View Full Version : [3.5] Help Me Make a Chanegling Assassin

alpha9, aka Jim
2010-06-24, 11:30 PM
My players stay out :smallannoyed:

I start DMing again this weekend and have almost everything ready but I need to make a changeling assassin as a reoccurring antagonist.

There are a few things I need help with.

1) What level should they be so that 4 level 6 players won't kill them in one round

2) What are some good items to help them get out of fights, mundane only no magic

3) any advice for roleplaying a changeling

2010-06-24, 11:55 PM
1. Honestly, he should be unseen or undetected. Short of making him high enough level to just kill them, he's not going to be able to tank four characters, so you'll need to use alternate methods of protection. Staying hidden is useful for assassin types, making it difficult for your PCs to fight back, while staying disguised is easy for a changeling and makes it hard for them to even know who's the enemy. If he must go to direct combat, make sure to have lots of minions around to take the hits.

2. Masterwork Tools of Hide/Move Silently would help. Otherwise your options are fairly limited. Why aren't magic items allowed? NPCs are supposed to get their own wealth per DMG guidelines.

3. Never appear who you really are, never tell the complete truth, never even be seen if possible, always have a horde of minions willing to perform your every command, be cautious, and always be ready to escape when things turn sour.

alpha9, aka Jim
2010-06-24, 11:59 PM
alchemy items are allowed just no magic

running a low almost no magic campaign

2010-06-25, 09:15 AM
Don't have a full build, but try something like Rogue 2 (using racial substitution level @1st), Factotum 3, Swordsage X, Warshaper 2 or 4.

The Rogue levels get you social skill mastery (using the sub level) and Evasion. However, in low magic evasion may be less useful due to fewer area effect attacks.

I like the Factotum. Factotum gives you more skills and the ability to bump up almost anything with Int. However, it may or may not fit your flavor.

Swordsage gives you more sneaky and melee combat tricks. Shadow Hand and Diamond Mind especially.

Warshaper make you tough. Using Changeling for entry could be considered a little cheesy, but it is RAW and for a recurring villain could be both flavorful and useful for surviving to the next encounter. 2 levels give you immunity top stunning and criticals, the ability to grow natural weapons, and +4 to Con and Str. 4 levels gives you reach, fast healing, and some other healing.