|+ 3|+ 0| +0|+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, Greater Natural Armor, Improved Dark Vision, Growth, Self Taught Violence
Skills: 2 + int modifier. Listen, Search, Move Silently, Survival, Hide, Concentration, Jump, Tumble, Intimidate, Sense Motive and Spot are class skills for the Half-Ogre
Proficiencies: All simple weapons, light and medium armor. One martial weapon of their choice.

Half-Ogre Body

Lose all of the benefits and negatives provided by your race. Once you are a Half-Ogre you cannot change by selecting another race or taking a level in another monster class. For all intents and purposes, your 'race' is now Half-Ogre.

At first level, Half-Ogres are size medium humanoid creatures.

Greater Natural Armor

At second level, the Half-Ogre's Natural Armor will now always be 2 + 1/2 his constitution modifier as a racial bonus and will stack with any other natural armor boosting affects such as those provided by class features, and items.

Because it's a racial bonus, it doesn't stack with any other Natural Armor boosting features possibly related to race, such as those from a template.

Improved Dark Vision (Ex)

The Half-Ogre's Dark Vision is 30ft. + 10ft.(1/2 ECL). At 10HD/ECL 10, the Half-Ogre acquires low-light vision.

Growth (Ex)

At second level, the Half-Ogre grows to size large and acquires everything that typically goes with it - attack, AC and skill penalties, reach and occupied spaces increase and usual large related size modifiers to everything else, but no ability score or Hp increase. His creature type shifts to that of Giant, replacing humanoid.

Self Taught Violence

At 8 and 16 ECLs, a Half-Ogre acquires a bonus feat that he can select from the Fighter's list.

Half-Ogre Feats

Half-Ogre Brute
Prerequisite: Two Levels in Half-Ogre

Replace the HD gained from levels in Half-Ogre with d12s. All levels gained in Half-Ogre are now considered to retroactively have provided +2 Base Attack Bonus instead of +1 Base Attack Bonus.

Half-Ogre Survivalist
Prerequisite: Half-Ogre Brute

Receive a +3 racial bonus to Reflex and Will saves. From now on, any levels you acquire are considered to provide 'good' progression in reflex and will save modifiers. The affect is not retroactive.

Additionally, you may select one exotic weapon, armor or shield in which to be automatically proficient.

Half-Ogre Cunning
Prerequisite: Int 13, Two Levels in Half-Ogre

Your first and second levels in Half-Ogre are considered to have retroactively provided 6+Int skill points instead of 2+Int skill points. Additionally, choose any five new skills to be considered class skills with which to invest these retroactively acquired skill points in. Finally, receive 'skill focus' as the feat, for free. You may apply the benefit of the feat to any one class skill of your choice that was granted by levels in Half-Ogre - once the choice is made, it cannot be modified.

Half-Ogre War Chaser
Prerequisite: Half-Ogre Cunning

Your poor stake in society has forced you into a life of constant strife and em-battlement. Growing out of this, you eventually became tough enough to crave the thrill of battle due to the lack of stimulation that regular life brought upon you - you strive for an ever greater challenge, attracting mightier foes wherever you can. One way of doing so has been to combine magic with your natural strength. Ultimately, you are a cut above your kind in more ways than one.

Receive a +2 Racial bonus to Intelligence and Charisma. If, later on, you take a level in a spell casting class, you may cast as if one level higher in regards to the spell casting class you took - but for all intents and purposes, such as spells known, spells prepared, etc., you are only considered to have the number of levels you've officially taken in the spell casting class that you've chosen.

Finally, you may reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 10%.

Half-Ogre Warmonger
Prerequisite: Half-Ogre War Chaser, BAB +8, Must have taken at least one level in a spell casting class

You may now treat half your levels in a full BAB progression class as levels in a spell casting class of your choice you have taken. These levels affect number and level of the spells/or other abilities solely dependent on casting, that you know as well as the power of those spells/abilities whenever they are dependent on caster level, but not spells readied.

These above caster levels also count whenever it would be beneficial in regards to the Use Magic Device skill.

Half-Ogre Battle Luster
Prerequisite: Reckless Rage, Half-Ogre Brute, Endurance and Rage Class Feature

You may increase the affects provided by rage by an additional +4 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution. This stacks with all of the other boosts already provided to rage.

If you take damage from a single attack that falls below your Constitution score, you are allowed to make one fortitude save against every such attack as a free action (DC = damage dealt on attack) to convert the damage into non-lethal damage. During a rage you are immune to non-lethal damage, however it always applies once a rage ends.