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2010-06-13, 07:56 PM
Hi All,

I hope you are all familiar with this awesome tool: http://dnd4.com/dd-4th-edition-character-sheet

The thing is, the armor check penalties for scale do not show up. The endurance bonus from dwarven armor doesn't show either. I am guessing this a dump issue but when I un-protected the book, there wasn't a dump sheet to correct.

Does anyone know how to do this? If anyone has done it already, please share :D

2010-06-13, 08:43 PM
Scale has no check penalty. That's why it rocks.

2010-06-14, 01:11 AM
Wow, I had to look that up to verify. Awesome.

How about the dwarven armor bonus to endurance?

2010-06-14, 01:33 AM
Yeah, there's a reason most Leaders (up to Chain by default) are recommended to switch into Scale as soon as possible.

Are you sure it's not recording the Endurance bonus for Dwarven armor? Remember that Chain/Plate given a penality to Endurance checks by default, so +1 Dwarven Chain or +2 Dwarven Plate will balance out to a total of +0 on the check. Try a +6 Dwarven Scale to make sure things are actually working properly.

Holding a large shield is another -2 to Endurance checks, so consider that as well.

As far as fixing the document itself... I only have the trial version of Excel, so can't make changes to the sheet. You'd be better talking to the people who designed it to let them know of the problem.

2010-06-14, 02:29 AM
I am a longtooth shifter so the box only shows a +2. I get a +2 to athletics so I assumed that its my armor that's causing the problem. I tried lowering and raising my armor enhancement and it didn't modify the box. I am thinking I can add an if function like if armor = dwarven; bonus = enhancement.

So I fiddle around with it and got it right with this function added to the end of the existing function: =IF(MagicArmor="Dwarven",ArmorBonus,"")

Now I have a problem that footpads+camouflaged clothing don't give a universal +1 to stealth.

2010-06-14, 02:34 AM
I'd need to look at the sheet in question to really say. Perhaps switch to a different race, to see if the racial bonuses are somehow preventing the item bonus from displaying? Either way, it's definitely a bug and talking to the people who set up the sheet is the best idea.

2010-06-14, 02:55 AM
Lolz, I fixed my own problem albeit temporarily by addiing this to the stealth bonus box: =IF(A348="Footpads",IF(A345="Camouflaged Clothing",1,0),0)

But is that legal? Does Camouflaged Clothing + Footpads = universal +1 to stealth?