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2010-06-24, 04:51 AM
Hello, fellow creative-type people! As some of you may have noticed from my signature, in the very near future I'm going to be releasing my book on an unsuspecting Internet. My first step to famous authorhood and, eventually, world domination. :smallbiggrin: The book will be available for purchase (as either a .pdf or a .doc file) on the website, and released free serially (under Creative Commons) over the course of a few months. The link to the site (still under furious construction) should show you a few things, so go ahead and click it (http://www.nicholashylton.com/).

Okay, eyes bleeding yet?

Yes folks, I am very much in need of a graphic artist. That is problem number 1. I need graphics! I'm looking for someone with a little bit of time in the next week or so to come up with 2-5 graphics/logos that will be used for branding on the site and the file. This person must be willing to work with two people (i.e. me and Mrs. Telonius) who don't have photoshop at home or any fancy expensive site development/graphics/photo software.

This brings us to problem number 2: low, low budget. While I couldn't pay you in money, I'm willing to offer publicity on the site, links to your artwork, act as a reference or for your portfolio, the whole schmear.

If you're interested, please let me know either below or by IM. My wife and I are also asking through other contacts. If we get multiple responses, we'll have to choose between them, but we're looking to find someone rather quickly for a July release date.

A little bit more about the book in the spoiler.

It's called Chosen of Harrekh, first in a series I'm calling "The Histories of Harrekh." The books follow the adventures of Elsabeth, daughter of the High Priestess. (Brief description of Elsabeth: about 5 feet 8, brown skin about the color of eagle feathers, fiery red hair that marks her as part of the ruling family). The book is set in Harrekh, a fantasy world of roughly ancient Egyptian technology. This is an ultra-low-magic setting; no elves, dwarves, wizards, or magic per se. In the first book, Elsabeth travels to the capital for an important ceremony, but there is an assassination. She and the other main characters must find who's behind it before Harrekh dissolves into civil war.

Other symbolic things you might want to consider: 8 is an important number in this society. There are eight faces of the Goddess, eight temples (plus the main temple) in the capital city. The priestesses run the society, and they typically dress in black robes with purple sashes. Men do run the military. The Warriors have red and white sashes; Guardians (basically defensive soldiers/police) have red and black.

Thanks in advance!