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2010-06-17, 11:54 PM
So since the last Brighthammer thread came down to arguing the darker and finer points of Warhammer and bringing it back it would count as necro-threading, I decided to start a new one here.

What is Brighthammer you might ask? Well, you can check out more about the game here at 1d4chan (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/BrightHammer40k).

What's that? Don't feel safe or sane going on a site that ends in "chan"? Well, the gist is that it's Warhammer 40K, except without the GRIMDARK. In fact, they even have a new name for it: NOBLEBRIGHT, where everything is or has the power to become nicer, more colorful and hopeful; basically a mirror opposite tone to GRIMDARK, with BH being to WH as TTGL and the 60's Batman series/Brave and the Bold are to NGE and the Dark Knight.

Anyway, Brighthammer is like Warhammer, except most of the races and even gods are kind and noble (except most of the Tau and Tyranids, they're the same and villains). There's no war or needless suffering for the sake of just surviving, while the fantastic racism is toned down immensely and everyone is starting to recover from an age of darkness. That doesn't mean the everything's peaceful, though. There is still some corruption, crime and monsters (both literal and figurative), but instead of it falling directly to the armies of the world, it usually gets solved by individuals out of adventure, excitement, honor, wealth and just the need to do the right thing, saving the day with fantastic pulp heroics.

Besides just discussing the setting that I love, I was wondering what kind of games you guys think would fit the setting best, how they can still fit other games and homebrew from those other games that would enhance the experience.

2010-06-19, 01:50 AM
Not a big Brighthammer crowd here, huh? :smalltongue:

Anyway, here are some links for the lurkers (mostly homebrew for the RPGs and a little fluff).

Dark Reign (http://darkreign40k.com/drjoomla/) (the new one, anyway) is pretty good and has a lot of resources, including enemies and tools.

Heresypedia (http://darkheresy.wikia.com/wiki/), which has a big selection of (partially incomplete) Xenos/Abhumans as PCs as well as a lot of material like equipment that almost dwarfs what FF made (in the core, at least).

The old Brighthammer thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134246), which still has some interesting things to look at.

And this page (http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=144444), which is largely responsible for the second edition.

Enjoy, dudes, and always be NOBLEBRIGHT!

2010-06-19, 02:05 AM
Just a word of support here, since nobody has been responding. I love the Warhammer system, but the (I feel) artificial tone of Dark Heresy has really turned me off. After reading a bit of Brighthammer, aside from the cheesy naming scheme, I think I'm a fan. Not that I have a gaming group near me that is down to play, but I certainly would if the chance came up. That said, anyone remember a d100 Warhammer system from the late 90s that was kind of neutral? Not bright or dark, but just space opera? I never got play it, but I rolled up a few characters and loved the tone.