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Lord Raziere
2010-07-07, 02:27 AM
I'm gonna challenge myself.

I'm gonna worldbuild a fantasy setting,

my self-set restrictions:
No stereotypical races- even humans.
no physical gods (religion still exists- it just isn't clear whether gods are real)
no medieval ages

That is right, aside from magic, the fantasy setting I'm making is gonna be very different from all the current stuff out there, its not gonna be linear thinking or anything, I'm just gonna come up with stuff for it.

I'm thinking trains for some reason. and portals. multiple worlds, train going through portals, acting as transport between them.
and I'm thinking that each world would have its own people, they would be different, but each one would have diversity and their own conflicts, culture and all that.
I'm also thinking magic would work completely differently on each world, fundamentally altering itself to each world's laws and nature- you could cast magic in one way on one world, but not in another.

I'm thinking that there should be seven worlds, which means seven different races, seven different magic systems, so why not make the setting's theme the number seven? in total there would be 7000 years of history one each of the seven worlds, and of course I can always work the seven sins and seven virtues in somewhere....

yea I have a good feeling, I think I can world-build this.

Maximum Zersk
2010-07-07, 02:34 AM
Interesting, but only 7,000 years? Come on, earth had way more than that, even considering human history. :smalltongue:

I'll be seeing what you can do, and if it's interesting.

Lord Raziere
2010-07-07, 02:42 AM
Interesting, but only 7,000 years? Come on, earth had way more than that, even considering human history. :smalltongue:

I'll be seeing what you can do, and if it's interesting.

screw the rules, this is fantasy!! :smallamused:

I'm already thinking that each sin and virtue will be on each world, contrasting and balancing each other out, and I have have ideas for.....three magic systems, no, four. need to think up of three more

each sin and virtue will play some role in their worlds history and will influencing their culture in some way. however: don't think for second that "sin = evil/virtue =good" or that they are the only conflicts faced on these worlds, I like my settings more complex than that :smallbiggrin:

Maximum Zersk
2010-07-07, 02:51 AM
Interesting, but how are you going to show, say Wrath, on the same level as Patience?

I guess you could go the "Law and Chaos" direction -- that is, too much of the virtue will make progress stagnant, while too much sin won't get anything done, but I don't know...

Lord Raziere
2010-07-07, 03:52 AM
Interesting, but how are you going to show, say Wrath, on the same level as Patience?

I guess you could go the "Law and Chaos" direction -- that is, too much of the virtue will make progress stagnant, while too much sin won't get anything done, but I don't know...

well don't forget- sins and virtues are only one concept. you can't sum up someone in one concept, someone may have the flaw of being prideful, but that doesn't make them pride- it only means they have a flaw.

and don't forget- a villain can have virtues, a hero can be wrathful when you anger him, a villain can be patient as a saint when fulfilling their plans, sure the conflict between the sins and the virtues are part of the setting and are made to be a central part- but central doesn't have to mean "big", and I want to be more creative about conflicts as well- it wouldn't just be "pride vs. humility" it would be more like showing that both can be flawed and good,
I want the themes to be there, but I don't want to make them overblownily obvious, you see? I strive for something more complex than that.

2010-07-08, 12:19 AM
screw the rules, this is fantasy!! :smallamused:

Square Enix uses that same logic except they include the word fantasy in there.

Lord Raziere
2010-07-08, 01:57 AM
Square Enix uses that same logic except they include the word fantasy in there.

don't you mean "final"? :smallamused:


Magic system ideas- prototypes

1. magic system where spells are somehow cast using money.
2. magic system that uses paint.
3. magic system that works by summoning spirits into your body.
4. magic system that involves draining energy from nearby sources to power their spells.
5. magic that involves teaming up

names for worlds
1. Duushira
2. Koltenan
3. Vargrinad
4. Cyle
5. Isarania
6. Fiskraggar
7. Niarve

They are collectively known as the Septalands, which is what I will name the entire setting: Septalands.
now I have name for my setting, and I believe names go a long way to help me figure the setting out, alright.

2010-07-08, 03:24 AM
Magic system using money: So the more money you have, the more powerful spells you can cast, but at the cost of money, e.g., I want to light a fire, I have two bucks (septs?), it costs me one buck to cast a fire spell, I now have one buck and a roaring fire. So, ironically, extremely greedy people would have tremendous potential power, but because they're miserly wouldn't use it, while generous people would use magic all the time but of a very low level, since they give all their money away.

Magic system based on painting: the more closely your painting resembles the reality you wish to create, the more reality reflects your emotion, maybe? And abstract art is like a nuke to them, because it's just raw, unrefined power or something.

Lord Raziere
2010-07-08, 01:43 PM
money magic: exactly. :smallbiggrin:

paint magic: actually I was thinking that the color of the paint would cast certain spells and that you had combine a bunch of paints together to pull off complex and powerful spells.

but I like the realistic paintings = reality/abstract paintings = nuke idea, I'll keep that in mind, it could work.........

however the problem is that its a little too easy to create abstract paintings- you just can take random colors and start randomly painting them on the canvas, so maybe some power limiter for that? a small abstract painting is like a grenade and the bigger the abstract painting is, the more destructive it is, a so a mural would have to be created to reach "nuke" levels.

2010-07-08, 09:50 PM
So we got:

1. Richcraft
2. the Art
3. Endomancy
4. Sucks Magic
5. Teamaturgy
6. ???
7. ???
8. Profit!

2010-07-09, 03:52 AM
So, the sin/virtues are in a sort of yin/yang relationship? nteresting.

2010-07-10, 03:35 PM
1. magic system where spells are somehow cast using money.

No "somehow" required. The local currency is magic. Since these guys haven't yet discovered the benefits of fiat currency, their economy is probably stunted compared to everyone else, but they make up for it since one heavily-"financed" individual can bring more magical muscle to bear than entire armies of foreigners.

Lord Raziere
2010-07-11, 03:01 PM
technically you are correct, the magic is cast from coin made of a certain material, and can only be cast by transmuting those coins of that material into spells.

everyone earns their wage of money, and they use the money to cast spells, this is to regulate the material's use, because if they didn't, some guy could basically gather all that material in the world and become god.

which basically gives me the first idea for a world:

Sin and Virtue: Greed/Charity
Magic: Money Magic
In this world, magic is an economy. Coins, made from a special material known as Niarvum is used all across the world, Niarvum is basically magic in solid form- magic on Niarve is unharness-able in its energy state, but it is constantly gravitating together until the magic becomes solid again, forming Niarvum from which spells can be cast.
Before making Niarvum into coins, people had hoarded raw Niarvum to cast spells of great and terrible power, however when people tried to distribute the Niarvum equally, the magic wasn't strong enough for people's needs, so Niarvum was made into coins, the center of the economy.
Now magic is everywhere, with coins flashing out of existence to becoming food or water among the common folk, while rich men pour millions of coins into a spell that creates a skyscraper in an instant, soulless machines are created in factories, for there is no price that can be put on a soul- the only people who ever tried to create souls with Niarvum coins spent all their money doing so and fail, for you cannot toy with emotions, individuality or ideas with money magic, despite all of money magic's power, it cannot affect anything that you cannot put a price on.
The Niarvans as a result are very economically minded, trying to manage their resources in everything they do, using their magic only when it is needed. Their minds are particularly good at calculating percentages, income and expenses, seeing connections and figuring things out to their advantage, and seizing unexpected opportunities.
It is popular for Niarvan men to grow mustaches, but not beards. Niarvan mustaches do not match the color of all their other hair naturally. While Niarvan womens hair is naturally vertically stripped, and Niarvan
women as a result make their hair grow out long to show it off.
Niarvan style is therefore, muted and de-emphasized so that people pay more attention to their hair. Niarvan also do not naturally become bald or have their hair grey, and shaving all of a Niarvan's hair off is regarded as a crime worse than murder as it destroys what they perceive as their identity.
Wearing hats is frowned upon.

Lord Raziere
2010-07-15, 01:33 PM
Sin and Virtue: Lust/Chastity
Magic: Team Magic
On Isarania, magic is strange. Each and every person on this world can cast exactly one type of magic, what type however depends on the person. The person is born being able to cast this type- a pyromancer is born a pyromancer, a necromancer is always a necromancer, and they cannot learn to become the other, as their magic is internal.
However the strange thing is, is that one person can Connect with another and combine their magic together so they can either cast each others spells or perform magic beyond what individuals alone are capable. However, this makes the magic "muddled" so to speak. A person who does keep casting alone and not Connect can sharpen and master their magic better than the ones who do Connect, because they their magic isn't being muddled by other peoples magic.
This naturally leads to a cultural divide between the "Connectors" and "Masterers" and is the main point of division on Isarania when it comes to discussing magic.
The Isaranians are known for their constant desire for abstract things- many Masterers desire glory, respect, knowledge and conquest, while Connectors desire love, happiness, friendship, and honor. They have little care for material things aside from practical applications- one can see rich Isaranians in stark plain homes pouring their money to somehow master their magic, or give a gift to someone they are Connected to, but no gaudy displays of wealth. However Isaranians are keen on showing off their power when they have it.
Isaranian skin color ranges from deep blue to light turquoise. Their hair colors are metallic ranging across the whole scale. It is also notable that when see Isaranians their soul mate, or is seen by their soul mate, a special tattoo appears on the back of their palms, each tattoo being only two of a kind, one for each soul mate. As a result Isaranians forever look their entire life to see their soul mate so that the tattoo can appear on the back of their palms.
Isaranians tend to wear simple mono-color clothing, not going for anything too complex or eye-catching.