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2010-06-28, 01:50 PM
Hey guys,

I will make the first post of the game soon I just want to get all the threads made.

Edit: Ok here it is. You have all heard word from the north of a strange phenomenon occuring around the northern mountains. Strange purplish clouds have appeared and violent storms are becoming frequent. All contacts has been lost with most of the villages in this area and the few others have been afflicted by a strange taint that addles both body and mind.

2010-06-30, 12:00 PM
((Could've put a post in OOC to tell us :smalltongue:))

Nyelan awakes once more in the warm folds of his companion - Ghautar. The sounsd of the woodland greet him as he remembers why he's there. Ever since he left the Cabal he'd been travelling the material plane seeking wonders and adventure. Now he had heard of great storms and mysterious purple clouds forming around the northern mountains. After discussing it with Ghautar they had agreed to investigate and so set off on their journey.

Why are we in this forsaken forest again, dear friend?

The beast rears its head and releases a loud yawn before speaking in its shrieking voice.

We're only a day away from the mountains now, master. Shall we begin again?

The great bird lowers its body to ground level, allowing the robed figure access to the protected saddle aboard its large back. With him safely secured, Ghautar once again takes to the skies and restarts their journey toward the mountains.

2010-06-30, 12:13 PM

Orukan glides through the skies as a great falcon made of pure gold and sapphire. The wind flowing over his feathers, the world tiny an far below is one of the greatest pleasures in his long life.

Ahead of him though the sky turned dark; he had reached his destination. It was his responsibility alone to defend the balance of this world, but the Planar incursions in the west had consumed his time and energy recently.

Descending he slowed himself, seeing a village that seemed to still possess life. That would be as good a place as any to start. Descending further he circles the village twice before landing in the centre, and taking the form of a bronze horse with a mane and tail of almost liquid appearence.

2010-06-30, 12:16 PM
To the distant south west, hidden within a large mountain chain, stands an apparently lone stone building. Just outside the front gate, a middle aged man stands talking to a young girl, both are human. I'm not ready for this, what if Arkaro or one of the other demons comes to check up on us?

You'll be fine. Just tell him that I went to deal with a threat. Besides, you know they can't send very many demons through the portal yet. I have to find out if this supposed blight is demonic in origin. Even if it's not our master, it might hold some clues. Now go inside and rally the men. Remember, if any of the officers give you trouble, you have my permission to beat the crap out of them, with a nod, the man disappears.

Many miles north and east, he reappears at the edge of the storm, or rather, that's where he is, though he is invisible to all.

2010-06-30, 12:17 PM

Varyshka steps out of the shadows just in time to see the great bird change into a horse.
I wonder exactly what it is that I'm supposed to be doing here?
She wonders as she begins to scout the town.

Greater Teleport at will is pretty sweet :smallsmile:

I also think it's kinda funny that the first person Varyshka sees is the only one that she doesn't have a backstory link with.

2010-06-30, 12:20 PM
By sublime chance, Korik's attention was completely distracted, and thus he wound up a little off course, near a village. With a sigh, he begins his march towards the village, I guess I can always talk to a few people first.

2010-06-30, 12:24 PM
((Probably should've mentioned the whole arriving thing my last post ... bleh <_<))

As the clouds and storms draw closer and closer, Nyelan spots a town that still appears lively, albeit only slightly. Every other town seen thus far had been abandoned or destroyed so perhaps this was important?

Take us down, Ghautar.

With a great shriek the gargantuan bird obeyed and began descending towards the village, landing just outside and just in time to see the strange creature in the centre transform.

Oh, a shapeshifter. I do love shapeshifters.

With that he dismounts from the beast and speaks softly to it.

Circle above Ghautar and prepare yourself, I may require your help at a moment's notice.

As you wish, master.

Nyelan walks toward the horse, oblivious to the familiar shadowy figure that'd just appeared.

2010-06-30, 12:29 PM
Orukan is startled by the sudden hustle of activity, barring teeth that are surprisingly jagged for a horse at Nyelan (since he's closest).

2010-06-30, 12:31 PM
I'm under a Greater Invisibility effect that can't be penetrated by any form of divination, so probably no one knows he's there.

2010-06-30, 12:34 PM
Calm yourself, shapeshifter. I am no enemy, assuming you seek to investigate these occurances also.

Nyelan speaks softly with a somewhat otherworldly voice, his words seeming ancient and powerful.

2010-06-30, 12:37 PM
Shapeshifter, huh? Korik's voice seems to come out of nowhere, I know a couple shapeshifters, very good friends with one.

2010-06-30, 12:39 PM
Roughly how far away from me would you say you are, Jallorn?

And so the plot thickens. It appears there are some of us that do not wish to reveal themselves.

2010-06-30, 12:41 PM
Let's go with about 20 feet. Close enough to speak, but far enough to escape.

Oh, I should include my list of Invocations I cast this morning:
Beguiling Influence, Entropic Warding, See the Unseen, Devil's Sight, Fell Flight, Voidsense

2010-06-30, 12:43 PM

Hearing the diembodied voice, Varyshka attempts to pinpoint its location (I auto succeed on the listen check to do so) and reacts with uncanny swiftness, collapsing into a mass of shadow and reappearing a cart's length away from its location.
Not many can hide from me, I'm impressed. I suggest you show your face though.
She says, not with malice.

She's got you, you still show up on my blindsight when you're that close.

2010-06-30, 12:43 PM
There is something to be said for seeing those you are speaking to, is there not?

Nyelan speaks a short incantation in an ancient tongue as the group around him leaps up and clings to all those nearby, allowing all to see the invisible being near him.

((Take 20 (as per Epic Hero) on my truespeak check for Sully the Unseen, making dirt and mud cling to everybody within a 50ft burst of me, thereby making invisibility impossible.))

2010-06-30, 12:47 PM
The dirt clings for but a moment before it falls to the ground. Nonetheless, a small man reappears in midair, hovering quite easily about 30 feet above the ground.

Greater Teleport up, dismiss G. Invisibility, fell flight lets me fly at a speed of 60.

2010-06-30, 12:49 PM

After the man appears, Varyshka notices that the two men are her former comrades.
Ah, Nyelan. Korik. It is good to see you both again. What brings you to this desolate place?

2010-06-30, 12:49 PM
Orukan speaks telepathically, everyone within 100ft hears it in their mind as if he ha spoken from 5ft away. His voice is deep and ancient.

"I apologise, my recent endevours have left me less trusting.

2010-06-30, 12:53 PM
Ah, Varyshka, we meet once more. It is nice to see you again, friend.

The ancient Illumian turns to the beast that spoke through thought and replies in a calm, collected manner.

I can understand the desire to be cautious, but baring ones teeth upon seeing a stranger is not the best strategy.

2010-06-30, 01:23 PM
Who is baring teeth? All I've seen so far is a little friendly competition, Korik says, baring his teeth in a slightly demented grin.

2010-06-30, 01:35 PM
The shapeshifter did so.

Nyelan replies coldly and bluntly, not indulging Korik.

2010-06-30, 05:58 PM
Varyshka, you claim to know this man, will you vouch for him? Do you think he might be able to help me find what I seek?

2010-06-30, 06:00 PM

Not if you keep annoying him.
She says, grinning slightly.
But he knows a lot of random stuff, the chances of him having at least a hint for you are pretty good.

2010-06-30, 06:03 PM
Then I will trust him long enough to decide if I want to tell him anything.

2010-06-30, 06:25 PM
Random stuff? Nyelan raises an eyebrow at the (relatively) young woman.

Regardless, I am not here to help serve your cause. I am here for these clouds and the storms accompanying them. Ghautar and myself came to investigate them.

2010-06-30, 06:28 PM

Yeah, random stuff. You're like the old guy at the local tavern times 1000.

2010-06-30, 06:28 PM
How fortuitous, so have I. I feel I might find a hint of some kind here.

2010-06-30, 06:29 PM
I'm not sure if I should be offended or not ... But yes, after eight lifetimes you tend to accrue a certain amount of knowledge.

2010-07-01, 03:45 AM

Orukan leaves the others to their gibbering since none of it was aimed at him. Taking a less intrusive form (a calico cat) he stalks off into the village, looking for anyone who didn't get there by magic.

2010-07-01, 03:18 PM
As you talk amongst yourselves you suddenly notice that none of the villagers are paying any attention to you. It seems odd that peasants working in a tiny rural village in the middle of nowhere would not bat an eyelid when they saw so many heroes of such magnificence appear from almost nowhere. Upon closer inspection you notice several other small details, things such as rotting food lying in bakery windows, broken carts left unrepaired and dead livestock left unfed. You also notice that the villager seem to be exceptionally thin as if they had not eaten in several days, and that their glassy stares have a hint of purple to them.

Looking around the village you see that all of the villagers are like this rounding a corner towards the village centre you see huge piles of boxes and buildings materials strewn around with glowing purple runes carved all over them. In the centre stands a lone man in long flowing robes waving his hands to the sky as strange and colorful shapes swirl around him.

2010-07-01, 03:36 PM
There's something very wrong here. We should investigate.

Nyelan begin wandering the village, looking for any signs of what's causing the otherwordly behaviour.

2010-07-01, 03:44 PM

Orukan sees the caster and decides to err on the side of caution. Shifting into a bear with flame red fur he unleashes a pulse of additional energy that swarms over him, tying his hands and preventing him from continuing.

Stepping forward he peers into the man's mind.

"What are you doing and why. Explain truthfully or I shall pry it from you, and trust me when I say you do not want that."

He bars his huge silver teeth.

Wild Boost lets me cast a Level 3 or lower spell when I Shapeshift, I cast Entangle.

Shapeshift into Great Beast Form.

2010-07-01, 03:52 PM
you start to investiagte the village as you turn into the village square you see Orukan standing over a restrained old man dressed in purple robes. Around the square there are piles of crates covered in glowing sigils. There are also several of the strange villagers there eyes algow with purple light.

In his head you hear a voice like the voice of someone suddenly roused from a deep slumber Who are... where am I? I don't... suddenly his voice is drowned out by a second He does only the master's work now. You will not interrupt the masters vision.

Upon seeing the strange villagers you realise that they are under the effect of a powerful psionic spell but it's exact nature is hidden even to you. Clearly the caster of said spell is a being of exceptional skill and prowess.

2010-07-01, 03:57 PM

"And what master would that be? One that causes death and destruction. I care not one whit about one man, name yourself."

2010-07-01, 04:00 PM

Well that's not something you see every day.
Varyshka says when she rounds the corner and sees the bear and the old man.
Maybe we shouldn't piss this guy off? He seems to have a pretty short fuse.
She says to Nyelan.

2010-07-01, 04:10 PM
Korik chants for a moment, fiendish words no sane mortal likes to understand.

Devour Magic directed at the nearest villager, let's see how strong this thing is.

Dispel check: [roll0]
And I get 5 Temporary hitpoints per level of the spell if I dispel it.

2010-07-01, 04:58 PM
Suddenly, no longer speaking in his head the old man says The master speaks not his name as their are those who would use it against him, but he comes here for a great cause, for the safety of all of existance itself. The destruction you see here is a necesary evil to prevent the destruction of all. He comes bringing peace, power and salvation to all who follow him loyally. And he brings death to those who would stand against him. One villager suddenly seems to wake up as if snapping out of a trance. A look of terror passes over his face No! Not you it cant be... he starts to run but is stopped in his tracks by a blast of energy following the trail of smoke left by the bolt you realise it was thrown by the old man, the vines that entangled him lying wilted on the ground by his feet. He had the opportunity to serve the master but like the pathetic ingrate he is he threw away the masters gift. His sould shall find no hospice in the afterlife. raising his hand up the old man is once again surrounded by glowing runes. The dead villager suddenly rises into the air purple smoke pours out of his eyes and mouth and forms into a strange shape in the air before flying back to the old man and forming another rune around him. The peasants body then crumbles to dust before your eyes. Now interlopers, will you accept the master's salvation? Or will you suffer the fate of the unfaithful? he says gesturing to the pile of dust that was once a villager.

You gain 35 temporary hitpoints

2010-07-01, 05:09 PM

"Follow me or die is not salvation, it is slavery to an megalomaniac. If you truly believe what you say then I cannot let you remain, your actions threaten this world more than any has before and I will not stand for it. Release this mortal and do your own dirty work."

2010-07-01, 05:27 PM
Approaching the old man and investigating the runes, Nyelan speaks softly to him. His words seem to hold strange power, transcending the very barriers of language.

Tell me, old man. What is this greater destruction you speak of?

Some checks for investigating the runes:
Arcana - [roll0]
History - [roll1]
Geography - [roll2]
The Planes - [roll3]
Nature - [roll4]
Religion - [roll5]
Truespeak (If it's in a language?) - [roll6]

2010-07-01, 05:34 PM
Korik smiles confidently, then fades from view, moving towards the conversation as he does.

Once invisible, I move so that I'm about 10 feet above Nyelan

Yay 60 foot perfect maneuverability flying.

2010-07-02, 01:37 PM
Those who are truly faithful to the master need no explanation. The master requires you utter devotion, questioning shows doubt, doubt shows unfaithfulness. he waves his hand and the villagers begin to form a circle around the square. now I need your final decision, will you serve the master and be saved or will this town serve as your grave?

2010-07-02, 02:02 PM

"I refused to serve a legitimate master. I shall revel in my earth before I serve you."

2010-07-02, 02:02 PM
I will not serve a being I know nothing about to save myself from an unknown evil. You will explain yourself and stop these threats. NOW.

Nyelan's voice seems to shake the ground you stand upon as his words echo through the village.

2010-07-02, 02:11 PM
It is impossible for a man to serve two masters, and foolish for him to try.

2010-07-02, 02:49 PM
I am making no threats, I am simply stating the innevitable consequences of the course of action you have elected to pursue but no matter. The master has no time for the faithless. Get them! suddenly the villagers, with strength unbefitting of their frail builds, start to pick up and hurl the crates towards you and start advncing inwards. The old man waves his hands through the air froming a strange sigil which then explodes outwards.

Everyone in the square make a will save DC 30

2010-07-02, 02:55 PM
Will Save: [roll0]
Assuming I make the will save, I'm going to use Devour magic again, this time as a burst.


I figured I need quite a few.

2010-07-02, 03:48 PM

Do we roll init?

If so - [roll1]

2010-07-02, 03:52 PM
Oh yeah, init [roll0]

2010-07-02, 04:05 PM
Will Save: [roll0]


Fast as lightning the Bear becomes a tremendous dragon, it's scales almost transparent, swirling energy streams where a normal creature would have blood and organs.

All at once it exhales a blast of icicles at the people, before turning his attention to the Mage, engulfing him in strikes.

Quickened Breath Weapon: 30ft cone or 60ft line, using whichever will hit more people. Aiming for people who weren't hit by Jallorn's attack if possible, but not a necessity. 42 damage each, DC35 Ref Save for 1/2. [roll1] rounds until reusable.

Full Attack on Mage (Iterative Attacks on Bite from Lightning Stroke) -
Bite 1: [roll2] / [roll3] + [roll4] (Frost)
Bite 2: [roll5] / [roll6] + [roll7] (Frost)
Bite 3: [roll8] / [roll9] + [roll10] (Frost)
Bite 4: [roll11] / [roll12] + [roll13] (Frost)

Claw 1: [roll14] / [roll15] + [roll16] (Frost)
Claw 2: [roll17] / [roll18] + [roll19] (Frost)

Wing 1: [roll20] / [roll21] + [roll22] (Frost)
Wing 2: [roll23] / [roll24] + [roll25] (Frost)

Tail: [roll26] / [roll27] + [roll28] (Frost) [-6 dmg, I misread the rules]

Crit = 17 or better

2010-07-02, 04:10 PM
Crit possibilities -

Bite 2: [roll0] / [roll1] + [roll2] (Frost)

Tail: [roll3] / [roll4] + [roll5] (Frost) [-6 dmg, I misread the rules]

Init: [roll6]

**First successful hit (in general, not necessarily crits] gets +20 damage

2010-07-03, 07:46 AM
You succesfully devour magic on most of the villagers you gain 420 temporary HP

Most of the villagers suddenly stop in their tracks dropping whatever their carrying and looking around is they had been woken whilst sleepwalking.

Orukans blast of ice smashes crates and shop fronts all around the square killing the last of the villagers (and several of the ones who had been freed) it also catches the old man sending him flying across the square into a pile of crates. Where he then starts to attack him. The dragon then pounces upon the old man mauling him with it's claws and teeth leaving him barely conscious and covered in blood. Stop please i...

2010-07-04, 07:50 PM
Nyelan, appearing next to the man in the blink of an eye, speaks with his otherwordly voice.

You what?

Word of Tesseract, or one of the other teleport powers (I forget what it's called right now). Take 20 as per epic hero.

2010-07-07, 02:56 PM
You must stop this... run! Leave this place! There is hope left for you... I howver am lost he falls to the floor twitching I cannot deal with those who do not show total devotion. They do not make good vessels for my power. Take this snivelling wretch as an example. I shall soon find a replacement for him. Obedience is not a rare commodity, nor is it expesnive. If you would like to apply to take his place come see me. he draws a map with runes in the air before falling still and dissolving into dust.

2010-07-07, 09:10 PM
Nyelan appears next to the map in a split-second, investigating it thoroughly.

[roll0] - Knowledge Arcana
[roll1] - Knowledge History
[roll2] - Knowledge Geography
[roll3] - Knowledge The Planes
[roll4] - Knowledge Religion
[roll5] - Knowledge Nature
[roll6] - Truespeak (Again, if there's a language involved ...)

2010-08-01, 04:39 PM
You see that it leads deep into the mountains into the middle of the area the purple clouds seem to be accumulating around.

2010-08-01, 10:08 PM
It leads deep into the mountains. Presumably where this unholy storm is coming from. Shall we?

Nyelan turns to the other two with a questioning look.

2010-08-04, 05:28 AM

Changing into a wolf Orukan pads back to the centre of the town. He stands, head bowed for a moment before looking near vertically upward and unleashing an immense howl, far more than an animal of that size should be able to bring forth.

As the sound spreads through town wind swirls between buildings and the ambient light in the area seems to intensify, but it isn't harsh; on the contrary it feels thoroughly refreshing.

Casting Miracle [XP costing version] (IIRC you let me add that to my spell list) to revive the people in the town, and if you'll allow it create a ward similar to the Antipathy spell to protect them from more cloud based shenanigans after we leave.

Anything there you'd dispute? I know I can't technically cast spells while shifted, but since we're not in battle/we gain no advantage from it I'm hoping you'll let that slide.

2010-08-13, 02:02 PM
Slowly the felled villagers begin to rise to their feet looking around, slightly confused. What happened here? one of them says walking up to you.

2010-08-16, 03:16 PM

Looking slightly woozy Orukan takes to form of a tabby cat and slowly returns to the group of allies. "I have erected a barrier to defend the town from further incursions, but we must be off with all haste. Who amongst you will join me still, knowing what lies ahead?"

2010-08-16, 05:32 PM
I will go with you, shapeless one.

2010-08-16, 05:33 PM
Korik says nothing, but nods slightly.

2010-08-16, 07:43 PM

Varyshka smiles slightly.
I'll tag along.

2010-08-17, 05:21 AM
So everyone agrees that you go into the mountains then?

2010-08-17, 11:19 AM
((Looks that way. I was worried everyone had vanished so this is sweeeet))