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2010-07-21, 04:31 PM
say that this is a good old version of home alone-style DnD 3.5 setting. you are preparing to defend your home, and need traps. traps everywhere. what do you do? a few of the things:

i will grease all outside doorknobs, thus forcing them to make a racket break into the house because they cant turn the doorknob.

i would put things to trip on on all stairways and tile floors

im also thinking of upturning nails on walls and in the floor

how would you trap your house?

2010-07-21, 04:34 PM
Are we talking about D&D here?

2010-07-21, 04:41 PM
Are we talking about D&D here?
woops! editing the OP to reflect that!

2010-07-21, 04:43 PM
A ticked-off homeowner with a firearm makes a fine trap.

Less seriously though, my house is laid out in such a way that causing someone to trip after entering the door would send them on an express trip to the concrete-floored basement. Seems like a good starting point.

2010-07-21, 04:45 PM
In that case, I direct your attention to magic traps. They are delightfully broken, and allow you to use absolutely any horrific trap you can think of.

Interestingly enough, you can mitigate the cost quite a bit by decreasing the DC to find them or the DC to disarm them.

Think about it...you don't need both of those. If it's not found, they wont try to disarm it. Well, not until it's too late. If they find it easily, and can't disarm it...more or less the same thing happen. Either way is a win.

I enjoy a series of summons, followed by a force cage.

2010-07-21, 04:45 PM
Home Alone much?

Now then, spells in the furniture that go off when intruders come near?

The intruder passes the bookshelf, when suddenly the bookshelf shoots a Disintegrate spell at him.

2010-07-21, 05:15 PM
I seem to recall a similar thread from a few weeks ago, ... ah, here it is http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159483

Seems it is licked.

2010-07-21, 05:19 PM
I seem to recall a similar thread from a few weeks ago, ... ah, here it is http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159483

Seems it is licked.that got licked because of talking about actually creating traps in the home. i am talking about what someone could do to trap their house in game.

2010-07-21, 05:21 PM
Two questions. First, what kind of house are we talking about here? Peasant's cottage? King's castle? Wizard's extradimensional laboratory palace? Size of the building and your price range are major considerations. A peasant can't afford magical traps.

Second, is this your everyday security system or preparation for a single expected attack? Because if you're warding off a single attack then putting deadly traps everywhere makes sense. But if this is for daily use then having your home be a death trap could makes things really inconvenient and or dangerous for you.