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2010-06-20, 08:06 AM
After reading the Eberron RHoD thread, my interest in these little buggers has recently been rekindled. Though I have FC2, I never really paid them much attention. After skimming through their stats, their legion's strength ability also appear to be their greatest Achilles heel.

Their dr is negligible. I suppose being able to use the best of multiple die rolls can help make up for poor saves. Their AC isn't really stellar (I shudder at the thought of a barb ramming into one with shock trooper), though their other defenses are fairly good (wide array of resistances/immunities and evasion to boot).

Their attack increases dramatically with additional legion devils, so hitting the PCs shouldn't be an issue (I can probably even improve their damage via power attack). They also possess excellent mobility (able to teleport around the battlefield).

Thus, I would like to hear your experiences with them, as well as any tips on using them effectively or pitfalls to avoid. Also, up to what EL can I pit them against a party and still be useful?

2010-06-20, 08:34 AM
Flight allows more to attack the party with their massive attacks at once.
Add Rogue 2 for Evasion and Pious Templar 1 for Mettle and they will be safe from partial/half effects.

2010-06-20, 09:03 AM
I agree that giving them two Rogue levels is a good way of improving them. Their individual CR should only go up by one, since they're frontliners and not dex-based.

2010-06-20, 09:43 AM
Legion devils are pretty good monsters already, no need to improve them, just increase their numbers. Legon devils are mooks; a shocktrooper barbarian is supposed to plow through mooks, don't deny him his fun.

2010-06-20, 11:16 AM
Does Legion's Battle Skill mean that a group of 6 legion devils each gain a +20 bonus on their attack rolls? :smallconfused:

If so, having all the legion devils use power attack and/or fight defensively or something of that nature would be a good idea as they will still remain likely to hit while also improving their defenses and damage.

2010-06-20, 11:20 AM
The right way to use them is by the dozen.

Boosting them? How about giving them a leader with Dragonfire Inspiration? :smallbiggrin:

Does Legion's Battle Skill mean that a group of 6 legion devils each gain a +20 bonus on their attack rolls? :smallconfused:
Uh-huh. :smallwink: