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2010-06-20, 12:20 AM
Topic has been repurposed!

Feel free to share examples of times when you've tried to slip something into your game that probably shouldn't have been in there, past the DM; or on the flip side, tell us about things your players have tried to slip past you as a DM, only to be laughed at and smote.

2010-06-20, 01:29 AM
A quick flip through that book (not sure why I have it, but I do) revealed nothing. A more thorough search might turn something up, but I didn't find anything.

Regardless, springing a 3rd party source on a DM who hasn't explicitly okayed it is dirty pool.

2010-06-20, 01:36 AM
It's not dirty to use 3rd party books without the DM approving it, or worse, knowing about it at all. "I've seen this cool thing I can do and now I use it without telling you beforehand and asking if it's OK" is not an option.

Searching google for "Material Component" and "1 point of acid damage" got me the goods.

This site. (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/goods-and-services/alchemical-power-components?tmpl=%2Fsystem%2Fapp%2Ftemplates%2Fprin t%2F)

Grease (M): The grease is acidic and deals 1 point of acid damage per round to any creature in the area or holding the greased object.

So it's actually from Pathfinder.

2010-06-20, 01:37 AM
Yeah, this guy is known for using third-party books to make his characters as powerful as possible within limitations. Grease plus a point of damage per round is pretty good at 1st level. Only problem is, no one can actually find out where that little clause is from. Maybe if he had ranks in Craft (Alchemy) it might possibly fly.

Edit: Thanks for the help. =D

2010-06-20, 01:54 AM
The phrases "third-party books" and "within limitations" are usually mutually exclusive. :smallannoyed:

No seriously, the quality control on a lot of that stuff is terrible.


Like, "I think this is a major drawback so I give it lots of benefits to balance, but that major drawback is actually a ridiculous benefit, so now I've made a template that is strictly positive for negative LA" terrible. For instance.

You might as well scribble on a napkin in a combination of Cheeto-dust and gamer saliva and call it rules.

2010-06-20, 02:16 AM
This reminds me of the time one of my (RL) players asked if he could get Extreme Boredom flaw. It's one of the only times I said I want to review something before approval, and damn I'm glad I did.

It's a flaw that makes you fall asleep if nothing happens (travel counts as nothing, RP interaction is nothing too) nets you a few benefits:

Increases your natural healing - for every 4 hours you sleep you recover 1/4th of your hp. Even if you are a 4d HD character, you won't be harmed by that.

makes you an enemy detector (you wake up instantly if there is anything significant in a distance of 120ft around you, average wildlife and NPCs aren't significant)

gives you immunity to all sleep effects (even magical)

you can sleep in any armor without being fatigued,

and it's a flaw so another bonus feat.

For the price of limited social interaction (which isn't that limited, the other PCs can wake you up).

DnDwiki strikes again! (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Extreme_Boredom_%283.5e_Flaw%29)

2010-06-20, 02:18 AM
Ye gods, D&D Wiki is icky.

At least you had to go through the trouble of getting a book published to print terrible rules. Now any idiot with a computer access to a public library can post his jank.

This is not a good thing. :smallannoyed:

Morph Bark
2010-06-20, 04:50 AM
makes you an enemy detector (you wake up instantly if there is anything significant in a distance of 120ft around you, average wildlife and NPCs aren't significant)

If that's the case for all NPCs, you could simply say they never wake up when an enemy NPC comes up and casts rocks fall.

2010-06-20, 04:55 AM
It says "NPCs don't count unless they are hostile", so that doesn't work.
What a stupid "flaw".
*quadruple face palm*

2010-06-20, 05:03 AM
Well, why not. Lemme change the topic name and let's make this thread about silly stuff you've tried to slip past the DM, or silly stuff players have tried to slip past you.

2010-06-20, 08:30 AM
Retrain things between sessions at-will. Pretty much between every session... I'm pretty sure half the party does the same. I've retrained items though.

I never gain value though. I'm fair with it. All our gear is self-bought, so he's got no way of knowing.

2010-06-20, 11:31 AM
From time to time, I like to slip Backgammon doubling cubes into my dice bag and then swap them in for d6 rolls.

Mostly, I do this for the look on the DM's face, then immediately roll actual d6s.

Still priceless.

Me: Let's see... with sneak attack, add two for strength, that's... 98 damage.
DM: :smalleek: AT LEVEL TWO?!?! :smallmad:

2010-06-20, 04:52 PM
Sometimes I'll add 10 to my d20 roll if it is really low, but apparently my whole group fudges once in a while and I never do it on something important. :smalltongue: Anyone ever forget a supply they should have bought in town and just written it in later in the campaign and then subtracted the amount from your gold? You know something simple like rope or something.

2010-06-20, 06:17 PM
One of the players in a 4e game I was in was just picking up anything in the room (including ladels) and not letting the DM know he was encumbered and then the DM said we needed to make a climb check and wanted us to all work out how much we were carrying. I then heard form the other end of the table "I drop a whole lot of stuff!" the look on his face was priceless

2010-06-20, 06:27 PM
I regularly switch out feats and items I've bought. With feats its because I tend to forget what the feat does or even to use it, so I'll change it to something I'll actually use. Same with items, I'll realize I bought something that I won't ever use, so I'll give myself the gold back and spend it on something mid-adventure.

Of course, I tend to spend gold all the time mid adventure mostly because we'll get a nice payday and I take FOREVER to choose what to buy, so while everyone else spent all their gold in between sessions, I'm slowly doing it during the session :P

2010-06-20, 06:54 PM
My pal got psions banned.


(Now that is cleared). I never liked how he tried to slip more power points then he really had. I kept count of course, and he try to pull out more and I'm like ya did x, x, x, y, and Z, you only have 2 points left.

My favorite though, was one of my old players. He was a bad player, and a worst DM.

He lost his sheet so many times that he redone his character alot too. Once he claimed he had an item. I asked where it was on his sheet. He didn't have it. But everyone knew he had it, so by default it's on his new character. (He never had that item....). He also would spend far more skill points. I always had to check his sheet every freaking time he came over, because something new would happen.

But the best thing... THE BEST thing he did was for our epic game. He lost his monk's character sheet, and seeing as he forgot what items he had, he asked if he could spend money. I said get items, but be reasonable as you know you don't have that much gear, and go over with me. He chose these.

Amulet of Natural armor +5
Ring of Protection + 5
Bracers of Armor + 8
Monk's Belt.
+5 Animated Heavy Steel Shield
Major Cloak of Displacement
Gloves of Dex + 6
Dusty rose prism Ioun Stone
Peript of Wisdom + 6

Wanted to have read Tome of Understanding and Manual of Quickness of action +5 each,

In the end, had I said yes, his AC would have been 63 if I remembered right.
I'm not sure who was shocked more. The other players for thinking this player had the balls to do this to a DM who is (admitly) stingy for giving out magic items as he tries to make each magic item special, or the player when I said no.

Mystic Muse
2010-06-20, 07:14 PM
Ye gods, D&D Wiki is icky.

At least you had to go through the trouble of getting a book published to print terrible rules. Now any idiot with a computer access to a public library can post his jank.

This is not a good thing. :smallannoyed:

Well, There is some good homebrew.

I don't know of any on D&D Wiki but there's a bunch of good homebrew on here.