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Dusk Eclipse
2010-06-19, 07:52 PM
Can anybody tell me/ refer me to a site, book, whatever about the Suel Empire? I kinda want to tie the plot of my summer campaing to that particular empire.

The only knowledge I have about suel empire is that it was a powerful magi empire that fell due something(one).

My (rough) plot is something along the lines of a group trying to resurect the one that once fell a mighty empire single handidly, this power is akin to a vestige in the sense that it is separate from all the planes; but it can't interact with anything on the planes, not even binders. The plot is obviously trying to stop the re-emergence of this "vestige". The first step in these cultist is to assure a stronhold for the eventual coming of this creature. Right now they have displaced a Goblinoid tribe which in turns leads to the first "arc" of my campaing.

All my players will start in the same town (that doesn't count as Railroading right?) by their own means, maybe they live there, are just passing through whatever. The point is that by the start of the adventure they will come to know that recently a group of goblinoids have come to the town, as beffiting of their "monstrous" appeareance they were killed on sight, now they have returned but this time they are visibly armed.

What the PC's don't know is that these goblinoid are ambassadors from the displaced tribe, who only want asilum, terrain or even free passage; but due the lack of common speakers among the goblinoids and the lack of goblin speakers in the town, the inhabitants think that the goblins are planning a raid.

This time the ambassador have come with armed guards as safety measures, the purpose of this encounter is for the PC to try and find a solution, the goblins at first are just trying to diplomacy but if they are attacked they will fight back.

Depending on the PC's actions they may or not may use diplomacy, if they do the goblins will ask for the things I mentioned above, and depending o the circumstances they may ask for a meeting between the rulers of both the tribe and the town. (I will probably also have some goblinoid-haters in the town that will oppose to this and may even try to sabotage the talks).

If they fight, I'll try to have a goblin escape to warn the tribe, and probably they will have to either fortify the town for stopping the subsequent attacks or try to assassinate the goblin leaders.

The point is that by either mean they will discover that goblin are being displaced, and then stumble upon the cult.

I plan on running this campaing from levels 6 to 15 if I can.

I am asking about the Suel Empire because I want to use it, but if I can't find readily information I will create my own lost empire.

Now for the first encounters of the adventure, I was thinking on a gnoll or some other monster attacking the village at first so the pc can show their abilities and become at least known in the town.

Then it comes the goblin party, I am thinking on 6 or 7 goblin scouts mounted on wolfs. A swift ranger (the leader and spokeman) mounted on a worg. As I said it could be either a RP encounter or a full battle.

Then it will be either the RP of the meeting, or depending on the player desisions the fortifing of the town or trying to follow the goblin riders to the goblin camp.

I also have kinda planned the "boss" encounter, it would be a hobgoblin warblade, a dungeoncrasher brute, a wizard and a few warrior mooks. how the will encounter him (battle or talking) depends again on the players.

If they got dipomacy route I will have maybe a body guard treck from the tribes location to the town, avoiding bandits, random monsters, etc. Once in the town the will have to meditae the talkings between the goblinoids and the townpeople and probably stop assassinations or sabbotages (I plan the meetings to last for days IG time)

So if you are still reading, what can you reccomend me?
What do you think about my first planning? Can you suggest some encounters?

Also if you can point me into information about the Suel empire please do-

Thanks in advance.

2010-06-19, 11:01 PM
There is a 2nd edition book about the Scarlet Brotherhood that details some stuff on the Suel (or was it Suloise?) empire.

2010-06-20, 12:43 AM


Dusk Eclipse
2010-06-20, 11:30 AM
Yay links, thanks..... um could I get some feedback on my initial encounters?

2010-06-20, 11:46 AM
I think you are having too much trouble for your encounters. Use monsters from the MM, that will give you time to improve on other parts of DMing. Monsters die in a single combat; I hardly ever stat anything other than recurring NPCs.