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Paul H
2010-07-22, 07:57 PM

Just a quick question:

Does the Circle of Prot vs Evil hedge out the Symbol of Insanity trap? (Prot spell up before party encountered spell trap)

Two possible answers:
1) Since Prot spell up before the encounter, the party not affected.
2) Party are effected, but not until they leave the protected area. (Prot spell lasts 100 mins, Insanity is permanent).

Our party only 10th lvl, so no Heal spells yet. (Should level to 11th lvl when we rest, but 2 party members Insane) :(

Paul H

2010-07-22, 08:16 PM
The wording of Protection from Evil (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Protection_from_Evil) is:

Second, the barrier blocks any attempt ... to exercise mental control over the creature

Since Insanity does not in fact exercise mental control over the creature (it merely confuses him/her/it), I'm not sure if Protection from Evil will block it out at all.

2010-07-23, 08:43 AM
Cast Dominate Person on them. They'll still be insane but you can control their actions so they don't run off or attack allies. You can make them follow you and even order them into combat when necessary. The DM might be justified in treating them like a creature that doesn't speak your language though, so you could only issue simple commands. It's not a good outcome, but it's a makeshift solution until you level up.