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2006-06-30, 11:55 PM
A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The galaxy is in turmoil. A great Civil War began this devastation Both the New Republic and the last remains of the Galactic Empire (The Remnant) are both all but gone. A few remain to pick up the pieces. Coruscant is unpopulated, the vast city/planet is in ruins. The Jedi were hunted to the brink of extinction. The remains of the New Republic are now helping the Jedi reform. The Remnant have been trying to establish a foothold in their small corner of space. The Hutt's have re-emerged and control most of the Outer Rim. There are Yuuzhan Vong raids almost daily on settlements throughout the Galaxy. The remaining Jedi are taking all who show the least bit of promise and are quickly training them. Three people are on their way to Coruscant to see if they can recover any Jedi artifacts...

((Do we have a pilot in the group? If so, make a Spot and Pilot check. If not, I can manage fine))

2006-07-01, 12:09 AM
(( If no one minds I'll take the helm and be the pilot))
Korr is focusing on piloting trying to dodge the floating debris around Coruscant, him and his two two other friends have journeyed far and he does not plan on having their end be on some space junk.
(( Pilot 28=18+10;Spot 18=9+9 http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=500035))

2006-07-01, 12:19 AM
It seems i am the better pilot but i imagine with a skill like that you would be copiloting in your own language

Zax flys the ship (i am specialised in both transport and starfighter i imagine this would likely be a transport you tell me make and mode} thourgh the wastelands of Courrscant. The cockpit of the freighter is lit by gentle UV light so that Zax can see without use of his visor and all pilot controls are broadcast in defel since he never learned to read and write common. While Zax usually appeared as little more than a shadow, which was disconcerting even to his long time friends, in the UV light you could see him as he actually is. Yellow extremely short and while beautiful incredibly ferocious looking.

"(Swears in Defel). This place is far worse than I imagined. Let us move quickly and get off this land the gods have forsaken."

spot check +10+14=24
pilot check +11+17=28

my first two rolls were both 19 and since i find that wholly unbelievable i rerolled them

2006-07-01, 02:14 AM

I’ve heard it said that Coruscant can only rule or perish… I guess that they were right.

Tyra a human with a mysterious past and a mysterious ability to use the force stares out the view port down at the ruined planet below.

2006-07-01, 11:22 AM
((Wee, safe landing))

Korr, you see a still standing, and apparently stable, landing pad outside of a domed building that appears to be in better shape than some of the buildings around it. Behind it, a pyramidal type structure looms, looking remarkably undamaged and none the worse for wear.

Your comm station begins to beep as you touch down without a problem.

2006-07-01, 11:29 AM
pushes the comm button

2006-07-01, 02:06 PM
"This is Admiral Niel and Jedi Master Nrook contacting freighter Forerunner. We are just checking on your process thus far. Have you reached the planet?"

2006-07-01, 03:03 PM
"Copy that we just touched down and are ready to to go out on the surface. I imagine we are only a few kilometers from the jedi temple so we shouldn't have to trek too far."

2006-07-01, 05:52 PM

Settling the holster for her blaster on her hip, Tyra stands and begins heading to the boarding ramp, not saying a word.

2006-07-01, 07:57 PM
((Ahh I yield to your superior abilities and take the co-pilot seat like the noble Chewbacca!! Assuming you guys can't understand Shriwook Would it be possible to have a translator droid, like emteedee from the young jedi series, clipped to my bandolier?Orange would be used to show his translations))Korr looks out the viewport and rumbles out a few sentances of shriwook.
<<Master Korraltz wishes to know what exactly are we looking for on the planet.He also wishes to make Master Zax aware of the still stable landing platform over there

2006-07-01, 08:24 PM
Bendak Jast

Standing up form his bunk after landing, Bendak adjust his Utility belt and holster, he then checks his DL-44 Blaster pistol for a fresh power pack, he then checks his E-11 Blaster rifle. Once that's done he dons his helmet with its T-shaped visor with a Gray and Black speckle Camouflage pattern, that Marches the armor he wears. Bendak then heading to the boarding ramp, not saying a word.

2006-07-01, 11:08 PM
OOC:Craft Translator Droid Check I would have built it in the past since it was necessary so I imagine I would have taken my time and taken 20. I want to build a 3PO series protocol droid I my modifier is +13 making my total 33

Zax turns off the UV light in the cockpit and puts one of his visors on he makes sure his belt and weapons are well hidden in his fur and get ready to disembark from the ship.

2006-07-01, 11:12 PM
a slight change i can't take 20 so my roll is
11 making it 24 times 13=312

I'm just going to take ten on the rest of the days this is highly tedious

modified to fix spelling error and rule adjustments

2006-07-02, 12:42 AM
((Oh my, Duel of the Fates just started playing on my computer and nothing has really happened yet, lol. Yes, that translator droid is just fine))

"Very good," says Admiral Niel. "Proceed to the Jedi temple and search the ruins. If you see any signs of any sort of Remnant activity, do not engage. We've had reports of Remnant activity in the area. Report back in three hours with what you've found. If we don't hear from you, soldiers will be sent in. Admiral Niel out."

"May the Force be with you," adds Jedi Master Nrook.

2006-07-02, 12:59 PM
Zax turns the communicator off and walks into the next room. He walks over to the protocol droid C88.

"C88 your coming with us."

with that he walks out to the cargo bay door and hits it to the on position and leaves the ship.

What is the landscape like and what time of day is it

2006-07-02, 03:19 PM
The landscape is extremely run down. There are metal walkways that may or may not be sturdy leading to the big domed structure and the pyramidal one behind it. There are other landing pads that look like they are about to fall over. It would be about 1 pm, albeit a bit overcast.

2006-07-02, 04:09 PM
Tyra stalks down the landing ramp, her DL 44 blaster pistol drawn and at the ready. Her senses are alert, ready to spot or hear any danger any danger.

(((Ooc: spot and listen= spot roll (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=501888) and listen (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=501890)

oh and i changed one language to wookieespeek, just in case.

2006-07-02, 05:17 PM
Korr unbuckles himself from the co-pilots chair and gives Zax a congatulatory growl, and a pat on the back. On his was out to the ramp he picks up his equipment and checks the charges on his force pike and blaster rifle. Seeing that both are at full he holsters the blaster rifle and carries the force pike lossley as he walks down to the ruined planet. He looks around for a safe way to the temple and listens for any other forms of life.
((Listen 26=18+8 Spot 15=6+9 http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.pyu=no+one&r=2&d=1d20&n=&a=Roll+the+dice) ))

2006-07-02, 08:40 PM
spot 9+10=19
listen 16+10=26

The wraith that is Zax gets smacked on the back and he notices how observant the wookie actually is that most people if they had tried that would have hit air but he managed to hit him dead square. He also realized how far down he must have reached to hit him there as well and thinks just how uncomfortable that must have been for him. He moves slowly down the walkway keeping as sharp an eye and ear as possible.

2006-07-02, 11:14 PM
Bendak Jast

As Bendak descends the ramp his rifle grasped in both hand and pointed in front of him, Bendak slowly swings his head left and right scanning his surrounding for any danger, he then stands still and Listen for any movement. once He's done doing that he say, once were done Searching the Jedi temple, we should see if we can find the site of the galactic museum i heard they once had a jedi exhibit

Listen (1d20+5=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=502328)
Spot (1d20+5=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=502330)
Search (1d20+7=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=502333)

2006-07-03, 12:13 AM
Korr looks over at Bendak and gives an affirmative grunt.
((OOC: Starkiller))

2006-07-03, 12:18 AM
You all manage to spot a safe way to the domed building. There appears to be no safe (aka non life-threatening) way around the building to the pyramid behind it. All is eerily silent, aside from the soft tread of the parties feet.

2006-07-03, 09:10 AM
((OOC: Starkiller))
(((OOC: Yep)))

Bendak Jast

Bendak starts walking toward the domed building still on guard for any sign of danger.

2006-07-03, 02:35 PM
Korr walks to the domed building then looks around for a semi stable place to begin climbing towards teh pryamid. He stretches a bit to get ready to climb. Just like Kashyyyk

2006-07-03, 04:45 PM
[b] Tyra[/b ]
Tyra hangs back a few paces from the others, forming something of a rear guard. Her blaster at the ready, her eyes trained on her surroundings.

(((Ooc: spot roll. another spotcheck (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=503373)

2006-07-03, 08:43 PM

Spot check 6+10=16 looking for a door through the dome building rather than trying to go over it.

2006-07-03, 10:21 PM
The domed building has a smooth surface, making it not able to be climbed. Zax, you spot a door that's semi-blocked by rubble, but passable.

2006-07-03, 10:30 PM

Everyone over this way I see a door.

He moves towards the door taking point and tries to open it as quietly as possible.

Move Silently 9(+16)=25

2006-07-03, 10:35 PM
Hearing Zax's call Bendak heads toward the door he points out.

2006-07-04, 12:19 AM
Korr rumbles over to the door and begins to shift rocks away from it.

2006-07-04, 09:13 AM
The rubble gets cleared away pretty easily. *Beyond, you see a darkened corridor. *Whatever light is being received is coming from the holes in the roof. *You see a few blasters, some skeletal hands sticking out from under some of the boulders, and occasionally the white armor of a Remnant trooper. *

((By the by, Happy Independance Day to all ;D)

2006-07-04, 09:34 AM
Bendak opening a pouch on his belt pulls out his glow rod and turns it on to better illuminate the area. looking at the seance in front of him he say, well if any one needs a spear blaster now would be a good time to see if any of the one here still work. Bendak then tries to spot any good baster them he look for a door leading out of the dome.

Search working blasters (1d20+7=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=504445)
Spot (1d20+5=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=504447)

2006-07-04, 03:10 PM

Without saying a word, Tyra follows the others into the building. Entering into the building, Tyra begin to shake slightly and her breathing becomes a bit shallow. To anyone close enough to see will notice that a wet sheen has appeared on her brow, apparently sweat.

2006-07-04, 09:15 PM
The glow rod shows a bit more of the scene, although some rubble still blocks some things from view. Ahead there appears to be a desk in a foyer/waiting room kind of area, perhaps the welcome center for whatever building this was. Most of the guns look unusable, however some of the power packs are still in tact with some charges in them.

((If you take the power packs, there will be about 7, each with 60 charges left.))

2006-07-04, 10:12 PM
Seeing that the Blasters are unusable but some have good power pack Bendak bends down and retives them once that's done he says any one need some extra power packs if no one specks up he puts then in a spare belt pouch for later.

2006-07-05, 10:12 AM
Korr looks at the bodies with distaste and refuses to touch the dropped weapons. He turns his head away from the corpses and begins to walk down the hall.

2006-07-05, 12:53 PM
catching Korr's look of disgust Bendak say to him, We Mando'a believe the body are nothing but a shell that we in habit, once we die are memory is keep alive by are friends and family. So in as since we are eternal. As are the men that died here.

2006-07-05, 02:37 PM
Korr looks over to Bendak and begins talking in a semi hushed wookie rumble. After he finishes speaking his translatior droid speaks in it's cold crisp basic Master Korraltz says that he simply does not wish to use weapons that he did not earn. He did not kill theese men so he has no rights to there weapons. Also he dislikes imperial weaponry.

2006-07-05, 05:51 PM
I can understand your sentiments, but it's also a Soldier duty to stack the odds of his survival in his favor any way he can.

2006-07-05, 08:33 PM

Zax rolls his eyes but no one could have possibly have seen it. He spins around.

"Look dead is dead whether their souls live forever in paradise whether they rot in the ground or if their souls are eternally dacning with Banthas in a never ending jig they aren't about to be getting up. So if you don't mind we have a job to do one I would personally like to be paid for. So lets get on with it."

2006-07-05, 09:11 PM

From the back of the party Tyra speaks up, her voice a little shaky,

I agree lets move on

2006-07-06, 11:21 AM

This time when Zax speaks his voice is much farther away. Since no one can see him and he moves with the sound of a cat this is the only way to acertain his location.

"Are you coming or what?"

2006-07-06, 04:43 PM
Korr looks up from the dead bodies. Eshales a low grunt and starts walking again following the apparently disembodied Zax.

2006-07-06, 04:52 PM
Reluctantly, Tyra follow the group into the building.

2006-07-06, 05:19 PM
((Just a note, I don't expect this crew to follow all orders given to you, just most of them. To rephrase, just because you've been given certain "objectives" for lack of a better word, doesn't mean you have to adhere to all of them. Just because I, the dm, give you orders through some officious NPC, doesn't mean you have to follow things to the letter. That being said...))

As you walk through the building, you hear the roar of engines pass over head. You see shadows flicker through out the building as whatever is passing over you blocks the sunlight at various times. Slowly the roar recedes and you are again left in silence. You pass by one large, domed chamber where seats upon seats are situated (think the senate chamber from Episodes I-III). Various skeletons are still in their chairs although many have blaster scorches in their chest and heads. You see light filtering in in front of you as you begin to exit out the other end of the building about twenty minutes later. There in front of you is the giant pyramidal structure, and you see some sort of spacecraft landing on the other side of the structure.

((Knowledge: Starships for those who have it, Int checks for those who don't))

2006-07-06, 05:23 PM
int check


2006-07-06, 05:59 PM
(((Ooc: int roll (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=507480) +2 modifier brings it to 11. )))

2006-07-06, 08:58 PM
Knowledge (starship systems) (1d20+7=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=507623)

2006-07-07, 04:36 PM
((Int Check 7=[url=http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=508923]1d20=4[/url+3

2006-07-07, 11:39 PM
((Is that everyone? I think that's everyone...))

Everyone except for Korr recognizes the ship as a Remnant shuttle. Who are what its carrying remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure. The Remnant have indeed come as well.

2006-07-08, 03:09 AM
Having seemingly recovered from whatever it was that was bothering her. Tyra readies her blaster and states with a sense of dread,
oh great, the empire

2006-07-08, 04:26 AM
Frack, just what we need! OK people lets double time it to the temple before they have time to set up. Bendak then starts jogging towards the temple with his blaster at the ready

2006-07-08, 01:24 PM

Zax stops them from moving forward by blocking the path. He then says in a soft voice that's not quite a whisper.

"We have no idea how many imperials are on that ship. We need to come up with a plan before we just run in there. Now I have a some explosives back on our ship that i could place on the bridge and disable the ship afterword we could mop them up with the weapons on our sipi. but it will obviously take w while to get this done and by then they may have what they are looking for and have it on the ship when the bomb goes off. Does anyone have a different plan."

2006-07-08, 03:17 PM

comeing up from behind Trya says,

well we could follow them and see what they are here for. Chances are they are here for the same reasons we are. If that’s the case if we follow them we can take them from behind and pick up our objective. Anycase if they’re not after our objective we’ll still be in position to ambush them.

2006-07-08, 06:39 PM
Korr Roars and tears off down the hallway with Bendak.

2006-07-09, 11:14 AM
When Zax tries to block the path Bendak slugs Zax in the mouth and pushes him aside and yells, OUT OF MY WAY YOU USELESS DI'KUT, and then increase speed down the hall.

Unarmed ATTACK (1d20+7=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=510529)
DAMAGE (1d3+2=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=510530)

2006-07-09, 11:52 AM
my charachter is invisible you need to roll a 50% miss chance as well

2006-07-09, 12:14 PM
((OOC:Disregard PM i sent i found what i need to know))

50% miss chance (1d100=55) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=510581)

2006-07-09, 12:19 PM
Zax, Defel Scoundrel

Zax immediately pulls his blaster.

"That was your one free one.. if you ever do something like that again I will put a bolt right through your eyes. IF you want to run into your suicide be my guest I however will remain and laugh as you are killed by 50 blaster shots."

With that he steps out of the way of the door.

2006-07-09, 12:36 PM
Bendak yell over his shoulder as he run by, WE WILL SEE YOU HUT'UUN. THIS IS NOT OVER BETWEEN US.

2006-07-09, 12:42 PM


2006-07-09, 03:28 PM
((My my, some group animosity already, hehe))

As you make your way closer to the pyramid, all remains quiet. *Suddenly, the shuttle that touched down takes off again in the opposite direction it came. *If it saw any of you, it gives no sign. *It quickly exits the atmosphere and heads off to some destination unknown. *You can't see what it did, if indeed it did anything, as it landed on the opposite side of the pyramid. *As you walk closer, you see worn statues, some still standing, some toppled over, their features worn with the passing of time. *A large door looms open beyond, the area beyond the doors dark.

2006-07-09, 07:01 PM
Taking his glow rod out again and turns it on and clips it's to the end of his blaster rifle, raising the up the rifle to the ready position Bendek then slowly approaches the open door and enter the building. once inside he tries to see any sign of danger and anything that could be of use to them.

Spot (1d20+5=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=511123)
Search (1d20+7=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=511129)

2006-07-10, 12:56 AM
Korr runs after Bendak gripping his Force Pike in his huge Hairy hands. When htey stop at the temple he looks at Bendak while your heart is in the right place Bendak I don't think it is wise to attack our friends.

2006-07-10, 01:11 AM
You could be right my friend, but i can't stand cowards that want to just stand around and talk when there's a battle to be won. if you when to plan it should be done on the run it makes you harder to predict, and that will keep you alive longer. says Bendak

2006-07-10, 01:45 AM

Zax adjusts his jaw and moves towards the temple keeping an eye out for anything that the remenant soldiers may have done or left behind.

spot 25=1d20+10
listen 13=1d20+10

2006-07-10, 03:52 PM
As you walk through the corridors, you see strange marks in the walls. You have all heard of the fabled weapons that Jedi used to wield (although those who are Padawans/Knights in this campaign know that none of the current masters have any) blades made of light that could cut through practically any material, and some of the marks resemble gashes. You still can't hear anything save for the soft trod of your own footsteps. The main corridor branches off. It continues straight and also goes left and right. To the left is a cave in, and is inpassable. Straight ahead fades into darkness beyond the light of any glow sticks you have out. To the right, you see a large room with many different computers and rows upon rows of books and tomes.

2006-07-10, 05:10 PM

Heads to the right into the computer room and checks to see if the computer is operational.

2006-07-10, 06:59 PM
Bendak slowly approaches what could be the Jedi Library, to Korr he says, we should check to see if we can find the sections L and W to see if we can find any information on those sabers of light, especially there usage and maybe a manual to repair and or build them.

2006-07-11, 10:22 AM
Surprisingly enough, as you place yourself in front of the computer, the screen turns on and the computer powers up. It makes no noise, and from the interface, you can tell that it's a touch screen. You have many different categories to choose from. Some of them are:

Star Systems





The L section stretches on for four rows, and the W section for the same amount.

2006-07-11, 02:25 PM
After catching up with the rest of the party tyra takes up a defensive position and awaits for the enviable stormtrooper assault.

I wonder what that Wookiee was up to charging those imps like that, was he trying to get killed? More over what were those imps doing here anyway.
Suddenly it dawned on her.
check that computer to see if the imps accesses it while they were here.

2006-07-11, 02:42 PM

Zax pulls out his datapad and atempts to link it to the computer


upon completion he checks to see if anyone has accessed the computer within the last 24 hours

beyond that he begins downloading information first from weapons then from archives specifically from jedi history and training techniques.

"Anything else you can think of mention it now

2006-07-11, 05:21 PM
yeah, see if you can find a map of the Temple, also add in the key words armoury and training center.

2006-07-11, 05:27 PM

Seeing no need to download that to his datapad he pulls it up to the main screen highlighting the areas that Bendak asked for without saying a word. He nods.

2006-07-12, 11:06 PM
OOC: okay i am leaving for a few day to go to vegas starting tomorrow I will be back on sunday night but will likely not post it will more than likely be monday 6 pacific before i post again.

2006-07-12, 11:11 PM
((( Ok good luck in vegas.. ;) )))

2006-07-13, 03:24 PM
((Indeed, enjoy yourself))

Zax, you link up just fine to the computer. You can also see someone is accessing the system from some where else in the complex, but you can't pinpoint from where. You can tell its not on the same floor as you, however. You download everything from Jedi philosophy to Force techniques and Light saber combat. You also find blueprints for how to make a light saber as well.

You bring up blue prints of the pyramid.

About three floors up both the armory and training arena are located, along with sleeping quarters and a few other rooms.

2006-07-14, 04:39 PM
Taking a look at the map and memorizeing it, Bendak says, lets get moving up to the Armory then the training center we than can look thought those room but let be the first one there. Bendak then head for the stairs then ascends them one on the floor of the Armory Bendak then head strait for it at a run.

2006-07-14, 10:53 PM

Nodding in agreement Tyra says,
I agree, lets get moving, and fast. The sooner we get outta here the less likely we’ll have to deal with anything the empire left behind.

2006-07-14, 11:50 PM
You make it three floors up, and this room is surprisingly in tact. Most of the floors and roofs are stable. The weak light of day shines in where windows once were, giving this floor enough light to see in without glow sticks, but still leaving the corners of the rooms in shadow. There are no signs of life aside from your own as yet. The armory, according to the schematics, should be about two hallways over on your right.

2006-07-15, 10:48 AM
Bendak heads down the two hall ways he keeps his glow rod out just in case. Bendak hangs his Blaster rifle over his shoulder by a strip, then he draws his DL-44 heavy blaster just in case.

EDIT: add in spot cheek to notice anything out of the ordinary
Spot (1d20+5=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=520324)

2006-07-16, 08:37 PM

Tyra follows Bendak staying a few meters back, close enough to both watch their back and provide support should he run into any trouble.

2006-07-17, 10:07 AM
The armory has no arms or armor of any kind. All the weapon racks stand empty. Whether this was deliberate or if the armory was looted some time in the past, you cannot say. You find the training room not too much farther down, but the door is closed and appears to be locked.

2006-07-17, 06:16 PM
takeing his tool set out of his belt Bendak Spending several minutes to see if he can get the door on locked. if that doesn't work Bendak take his Blaster pistol and fires on the door to open it.

Repair (1d20+9+2=31) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=520882)
ATTACK (1d20+7=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=520887)
DAMAGE (3d8=14) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=520888)

2006-07-18, 12:48 AM
After a few minutes work on the panel next to the door, the door swooshes open, and beyond it, darkness looms except for on shafter of light at the center of the room. In that shaft of light is a pedastal, and on the pedastal are two models (for lack of a better word). One is of this pyramid structure, the other is a sphere. Both are floating a few inches off of the pedastal.

2006-07-18, 03:18 AM
Bendak enter the room and approaches the shaft of light once in front of it Bendak study's the objects for several moments then he slow grabs both item and pulls them toward his body. once he has the objects he well place them in one of the duffel bags they bought with them form the ship for any artifacts thy find once that's done Bendak turn on his glow rod to illuminant any objects hidden in the darkness.

Search (1d20+7=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=521046)
Spot (1d20+5=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=521043)

2006-07-18, 09:19 AM
((ah ah, not so fast :P. *Which do you pick up first? *Also, before moving along, I'd like to see what others are going to do))

2006-07-18, 12:27 PM
((OCC: the pyramid structure, then the sphere. and thats fine))

2006-07-18, 01:37 PM
((OOC sorry guys my internet has been out for a week but now it is working again.))
Korr follows bendak and covers the area with his blaster rifle while sheathing the force pike. While walking into the training room Korr's eyes light up and he eyes hte the pyramid model.

2006-07-18, 03:28 PM

Covering the exit from the room with her blaster Tyra glances over at the pyramid and sphere and mutters something under her breath about actually finding something useful.

2006-07-18, 09:33 PM
As you pick up the pyramid, your arm goes straight and holds the pyramid out. A small figure appears at the top of the pyramid, wearing a cloak.

((Time for a bit of Star Wars cheese, I'm afraid, just bear with me :P))

"The Force is my ally. Don't see with your eyes. Reach out with your feelings."

Then the figure flickers and fades.

Something very similar happens when you pick up the sphere.

"The Force is a weapon to be used to strike down your enemies. Anger and rage are your greatest assests."

This figure also flickers and fades. A door across from you opens, and in the doorway are two figures and three storm troopers. They open fire wildly upon seeing you, but all of the bolts fly wide.

2006-07-18, 10:39 PM
initiative +2

attack is +9 targets lose dex bonus to ac



botch roll
well all i can say is i hope it doesn't blow up

2006-07-18, 11:29 PM

Tyra opens fire on the closest storm trooper.

Initiative: 10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522171)+4 dex =14
Attack : 9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522164) +10 ranged bonus=19 (not sure if range penalties apply or not. )
Damage: 23 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522169) heavy blaster pistol baby!

2006-07-18, 11:40 PM
Korr roars and fires his blaster rifle at one of the figures.
init 3+1=4
atk 17+6=23
dmg=121d8=5, 1d8=5, 1d8=2 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522190) (screw this I'm going Force pike next round))

2006-07-19, 06:45 AM
Bendak grabs the bag holding the holocrons and swing it over his left shoulder he then rises his Balster in his right hand and opens fire.

INITIATIVE (1d20+6=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522514)
ATTACK (1d20+7=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522516)
DAMAGE (3d8=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=522521)

2006-07-19, 04:07 PM
Tyra, Bendak and Korr each drop a stormtrooper but the two figures duck behind the door they came in. As you get behind the cover of your doorway, you notice more storm troopers in the doorway on the other side of the room. Some shots are fired but none hit anyone.

2006-07-19, 04:39 PM
Bendak again takes aim at the enemy and opens fires.

ATTACK (1d20+7=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523133) *
DAMAGE (3d8=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523128)

2006-07-19, 06:06 PM
Tyra takes aim at another strom trooper and attacks.
She half yells over the din of blaster fire,

Are we just going to sit here and shoot Stormies all day? Or do we have a plan on getting out of here.

(( OOC:

attack, 1d20=12+10=22 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523234)

damage 3d8=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523240) )))

2006-07-19, 07:46 PM
I yell "Fire in the hole." and throw a frag grenade out in the hall but angle it so that it isn't right in front of the door and the blast isn't blown back in the door

attack is 1d20+9

invisible castle is down so you will have to take my word
good thing i didn't botch this one

damage is 4d6+1
reflex save of 15 for half damage for anyone in range which is 4m

edit for typo

2006-07-20, 01:00 AM
Following the grenade balst Korr takes out his force pike to attack in melee.

2006-07-20, 08:39 PM
As you rush into the room, Korr, you are hit with a blaster bolt. Take 8 off of your vitality. You notice that the grenade took out two stormtroopers. Two are still standing, along with the two figures who first opened the door. You notice before closing to melee with the troopers that they aren't joining in the battle, and are cloaked, so you can't make out what they look like.

2006-07-21, 01:03 AM

I attack again with my blaster


2006-07-21, 10:03 AM
Bendak takes aim at a Trooper and opens fire, as he says, Korr Get your di'kutla ass back here, before you get your self killed!!!!

ATTACK (1d20+7=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=524853)
DAMAGE (3d8=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=524854)

2006-07-21, 02:14 PM

fealing the rage rise in her, Tyra mutters to Bendak,
Let him get himself killed, He’s clearly suicidal.

Silently and with a grim look on her face she redouble her efforts to drop her foes. She aims at one of the cloaked figures and opens fire with two shots.

full attack 1d20=15+10=25 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=525196)
full attack 1d20=15+5=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=525204)
heavy blaster pistol = 11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=525208)
heavy blaster pistol = 10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=525214)

Edit: wow I just realized that my selection of feats was pretty stupid...

2006-07-21, 04:15 PM
((Count your lucky stars I threw in the low grade troopers here *shakes fist* :P))

With your combined efforts, Zax, Bendak and Tyra manage to drop the last two troopers. That door on the opposite side of the room closes again and you lose sight of the two cloaked figures.

2006-07-22, 01:33 PM

"If you want to loot these imperials I sugest you do it quickly there are likely reinforcements on the way and I doubt that the next group will be as inept as these ones."

Search check

2006-07-22, 06:03 PM

Tyra comes out from behind her cover and silently looks over the bodies for equipment she can use.

((( Ooc:
search:1d20=14 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=527215)+2=16 )))

2006-07-22, 07:44 PM
Bendak comes out from behind the door, and quickly Search the bodies for equipment he can use, then say, let finish the Search of the Temple as quickly as possible.

Search (1d20+7=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=527281)

2006-07-22, 11:45 PM
You find standard issue blasters and one of them has a credit chip. Aside from that is the standard white armor.

((And is anyone keeping track of the time? :P))

2006-07-23, 01:21 AM
i imagine my datapad has a clock but he is not actively watching it.

2006-07-23, 09:07 AM
((Very well, intelligence checks for all))

2006-07-23, 03:31 PM
int roll: 1d20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=528560)+2=11

2006-07-23, 05:41 PM
intelligence (1d20+3=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=528822)

2006-07-23, 11:33 PM
Intelligence Check


2006-07-23, 11:41 PM
((As long as someone got over a 15, hehe))

You all do remember you are on a time constraint here. The time is nearing the three hour mark, and you can hear a lot of activity from the other side of the door (a la more than a small group could conceivably handle).

2006-07-24, 02:27 AM
hearing the sound of the approaching commotion Tyra says,
Gentlemen I think its time we depart this tomb, fast

2006-07-24, 10:10 AM
Bendak grabs the Blasters and credit chip that they found in to the in the bag with the holocrons then says, OK lets head back to ship before are friends over beyond that door come knocking.

2006-07-24, 08:52 PM

"I'll take the rear flank lets move."

2006-07-24, 11:57 PM
You hear some more commotion as you make your way back the way you came. You hear some small explosions as you make your way down the stairwell. As you begin to run back towards the domed structure, some storm troopers begin opening fire from the pyramid, missing wildly. Zax, you happen to notice one shoot his comrade accidentally in the back of the head. The one who was shot falls over, dead. As you get back to the ship, the comm channel is beeping.

2006-07-25, 06:42 AM
after every one is aboard the ship Bendak seals the hatch once in the cockpit he hits the comm button and say, this is Bendak were here go ahead.

2006-07-25, 11:01 AM
A rather angry, flustered voice answers. It is not someone you recognize.

"You are a little over your time limit, sirs and madame. We have been trying to hail you for the past ten minutes now. We have noticed some Remnant activity down there and we've been worried. Come on back to the Dauntless and report to Admiral Niel and Master Nrook. And hurry. I believe those Remnant intend to follow you, although they wouldn't dare attack you once you are on the Dauntless. Double time it, troops. Lieutenant Solo out."

((Corny, yeah, but I couldn't help but put some distant descendant of Han and Leia in here... :P))

2006-07-25, 12:21 PM
Coming up to the cockpit Tyra plops herself down in one of the seats, straps herself in and helps to run through the preflight sequence.
Upon hearing the lieutenant she grumbles to herself,

Yea, we noticed too

2006-07-25, 05:40 PM
After finishing the preflight, Bendak brings the engines online, lifted off and heads back to Dauntless.
nodding to Tyra comment Bendak say, remind me to find that di'kut of a Lieutenant Solo and shot Him in the ass.
Pilot (1d20+11=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=531244)

2006-07-25, 06:14 PM
a grin spreads across her face as Tyra says,
Ha, I’ll hold him down for you.
She pushes her raven black hair out of her face, curling it behind her ear.
I wonder what this little mission was all about, they didn’t tell us much in the briefing.

2006-07-25, 08:37 PM
Removing his helmet Bendak reveal his rugged features with a scar on the bridge of his nose and his Sandy-brown hair, he smiles at Tyra comment, to the question he says, Not a clue hopefully we'll find out, so what do you think it's about.

2006-07-26, 12:06 AM
((Wee, character interaction. :D Please continue. I shall intervene at an appropriate time.))

2006-07-26, 10:29 PM

fiddling with some switches Trya glances over to Bendak.

I dunno, probably just some power hungry Jedi looking for an easy way to reestablish their precious Jedi order.

2006-07-27, 10:23 AM
Korr looks up at the mention of Jedi.
I don't think the jedi are concerned about gathering power yet. We asre just trying to find a way to exist at the moment.

2006-07-27, 02:16 PM
Taking her vibroblade off her back, she leans it up against the bulkhead and says.
I was once told that power corrupts. I’ve seen it out on the rim plenty of times to believe it. I don’t think anyone is truly immune to its addictive qualities.

2006-07-27, 08:38 PM
I've heard that one before, and I've never seen it proven wrong yet. And have you ever noticed that when you need a jedi there never around, and then when you don't need one you can't seem to get rid of him.

2006-07-27, 09:04 PM

"Power may corrupt but moeny is the great equilizer and as long as what i'm doing isn't shooting puppies or kids the jedi can send me where ever they want to as long as the pay me well."

As he says this he never takes his eyes off the radar knowing that they may not be out of the woods he runs a sensor sweep and powers both weapons and shields.

2006-07-27, 10:35 PM
While it can be true that absolute power can corrupt the jedi do not have absolute power, espicially in a time like this. We are trying to survive at the moment when all before us was lost. Also if we had power do you think we would need to send people like us to go scrounge lost jedi artifacts? With great power comes great responsibility and the jedi try to use thier power responsibly. Maybe when jedi aren't around they don't need to be. Everything looks different from a certain point of view.
((cliche ahoy))

2006-07-27, 11:43 PM
Surprisingly enough, you aren't being pursued and soon you are hailed by the Dauntless.

"Forerunner, this is Lieutenant Solo. We'll be picking you up soon. Stand by to dock."

2006-07-28, 08:22 AM
Clicking the comm on Bendak say, Roger that Dauntless. after clicking the comm off he says, but I'm still going to shot that di'kut.

2006-07-28, 09:19 AM
I'm fine with that. Shoot him if you wish, I'll even scare off any people who try to interfere. You know us wookies are kinda intimidating

2006-07-28, 09:53 AM
thanks my friend, that's three to one odd's in are favor, that my kind of odds. smiles Bendak.

2006-07-28, 04:26 PM

"Not that i have any real problem with you killing this guy but could you wait until after he pays us. Once we have the money have at him.

2006-07-28, 07:59 PM
Who said any thing about killing, I'm only going to wound his pride buy shooting him in the ass. Smiles Bendak.

2006-07-28, 08:08 PM

"Oh in that case have a blast or rather give him one

2006-07-28, 08:39 PM
Oh I plan too. grins Bendak

2006-07-28, 09:23 PM
((*Sigh* picking on NPC's who are distantly related to Luke, Han, and Leia :P Hope y'all are happy, hehe))

You dock smoothly. After the ship lands, the ramp opens up. Waiting for you are both Admiral Niel and Master Nrook.

"Well, what does your group have to report?" asks Niel a bit brusquely.

2006-07-28, 10:19 PM
Heading down the Ramp Bendak holds is helmet in his left hand but in the right hand he hold up the Bag and say, I believe we have two of what the history tapes Call a Holocron, and we down loaded the schematics for the a weapon Called a lightsaber and the combat manuals to teach the basic techniques.

2006-07-28, 10:22 PM

I hand over my datapad and say

"We got quite a bit more than that actually i down;oade as much information as my datapad would hold jedi code as well as jedi history you can have the datapad but I expect a replacement."

2006-07-29, 03:51 PM
Master Nrook reaches for the datapad with trembling hands.

"At last. The lost techniques and beliefs of the Jedi. I was but a padawan when the Civil War broke out and the Jedi nearly slaughtered themselves into extinction. I and the other mas...leaders of the Jedi order must study these."

Admiral Niel comes forward.

"This group has done well. You will each be receiving 500 credits for services rendered. Zax, you will also receive a new datapad."

Master Nrook leans over and whispers in Admiral Niel's ear. Admiral Niel nods.

"Yes, very good. Master Nrook feels certain he will want you all for another mission, or series of missions. If you will stay aboard the Dauntless for a few days, you will be assigned another mission after Master Nrook and the others have had time to study the holocrons. That will be all. Find yourselves something to do for the next few days, or work will be found for you. I know plenty of floors that need scrubbing."

He salutes and then walks away. Master Nrook seems lost in thought, staring at the datapad and holocrons.

2006-07-29, 04:03 PM
After Admiral Niel laeves Bendak say, well let's go find the cafeteria and get some food then we can go look for that di'kut of a Lieutenant Solo and have are self's some fun. grins Bendak

2006-07-29, 05:56 PM
Korr Roars happily at the mention of food and then laughs again at the mention of actually shooting Solo. He smiles and heads off towards the diner. Did you see Niel and Nrook they were freaking out about all the stuf we found.

2006-07-29, 08:40 PM
yes they were surprised, says Bendak as he heads down the hall with Korr.

2006-07-30, 02:47 AM
Zax follows them not out of allegience or even to see solo shot but because he is hungry too. Then he plans on sleep and seeing if the droid bay needs a good mechanic.

2006-07-30, 03:31 AM

Tyra follows the group, saying nothing.

2006-07-30, 10:43 AM
The "cafeteria'\" is found easily enough and is semi-busy at this time. After you all get some food, Master Nrook comes over to the table to speak with the Jedi (Korr I think?).

"Ah, Korr, there you are. There are some other Masters on this ship aside from myself, if you seek some practice or some lessons."

He gives you a very pointed look.

"Although, I don't feel comfortable calling myself a Master anymore. There is so much that has been lost, and while these objects you all have brought back to us is a big help, it barely scratches the surface of what we can learn, I fear Well, I'll let you all get back to your food. And thank you again for all of your help."

Master Nrook bows slightly and walks away.

2006-07-31, 12:36 AM
Korr gives an excited woof and stands up from the table rather quickly. I'm going t osee if I can't learn some basics about ... well anyhting. Maybe I might get to hold a lightsaber.Try not to kill Solo.

2006-07-31, 02:24 AM
Smiling Bendak say, don't worry i won't, and have fun training, Oh and see if you can get a print out of the lightsaber blueprints and a list of suggested components so we can start looking for the parts you need to build one, beside with the four of us looking it should be a Piece of cake.

2006-07-31, 12:58 PM
Korr smiles and turns his hand into a fist shaking it. A lightsaber. Imagine. With those words he walks off to follow the jedi instructor.

2006-07-31, 02:41 PM
Tyra, dark warrior

Taking the mug away from her lips, Tyra glances over at Korr before finishing her drink.

bah, hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.

2006-07-31, 06:45 PM
Korr merely nods towards Tyra then on his way out force pushes her chair out form under her.

2006-08-01, 01:48 AM
Lets make rolls for that. There are rules for this, I just need to look them up.

((Ok, Ryth, first do you have the force sensitive and alter feats? I know you need force sensitive to be a Jedi so that's covered, but do you have Alter? If not, you merely look at her and nothing else happens. If you do, Roll a Move Object check. Tyra, roll a reflex save, just in case))

2006-08-01, 02:00 AM
(Ooc: Reflex save
1d20=11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=540685) +8 =19 )))

2006-08-02, 01:27 AM
((Tapping foot. Ryyytttthhhh, where aaarrreee yyyoouuu? :P))

2006-08-02, 02:50 AM
(((Ooc: I'm on the edge of my seat in suspense)))

2006-08-02, 10:18 AM
((Does anyone know what happened to Ryth?))

2006-08-02, 12:29 PM
(( not really, but it seams like that he disappears for two- three days at a time.))

2006-08-02, 04:17 PM
((I do not have control but I do have alter which governs Move object so here be my rolls))
((Move object Chairs weigh how much let's go with the heavier s o6-50kg DC 15 roll 1d20=13 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=542751) +3=16 pass))
((sorry I go awol I docheck often and will make more effort to check very sorry))

2006-08-02, 08:49 PM
((That's fine. It's just that I've had drops before who never bothered to tell me they were dropping. It's all good in the hood.))

Tyra, the chair flies out from under you, but you manage to catch yourself and not fall over. A few scant seconds later, the ship lurches ((reflex saves for all)) and alarms begin to go off.

2006-08-02, 09:06 PM
reflex save of

this is going to suck



2006-08-02, 09:42 PM
REFLEX (1d20+4=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=543146)

At the sudun jolt Bendak exclames, What the Frack!!, every one Back to the Ship, Now!!!

2006-08-02, 11:04 PM
Korr grins a big wookie grin at the haughty warrior. When he turns t owalk away the ship lurches out form under him(( 1d20=18 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=543215) +3=21)) But is able to keep his footing.

2006-08-03, 12:34 PM
((Just waitin for Than.))

2006-08-03, 01:26 PM

Tyra leaps up from her chair, a curse on her lips and fire in her eyes. But the sudden lurch of the ship keeps her from finding her footing and she goes down. She momentarily forgets her anger at Korr and begins picking herself up off the ground. She then heads off after Bendak cursing the unlucky timing.

((Ooc: botched reflex save, 1d20=3 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=543971) + 8=11 )))

2006-08-03, 11:12 PM
Running after his friends Korr yells What's going on? I sthe Remnant or the Vhong?

2006-08-04, 12:58 AM
((Not going to post an action until I find out the consequences for the failed save))

2006-08-04, 03:29 PM
((OOC I'll be on semi leave the next few days. I'mp retty sure I won't have acces to a computer but I might. So I will post whenever possible.))

2006-08-04, 05:18 PM
Everyone save for Zax and Tyra are fine. The two of you stumble, fall and fly into one of the ship's walls, losing 9 Vitality each. Over the intercom, you hear a voice.

"Remnant ship incoming, fighters are scattering. Anyone who can fly, get to the hanger to pilot a fighter. Those who can't get to the guns to man them."

2006-08-04, 05:20 PM
I head for the fighter bay after getting up is there a choice of ships or is it just one type

2006-08-04, 06:12 PM
Bendak head out the door at the a dead run toward the hanger bay once there he get into the starfighter he see.

((what type of fighter are we using))

2006-08-04, 06:53 PM
Tyra, clumsy warrior

Picking herself up off the deck, Tyra heads out of the mess hall and to the docking bay, all the time rubbing her shoulder where she hit the bulkhead.

Once there she climbs into the cockpit of the closest unoccupied fighter and prepares the ship for takeoff.

((( I too would like to know what kind of fighters we have.)))

2006-08-05, 08:11 AM
In the hanger, you see an assortment of fighters. There are some Y-Wings, some X-Wings, some A-Wings and some B-Wings. And there are still a few of each left.

2006-08-05, 11:39 AM

Zax heads for A Y-wing and climbs in and begins preflight

Initiitive +4 (+2 size +2 crew)
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill)
laser attack +13(+2 size +7 crew +4 fire control
ion cannon +11(+2 sizer +7 crew + 2 fire control)

When the ship is ready he moves it out of the hanger bay into the fray

2006-08-05, 01:00 PM
Bendak climbs aboard a X-wing and starts the preflight the ship R2 Whistles a hello and introduces it self as R2-D7, Good to meet you D7, now lets go vape some imp's. with that Bendak lunches and hurtles the ship out of the hanger. locking on to the first fighter he opens his strike foils and opens fire.

INITIATIVE (1d20+6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546801)
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546820)
laser attack +15(+2 size +7 crew +6 fire control) (1d20+15=30) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546828)
laser damage (6d10*2=66) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546832)

2006-08-05, 03:11 PM
Tyra climbs into a “B”wing, and starts the preflight sequence.
Once air born She switches her sensors over to scan mode and searches the closest enemy target and begins charging her shields and weapons. Once her shields and weapons are fully charged she locks her strike foils into attack position.

((( initiative 17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546935)+4=21

comp. Use check for sensor sweep, 14 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546940)+ 9+2=25
maneuver 8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=546945) +11=19

2006-08-05, 06:36 PM
((So we'll just say Ryth is manning a turret somewhere. I'll roll for him. Also, yay to you all for being on one of the main capital ships, hehe)).

Now that you are all out in space, you can see a standard grade Star Destroyer closing in and groups of TIE Fighters scattering from its bowels. Zax, you quickly find a large group of Y-Wings, being escorted by a squadron of fighters that you have never seen before, heading towards the Star Destroyer. A voice crackles over your intercom.

"Y-Wing pilot, this is Gold Leader. Identify yourself. We have been given orders to disable or destroy the Star Destroyer. These prototypes will clear us a path for bombardment. The Dauntless will also be working on it, as it will no doubt be working on the Dauntless. Let's give it as much help as possible boys."

Bendak, as you leave the hangar, a voice comes over your intercom.

"X-Wing pilot, this is Red Leader. Fall in and identify yourself. We have orders to defend the Dauntless from incoming fighters."

Tyra, something very similar happens over your intercom.

"B-Wing pilot, identify yourself. This is Green Leader. We have been charged with defending the Dauntless, along with the X and A Wings. Give em hell."

((Go ahead and make your rolls, Zax, then I shall move along.))

2006-08-06, 02:08 AM
Gold wing leader this is the civilain Zax. I copy your transmission and am proceeding at attack speed to enemy Star Destroyer. Gold Leader I am activating shields and weapons. Lets kick this pig over."

activatie weapons and shields
attack speed-defense 24 manuveriablity +11


if i make it to weapon range in this round then I will attack with a proton torpedo

attack 1d20+13=29


damage 9d10*2=104

that was a clean hit gold leader.

2006-08-06, 11:16 AM
Tyra, your sensor sweep shows TIE Fighters moving in towards the Dauntless The rest in your group have engaged ((make a pilot check)).

Zax, your group begins to close on the Star Destroyer. They begin to engage TIE Fighters before they reach the actual ship, however. You manage to blow a TIE Fighter up, and many others spiral out of control before they explode. ((Pilot check))

Bendak, you also manage to blow up an incoming TIE Fighter. Another appears on your six, but is quickly blown up by one of the ship's laser turrets. ((Pilot check))

2006-08-06, 11:57 AM
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=547705)

Acknologed Red leader, this is Bendak Jast a civilian contractor on retainer for the Jedi order

2006-08-06, 12:58 PM
pilot check

actually i just reread the starship combat and i can send a missle at anything within my sensor range it just has to move there so i fired it at the ship which means the tie fighter that i destroyed i didn't its still there and the missle shoudln't reach the ship til next turn as for the pilot check its


2006-08-06, 04:03 PM
(( actually i think are GM has decided that the TIE got in the way of the missile, but that just my feeling))

2006-08-06, 09:10 PM
((if that is the case that is the case but i think they get a pilot check even if it did))

2006-08-06, 09:44 PM
(( I think you may be right on that one))

2006-08-06, 10:39 PM

Switching her comm channel over to the B-wing commanders’ frequency, Trya says,

You can call me…Skydragon, I’m a civilian contractor. You have a squadron of Tie fighters vectoring in on the Dauntless; I’m engaging them.

Coming about, Tyra switches her weapons over to torpedoes and drops her cross hairs on the lead tie fighter and waits for a good lock. Once she has one; she lets loose with one torpedo.

attack 1d20=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=548869)+10+6-4=32
Critical roll 17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=548875)+10 +6-4=29
Damage: 59 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=548871)

((( I’m using the stats for the B-wing found in the starships of the galaxy and I didn’t realize you took –4 for attack rolls with ship weapons without starship operation feats… heh, man I really screwed up when I assigned this character feats *slaps forehead*. )))

2006-08-08, 09:19 PM
((I factored in the pilot check. The poor fool rolled a nat one, you know how that goes, hehe. Sorry for lack of posting, I've been out of town.))

Tyra, the torpedo is on it's way.

Bendak, you manage to begin pursuit of one of the TIE's, the leader of a group of four TIE's.

Zax, a TIE is trying to get a lock on you from behind you, but your piloting skills foil his plan. In front of you is a group of three TIE's.

2006-08-08, 11:38 PM
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553083)
proton torpedo attack (1d20+10=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553091)
proton torpedo Damage (9d10*2=90) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553094)
laser attack +15(+2 size +7 crew +6 fire control) (1d20+15=26) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553088)
laser damage (6d10*2=86) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553090)

Locking on to the lead tie with his proton torpedo launcher he fires the proton torpedo, as soon as the missile is lunched, he hit his ecstatic ruder to bring his ship in line with the next TIE in line once he locked on he opens fire with his lasers.

2006-08-09, 12:22 AM
Tyra “skydragon”

Tyra bears down on another enemy ship and opens fire with a full attack.

((( I’m assuming I’m in laser range by now
attacks: 30 , 23 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553143) 18
Confirm critical (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553146)
Damage: 25, 13 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=553151) x2 = 50, 26

Oh I realized that torpedo deals 10d10 x2, I forgot to multiply the damage… please factor that into the damage when it hits. )))

edit: just realized my second attack istn at +10 doh!

2006-08-09, 01:53 AM
Switching lasers to fire liink

attack roll
a bit wide 16

2006-08-09, 03:53 PM
Some of the turrets are felling TIE's left and right. The squadrons over engaging the Star Destroyer are doing good as well.

Tyra, a fellow B-Wing pilot explodes as a group of two TIE's blow it up. Your first laser hits, crippling the TIE, but it keeps on flying. The torpedo finishes it off (unless the torpedo was aimed at another TIE, in which case, that TIE is blown up).

Bendak, your torpedo is on it's way. The second TIE you aim for is blown up as the laser rips right through it.

Zax, the TIE behind you is persistent. Another pilot check. Your laser goes wide and one of the TIE's breaks off of the group to circle around to get behind you (you'll worry about a pilot check next round for that one).

2006-08-09, 08:29 PM
pilot check as well as an attack still fire linked

looks like i am screwed natural 1



i hate dice rollers

edit i rolled a 21 on the first roll but forgot to put character name in the 1 is the roll under the character.

2006-08-09, 10:26 PM
Tyra, blaster happy pilot

Tyra pulls out of the dogfight long enough to summon up her inner strength to sharpen her reflexes.

Pilot check (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=554793)

Enhance ability check. (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=554797)

enhanced ability grants me a +4 bonus to my dex score for ten rounds. Costs 3 vitality. I didn’t factor this bonus into the above pilot check. Seems like I need to make a pilot check before I pump my stat.

2006-08-11, 12:01 AM
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=556470)
laser attack +15(+2 size +7 crew +6 fire control) (1d20+15=29) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=556471)
laser damage (6d10*2=72) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=556476)

Bendak continue to hit the ecstatic ruder he bringe the next TIE into his sites, once he locks on he hits his laser.

2006-08-11, 10:44 AM
Tyra, you come up behind a lone TIE that is tailing a fellow B-Wing pilot.

As you blow up the lead TIE, and then the second, the last two TIE's break up formation and go in opposite directions. Choose one to follow and attack.

Zax, the TIE begins to open fire on you. You can't see the other one, but a second volley of green lasers (one hit and one miss). The one hits your ship for 24 damage. Take the appropriate amount away from your shields. Then a new volley of lasers comes in, blowing up both TIE's.

"This is gold two. The two TIE's on your six have been blown up. You alright, kid?"

You recognize the voice as that of Lieutenant Solo.

2006-08-11, 11:57 AM
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=556470)
laser attack +15(+2 size +7 crew +6 fire control) (1d20+15=29) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=556471)
laser damage (6d10*2=72) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=556476)

Bendak Brake right to Follow the TIE that Broke Right once the TIE is in his sites and is locks on to Bendak fires his laser.

2006-08-11, 02:34 PM
Copy that Lt Solo thanks for the assist. Gold leader I have clear space and am breaking combat and heading for the star destroyer. Lets try again firing missle.

attack roll for when it arrives

I swear to Bob

I can't even use heroic surge because it is a missle roll and not mine. grrr.

I hate dice rollers.

2006-08-11, 06:02 PM
Tyra, fighter pilot

Tyra banks to starboard (right), after the right hand tie fighter; and attempts to establish pursuit. She waits for her chance to attack and fires

maneuver (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=558431)

attack (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=558439)

attack (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=558443) x 2= 56

2006-08-11, 11:00 PM
Korr slides into the gunners chair and turns on the power and switches off the safety. He roars as he fires at incoming tie fighters.
((ATK roll 1d20+6=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=558722) DMG I don't know dice))

2006-08-12, 12:41 AM
Bendak, your TIE goes down.

Zax, your torpedo almost takes down a fellow starfighter but flies wide and off into space somewhere. The Star Destroyer has begun to look more than slightly battered.

Tyra, the force is strong with this TIE pilot (a la a nat 20, heh). You are unable to start a pursuit, but are still behind him. You can attempt another pursuit if you wish.

Korr, you miss a TIE. You do notice that their numbers are beginning to thin out.

2006-08-12, 10:51 AM
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=559365)
laser attack +15(+2 size +7 crew +6 fire control) (1d20+15=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=559366)
laser damage (6d10*2=36) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=559367)

Bendak attempts to lock on to the next TIE once he dose he opens fire with his lasers. cliking the comm Bendak says, hey it looks likes we got them on the run.

2006-08-12, 11:12 AM
"Stupid deffective missle"

repeat process

missle attack once in range.

about time
crit threat range
lucky shot



i take back every bad thing i said about dice rollers

2006-08-13, 12:04 AM
Korr breathes in slowly and focuses on finishing off the remaining ties.
((7 I miss))

2006-08-13, 03:49 PM
((We's waitin on Than))

2006-08-13, 05:52 PM

Tyra breathes slowly out of her mouth and tightens her finger around the firing trigger. Letting loose a salvo of deadly laser beams from her autoblasters.


full attack1 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=561301)
full attack2 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=561303)
damage 2 attacks (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=561306) x2 = 40

sorry ben busy)))

2006-08-15, 02:19 AM
((ok how are you getting +21/+15 on attacks that is insane at level 6 you aren't even profficient with the starfighters so you should be taking a -4 to all attacks. Your modifier by my math is +2 size +6/+1 base +6 dex -4 lack of proficiency+2 fire control= +12/+7 ))

2006-08-15, 07:33 PM
(((I just figured out my mistake, I added the bonus I get from the enhanced ability to my modifier not to my straight dex score… making me think I get a +4 bonus to my dex modifier instead of the +2 I should get. On top of that I was looking at the wrong stats on the ship… I was looking at the ion cannons, which grant a +8 fire control bonus. That’s how I came up with such a high number.. And even then I think I made a mistake on the math anyway.

Oh and I’m using the auto blasters they have a fire control of +4 not +2 (that’s the assault laser cannon)
So it should be +14/9 instead of 12/7

Do you want me to reroll or just change the bonuses?)))

2006-08-16, 05:42 PM
((I've got it figured out, don't worry.))

With the ever increasing majority of fighters in the air becoming those belonging to the Republic, and order is given to all fighters to go and concentrate on the Star Destroyer. The Destroyer is beginning to look the worse for wear, but is still very functional.

((Make your attacks and rolls on it, heh))

2006-08-16, 06:04 PM
Manuever +13 (+2 size + 11 crew pilot skill) (1d20+13=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566105)
proton torpedo attack (1d20+10=12, 1d20+10=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566107)
proton torpedo Damage (9d10*2=106, 9d10*2=110) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566109)

Bendak brings his fighter in line with the IMP STAR DUCE, He pairs off his Proton torpedoes and lunches and fires 2 torpedoes

2006-08-16, 07:40 PM
Tyra, battle happy pilot

Tyra turns her fighter towards the massive bulk of the Star Destroyer and switches her weapons over to proton torpedoes and fires.

well at least it’s an easy target

Maneuver (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566179)

Attack d20+16=34 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566183) 12(bab)+6(fire control)+2(size) –4 (non proficient)

Damage 65 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566189) x2= 130

2006-08-16, 10:20 PM
Gold Seven Torpedo bay two firing.

Missle attack

Barely scratched the damn thing

2006-08-17, 06:01 PM
Your torpedoes are actually hitting, so you can tell the shields are down by this time.

((Ryth, keep making attack rolls on your turn. There are still a few TIE's attacking the Calamari cruiser.))

2006-08-17, 10:16 PM

Missle attack (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=568569)

Damage *2 =96 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=568572)

2006-08-17, 10:21 PM
proton torpedo attack (1d20+10=22, 1d20+10=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=568581)
proton torpedo Damage (9d10*2=94, 9d10*2=106) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=568582)

Bendak fires 2 more torpedoes

2006-08-18, 06:59 PM

Tyra switches her weapons over to duel linked torpedoes, waits for a solid lock and opens fire.

((( full attack with duel linked torpedoes

attack rolls (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569888)
30=14(1d20)+6(bab)+6 (dex)+2(size)+6 (fire control)-4(non proficient)

attack 2
28=17(1d20)+1(bab)+6(dex) +2 (size) +(6 fire control)-4(non proficient)

damage rolls (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569902)

62x2= 124
Total damage = 452

2006-08-18, 07:37 PM
((would someone else play rules lawyer i hate being that guy))

2006-08-18, 11:49 PM
Korr fires again but his ineptness with the control scheme makes him miss again ((11))

2006-08-21, 04:06 PM
((Tryin to keep track of it, but I'm not all knowing w/ DnD and the offshoots like this, heh. If someone sees something, bring it to my attention.))

After more concentrated fire, the last of the TIE's go down and the Remnant cruiser quiets down and begins to drift through space. A few seconds later, it explodes in a bright flash of light.

Admiral Niel's voice crackles over the intercom, "Good job, soldiers, come on back."

2006-08-21, 06:10 PM
Bendak Jast

Flipping the sitch that powers down his weapons and returns the Strike-foil in to there cruse mode he then reaches to flip the sitch for the shields when he realized that he never turn them on. he just whistle in amazement. Bendak quickly lands his ship. once on the deck he get out of the ship and waits for the others to land.

2006-08-22, 01:54 AM
((Lawyer part first: Fire linked weapons act as one weapon that have added one die only to the damage for every time you double the weapons so he could have fired 4 torpedos but it the total damage they would have done is for two attacksplus an extra die if he had four torpeod launches linked it would sill only add two dice the reason is they all relatively hit the same place and have the same explosive radius thus only moderately extending damage. but that also means he only needs two attack rolls))


Gold Seven coming homei

2006-08-22, 09:21 AM
((Good call. As it was, you were all only adding a slight amount of damage to the Remnant ship, and TIE's are easily brought down anyway. I will keep an eye out for that in the future though, thanks :))

2006-08-23, 12:21 AM

Reaching back to her left behind her head, Tyra flips the switch that closes the strike foils on her B wing and heads back to the cruiser.

(((Ahh, thanks for the rules lawyering. It didn’t look right so I cleared that with the dm first. I couldn’t find the info on duel linked torpedoes… care to give a page?)))

2006-08-23, 01:49 AM
((pg 214 second to last section says fire linked missles and it says that they behave like fire linked weapons which is explained three sections before that.))


When Zax gets out of the ship he checks the astromech drioid he was flying with (take 20 which should give me 33 for either repair or for craft droid) and make any repairs necessary. Afterwards he will find out if there is a briefing if not then he will head off to bed its been a long dayl

2006-08-23, 10:42 AM
There is a bit of a celebration going on in the hangar as those pilots who returned (most did) are celebrating their victory. Admiral Niel and Master Nrook approach the four of you.

"The Force was with us on this day," declares Master Nrook.

"Indeed," is all Admiral Niel says to that. "Anyway, more has been discovered about the Holocrons that you recovered from Coruscant. Go ahead and get some sleep. The four of you will be part of a de-briefing in two days time. Keep yourselves busy until then. Along with floors that need scrubbing, some of our fighters need repairs now. That will be all."

Admiral Niel salutes the four of you and turns on his heel and begins to walk away. Master Nrook bows slightly and follows after him.

((Your droid was fine by the way. If anyone wants to do anything of note over the next two days, go ahead and post your actions and I'll address them one at a time. If not, we'll move onto the de-briefing.))

2006-08-23, 05:51 PM
After congratulating his teammates and some celebration.Korr studies the schematics for the lightsaber and tries to assemble pieces for it from parts around the ship.

2006-08-23, 09:44 PM
Bendak spend several hours cleaning his equipment and weapons, Bendak then decided to help Korr find the necessary parts by also studying the schematics of the lightsaber and enlisting the help of the Astromech droid that flow with him in the X-Wing R2-D7

(( Day 1 Search (1d20+7=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=577540) ))
(( Day 2 Search (1d20+7=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=577544) ))

2006-08-24, 03:13 PM
(((Feel free to skip ahead if you want. Even though the others have some things that need to be resolved first. ))

2006-08-24, 05:06 PM
((Just waitin on smurf))

Unfortunately, the two of you dont find too much to begin building a lightsaber. When asked about one of the main components, the crystals, most just give you a blank stare. Master Nrook and the others nod in recognition, but don't know of any place to get said crystals.

2006-08-24, 08:40 PM
Zax spends most of the time in the hanger fixing fighters and droids damaged in the fight as well as repaiting the capital ship where he can.

2006-08-27, 10:20 PM
((I am on vacation, so won't be able to have access to computers all of the time. I will update when I can. Worse comes to worst, I'll be back on Sunday and I will update then. Apologies for the delays))

2006-09-03, 06:25 PM
((Alright, I'm back. Sorry for the week off. Down to business))

Two days later, you are all called to a briefing room. The Jedi Masters are all there. Admiral Niel and a few other high ranking officers are there as well. Lieutenant Solo is standing at Admiral Niel's side, looking on expectantly. As soon as everyone is accounted for, Admiral Niel steps forward and begins to talk, as images from the devices you four rescued are shown in the background via a Holo Projector.

"Thanks to the courageous efforts of four of our agents, we have recovered some key data from the time before the Civil War. The devices these four recovered, called Holocrons, are storage devices that Jedi Masters used to use as teaching methods. While the data recovered from these holocrons is a good step forward, they were by no means complete. Master Nrook and the others believe that more are hidden throughout the Galaxy at significant points. These Holocrons help to strengthen that belief. What is said here, gentlemen, must be kept within this group. We believe there is a spy amongst us, leaking information to the Remnant. That is why they were on Coruscant, and that is how they followed our four volunteers back to the Dauntless. We will be working heavily over the next weeks and months in an attempt to discern the locations of other holocrons. That is all. Those four who found the holocrons must stay, however."

The others, including Lieutenant Solo file out of the room. Admiral Niel turns to look at the four of you directly.

"My words go doubly for the four of you. Be careful who you talk to over the course of your stay here on the Dauntless. The spy could be anyone, and Master Nrook fears that the spy may have some force training. This spy may even be under the tutelage of Darth Galak, the leader of the Remnant and former member of the Jedi Order. Our next stop will be Dantooine. There are some ruins on that planet that may very well hold more holocrons."

Master Nrook then stands up.

"The Holocrons will speak to you. Do not heed their words, just store them safely away. Upon closer inspection, the other Masters and I believe that the Holocrons are being used to store both Light and Dark side teachings."

Master Nrook then turns and looks directly at Korr.

"My apologies for keeping you in the dark, Padawan. You have proven yourself capable, and the other Masters and I feel it is time for you to begin training with a lightsaber. I know I said earlier that I knew nothing of its construction, and indeed I don't, but the other Masters and I are more than competent with them. Over the course of the journey to Dantooine, I will be training you in its usage."

With these words, Master Nrook pulls a lightsaber from under his robes and turns it on. It glows yellow in the dim light. He turns it off again.

"The four of you, keep an eye out for Ilum crystals whenever you travel." He points to a group of images on the Projector. You now all know what kind of crystals to look for.

"We are still working on the special power source needed for the lightsabers, but we will keep the four of you up to date. Unless any of you have any questions, you are dismissed. And if any of you wish to learn to correctly operate a star fighter, lessons will be held in the hangar every day."

((Apologies for such a long post, heh. If none of you have any questions, let me know if any of you have anything you want to do during the week long trip to Dantooine. Korr, your time is already taken up I'm afraid, heh.))

2006-09-03, 10:58 PM

After raising her hand, Tyra asks,
Sir, when are these fighter training courses? I’m interested in attending.

(((( Welcome back, and don't worry about the long reply. I'm just glad the game's still going )))

2006-09-04, 06:49 AM
"These courses will be held at 0800 every day until we reach Dantooine. Then we will have more competent fighters should any Remnant come at us again."

2006-09-04, 10:32 AM
Bendak just nod about starfighter courses, Bendak then raise his hand and ask, i was wondering if Master Nrook would mind if i sat in on some the lightsaber training, when I'm not at the starfighter training, i have an interest in learning exotic forms of combat.

2006-09-04, 05:35 PM

After her question is answered Tyra leaps out of her chair and storms out of the room, Obviously upset about something.
As she storms down the corridor she tries to work things out in her head.
I have the chance to learn how to wield those lightsabers, while they’re quite powerful weapons they’re also the symbol of the Jedi order. I doubt they would let non-Jedi wield them. Which means I would have to join their order. But it was Jedi who destroyed my home; I can barely tolerate being in the same room with them, how can I possibly become one? Sure I was told that they were Rogue Jedi but they were still Jedi.
I have this power, but I can barely control it, every time I try it threatens to get out of control and hurt the ones I don’t wish to hurt. The Jedi offer me a way to learn how to use it, but can I join the same group that’s responsible for destroying my home? It’s true I’ve changed a lot since then, but can I make that big of a change? Frell, I don’t even know what I’m doing working for them.

Her thoughts echo in her head as she rushes down the corridor.

2006-09-04, 10:30 PM
Master Nrook looks at Bendak.

"I'm afraid that if you wish to learn how to wield a lightsaber, you must join our Order. If you are willing to do so, then by all means, come to these training sessions. If not, I'm afraid that while you may be able to look on, you won't be able to receive any training."

Master Nrook then looks after the fleeing form of Tyra, a look of sympathy on his face. Then he sighs.

"If Tyra wishes to walk the path," Master Nrook thinks to himself, "she must do it of her own volition."

((So, whose doing what?))

2006-09-05, 09:41 PM
Master Nrook i need some time to think about this decision before i give you my answer, i should have an answer for you by the time of the first lessons. with that Bendek gets up and leave the meeting. he head and grabs some food on his way to his cabin, after thinking for a couple hours and head to the hanger deck, for his flight training lesson, after the flight training *Bendak head to where the lightsaber training *is to be held to give Master Nrook his answer, Master Nrook i do admit that i have some doubts about Joining but i have never been one to let my doubts stop me from doing some thing, so if you'll have me i would be willing to join the jedi order.

2006-09-06, 12:10 AM
Being that there are almost no force sensitive people amongst the Defel he can't and really has no interest in learning to use a lightsaber. He also can't really get any better at flying a fighter so instead he decides to put around the ship working where he can find work helps build a few extra astromech droids for the ones that were lost in the battle.

2006-09-07, 09:51 AM
Master Nrook smiles warmly and gives a slight bow.

"Then welcome to the Jedi Order, Padawan Bendak. You will be learning under myself mainly, as I don't have too many pupils at the present time."

((Tyra, what are you doing for the next week? And Korr will be training with a lightsaber, heh))

2006-09-07, 08:18 PM

2006-09-07, 09:48 PM

During the weeks of travel Tyra attends the pilot training courses and practice her fighting techniques.

2006-09-07, 11:26 PM
Bendak spends his time split in between pilot training courses and his studies of the jedi order with Master Nrook.

(((OOC: Oh and that's Padawan Bendak Jast, the other thing is i was wondering how much XP we accumulated so far from those combat round)))

2006-09-08, 09:17 AM
((I generally just keep a track of how many encounters you all have had and level up that way. I will let you know when you go ding, hehe. Incidentally, Tyra gains proficiency with a star fighter of her choice. Bendak and Korr gain proficiency with the lightsaber. And yes, I do mean the feats. Zax, as you seem to be left out, you can gain one of the skill mastery feats if you wish. Bendak, as your time is split, roll an intelligence check. If you pass, you can also gain proficiency with a star fighter of your choice.))

The trip to Dantooine is, for the most part, uneventful. Korr and Bendak, as you go down to meet with Master Nrook, you see one of the other Padawans storming out of Master Nrook's room.

"I don't see why I can't go along as well, Master," this student complains. "I'm at least as talented as those four you are sending out. Probably more so, as they have all come off as bumbling fools."

"Seer, you are too tempestuous. You let anger get the better of you. We have been over this before. And the other Masters agree. You are not ready yet."

The human identified as Seer spins around in a fury, sees the two of you, and grins maliciously as he walks by.

Master Nrook sighs heavily and then motions for the two of you to follow him to the training area.

"That was Seer Skywalker," Master Nrook says. "Very talented. Very powerful with the force. But he has a temper, as you have seen. I fear we may lose him to the Dark Side."

2006-09-08, 01:37 PM
INTellgence (1d20+3=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=606542)

2006-09-08, 02:52 PM
((what about the spacer feat))

2006-09-08, 03:07 PM
Maybe what Seer need to learn is that just because you have talent, it doesnt mean your the best person for the job, it's his arrogance and supposed superiority that is the problem, maybe he should come with us, but tell him that he has to follow ether Korr or myself orders because you feel he could learn some thing from us, Master. Says Bendak.

2006-09-08, 03:15 PM

Tyra turns and watches the youth storm off.
Shrugging, She says,
Arrogance, supposed superiority, conceit, … seems like a typical Jedi to me.

2006-09-09, 04:44 PM
((Spacer works fine, and go ahead and take that extra feat Korr, heh)).

Master Nrook nods a bit and eyes Tyra with an odd look before speaking.

"No, he is to stay behind and study. He is not ready for confrontation with the Remnant, not in his current state. You four are to take a shuttle down to Dantooine. The computer on the ship has coordinates for an abandoned town where we believe more Holocrons to be stored. As Admiral Niel stated, be careful. We may have a spy about. May the Force be with you."

Master Nrook nods and goes back into his room. The door slides shut behind him.