View Full Version : 4E Necromancer

2010-06-19, 08:40 AM
Was wondering if there was a specific way to build it or is it just a wizard that only uses Necro and gets no bonuses?

2010-06-19, 09:21 AM
I believe the standard answer is to play a summoning Wizard and refluff your summons as undead creatures. Sadly, necromancy has yet to receive a ton of support.

2010-06-19, 09:56 AM
There was an article in Dragon 372 which had some necromantic powers for most arcane and divine classes.

Wizard probably has the best support for it if you want "I Summon Zombies"-style necromancy, esp. from Dragons 372 and 385 (which deals mostly with summoning devils but they are easy to refluff as various undead). If I were making a necromancer I'd probably go with an Infernal-pact warlock, though, and mostly leave the zombie-summoning behind--since 4e has no support for making an actual army of undead, you might as well go with the other fun bits about necromancy.

2010-06-19, 11:29 AM
There's some stuff in Open Grave, but I think it's mostly intended to be used by NPCs since that's a DM book. Azagar's Book of Rituals from Goodman Games has some evil rituals, and I think at least a few are necromancer-y.

For in combat stuff, though, you're best off with refluffing. But a word to the wise: a ton of evil things resist necrotic damage and almost none are vulnerable to it, so I'd suggest not changing the damage type of your powers to fit your fluff.