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2010-06-16, 12:58 PM
Hey guys, thanks for taking a look. UNFORTUNATELY, this is all by memory at the moment, since I have my books at home, and I'm at work. :smallwink:

So, my friend has a campaign that places us as level 5 humans. He told us to think about what we'd be as characters, and go from there. We were also told that we could multiclass, but not prestige yet. I selected Marshal, but decided also to max levels in Human Paragon, to add some more class skills (I selected Dungeoneering, History, Arcana, Nobility and Local), among other things. I also took +2 to Charisma, and another +1 to CHA for being past level 4.

Last night, I rolled my stats, knicking off the following:
STR: 19
DEX: 16
CON: 16
INT: 17
WIS: 15
CHA: 20

For feats, I (this is tough by memory!) picked: Power Attack, Cleave, Power of Knowledge (Might be wrong by the title, but it's HoH, +1 to all Knowledge checks)... I am very interested in the combat style feat Three Mountains, since I'd like my character to rely on bull rushing and tripping. I'll be choosing that as my starting aura as well. Alas, I have a bonus feat from Human Paragon, plus another one for being past level 3 - what should I go for?

Thankya!! :D

EDIT: I plan on going Dragon Disciple, too - level 1 = more Charisma :smallbiggrin:

2010-06-16, 01:04 PM
Improved Grapple or Improved Trip would be good battlefield control options. With that Str score your grapple would be impressive.

Robilar's Gambit if you are allowed splatbooks.

Great Cleave never hurts and often helps.

Of course there is always Skill Focus (Basket Weaving) for "roleplay purposes" :smallwink:

2010-06-16, 01:05 PM
You rolled that? I want your dice. :smallbiggrin:

You still need Improved Bull Rush and a Weapon Focus to qualify for Three Mountains. You also need either two weapon fighting or a BAB of 6 to make effective use of it, since you have to hit twice in a round with it. (I don't count hasted, since that basicly just gives you another chance to miss.)

2010-06-16, 01:13 PM
Darnit. I have erred. I completely forgot the name of what I ACTUALLY meant.. it was in the Warrior's handbook, and required Power Attack, Cleave and a base attack of +5 - three "abilities" were given, one of which gave you a free trip attempt against any target you've Bull Rushed. I apologize for the fail. I'm kinda new. :smallredface:

Edit: I rolled a 17,17,16,15,14,14. Based on what I look like/who I am, I was also given +2 STR and +2 INT as a base. I THINK I got my stats right... if not, I was close!

2010-06-16, 01:15 PM
You rolled that? I want your dice. :smallbiggrin:

agree whole-heartedly on that statement.

and you might want to look into Improved Overrun, as charging is a necesary for hitting people, and sometimes there is a mook in the way. with a strength like yours, overrunning shouldnt be too hard.

2010-06-16, 01:22 PM
I believe I was looking to that, actually; since I only rolled my stats last night, I was waiting to see if I had +16 strength for something similar - I will have to dig deep into my books soon!