View Full Version : Help! I need a Web Designer!

2010-07-16, 08:17 AM
So you may have heard of Diversion Magazine. If not, its a free fiction magazine run by me and a group of hard working playgrounders. We've put out five issues and we're currently on hiatus in attempt to reorganise and improve the mag.

As part of our reorganisation process, we're looking to start a new website. Our current website is a barely functional blogspot page, and our editor, me, is an incumbent who knows nothing about websites.

I need someone who can build a fully functioning website that looks professional and is easy to use. I'm not asking you to create a massive flash masterpiece, in fact I would favour something that is simple and usable. What I am asking of you is that you will be dedicated - you will help me get the website up and running as fast as time and your other commitments permit, and you will remain a part of the Diversion team to help troubleshoot and upgrade the website as time goes on.

This is a VOLUNTEER position. You will not be paid for it, but I will pay for the expenses involved - buying a domain, webspace, etc. I will depend upon you to direct me to the best deals. As a staff member, you will be eligible to submit your own work to Diversion as well, which will be paid, and will recieve a bonus loading on it due to being staff.

If you're interested, respond here. I'd love to see some previous work if possible.

2010-07-16, 09:10 AM
I'd offer my aid, but I wouldn't be able to "remain a part of the Diversion team" for another month or two. If you're in no rush, I could get you something after that.