View Full Version : What Vestige is best for Knight of the Sacred seal ?

2010-06-29, 03:24 AM
Righto - Going with a Paladin, Mounted combat, A level dip of binder to grab the requirements for Knight of the sacred seal - which Vestige do you guys think would be best to bind ?

2010-06-29, 04:39 AM
For mounted combat, it's hard to go past Andras (4th), or Eligor, but he is much higher level (7th). Savnok (2nd) is a solid choice for any tank, and Buer (4th) is great for out of combat healing.

2010-06-29, 04:51 AM
BG has a handbook (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=137.0). Taken from that analysis:

Heavy Cavalry:fight!:
10, 15, 20 [Andras] + [Chupoclops] + [Eligor] + [Balam] + Shocktrooper + Imp. Buckler Defense: The ultimate in damage dealing potential. Pounce = full attack after charging; Lance = double damage after charging while mounted; Andras = free horsie, smite attack (which will be doubled on a charge w/ a lance), and Imp. Crit.; Eligor = +4 Str, natural armor, and a couple of great mounted feats, AND heavy armor prof; Balam = reroll 1 / 5 rounds, more AC, and 2d6 cold damage once per round; Shocktrooper = full 2 handed Power Attack damage to all the lance attacks, doubled, w/ no penalty to hit. Consider a BAB 16 character (KoSS 5 / Binder 15): 4 attacks per round, attack bonus of +20 w/o further Str or magic weapon mods, and 2d8 + 40 (smite) + 4 (str), + 64 (power attack, 2H, doubled due to lance) per smite hit (2d8 + 108 damage), -40 for the follow-up attacks, if the weapon has the valorous enchantment, thats 4d8 + 216 damage, (triple that on a crit), plus another 2d6 cold damage every round; AC could be a 45, w/o ring of deflection (+8 armor, +5 enhancement, +5 natural, +4 cover using the horse, +2 Dex, +1 shield, +5 enhancement, +5 insight), or 29 on a full-on Shocktrooper run. THAT'S what I think of when I think Fighter.