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2010-06-22, 11:48 PM
I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I found a loophole to gain an infinite level wizard, cleric, and psion at level eleven. I don't know if i made an error or not, but here it is

LV 1-3 Full arcane caster e.g. wizard
lv 4-6 full divine caster e.g. cleric
7-9 full manifester e.g. psion
lv 10 Mystic theurge
LV 11 Cerebromancer

With the 3rd level of each, you can cast/manifest 3rd level spells/powers, qualifying you for the 2 prestige classes. You then take a level of theurge, selecting your only two targets. Then the level of cerebromancer you target Theurge and psion, theurge targeting cerebro and cleric, rinse repeat. you can now cast/manifest 9th level spells/powers, and can augment you powers to an unlimited degree, assuming you have the power points. What do you guys think?

2010-06-22, 11:59 PM
Since Cerebremancer only grants an increase in spells per day, and specifically does not grant any other abilities of the class advanced, I don't think this would actually do anything. Really, you can't even count the Mystic Theurge as an arcane casting class for the purposes of advancement, since it doesn't actually cast it's own spells. Every level it advances two of your other casting classes through its class abilities, but the Theurge doesn't actually have it's own spells per day, so there's nothing there for Cerebremancer to advance...


Mystic Muse
2010-06-23, 12:03 AM
Actually, I think the CL of this combo is pretty finite.

2010-06-23, 12:06 AM
It also grants the benefits of a level, such as increased caster level and the ability to increase spell level. I believe it would count as an arcane spellcasting class purely due to the fact that it can, y'know, cast arcane spells. That would be like saying the Ur-Priest uses the cleric list, therefor has no list and cannot be advanced. And it cannot be infinite, but you can keep ongoing forever, and therefor is PRACTICALLY infinite.

2010-06-23, 12:19 AM
Um dude, MT doesn't have caster levels. It advances caster levels of other classes as a class feature, but neither MT nor CM can advance class features.
Otherwise you wouldn't need to combine them. You could just use MT to advance MT at its second level, granting infinite levels.

2010-06-23, 12:21 AM
You guys sure? crap, there goes my entrance into our groups cheese contest.

Mystic Muse
2010-06-23, 12:28 AM
You guys sure? crap, there goes my entrance into our groups cheese contest.

Your answer is Punpun.

If you want help with cheese just ask. There are plenty of people on here who can help you with cheese.

Both figurative and literal I imagine.

2010-06-23, 12:30 AM
You guys sure? crap, there goes my entrance into our groups cheese contest.
Try this instead then:

Savage Bard 1/Ardent 4/Ur Priest 2/Psychic Theurge 3/Sublime Chord 1/Mystic Theurge 3/Psychic Theurge +1/Cerebremancer 5

You need Sanctum Spell, Heighten Spell, and Versatile Spellcaster for prerequisites. You also need Practiced Manifester (Ardent), and probably Able Learner to qualify for Sublime Chord. Quicken Spell and DMM Persist will serve you well.

The point of the build is to get Ur Priest 9, Sublime Chord 9, and Ardent 13 by 20th level, gaining you 9th level arcane, 9th level divine, and 9th level psionics.

Doc Roc
2010-06-23, 12:49 AM
One can do better, with rebuilding or some of the powerful level-shuffling tech.

2010-06-23, 12:58 AM
One can do better, with rebuilding or some of the powerful level-shuffling tech.
I usually avoid those, for the same reason I usually avoid Chaos Shuffle.

Still, if he just wants full on cheese, Beholder Mage is probably the best bet.

2010-06-23, 08:32 AM
Thanks a lot! you guys are lifesavers!

2010-06-23, 08:38 AM
I tried this with MT and True Necromancer and was also suggested Pun-Pun.

Welcome to the club CycloneJoker :smalltongue:

2010-06-23, 09:18 AM
As stated, Mystic Theurge and Cerebromancer do not have their own caster lists, so are not valid targets for each other.