View Full Version : utilizing Turn Attempts (and/or Ki Power) from a level dip

Andion Isurand
2010-07-25, 07:04 PM
Hoping there are Devotion and Divine feats I haven't come across yet, are there other ways of utilizing Turning and Rebuking feature gained from a 1 level Cloistered Cleric dip for a purpose other than turning and rebuking undead?

I also wonder about ways Ki pool from 1 level of Ninja can be utilized, hoping there are Ki feats I haven't come across.

2010-07-25, 07:06 PM
Some PrCs use turn attempts to fuel their abilities, like Eldritch Disciple. I think there might be items that use them as well.

Cadian 9th
2010-07-25, 07:22 PM
Aim for ones that don't depend on level.

Dragonfire Channeling can be fun but relies on cleric/turning level, but you can use the elemental turn attempts to power it, e.g Earth Domain, Undeath Domain, Know devotion, 10+2x Cha turn attempts.

Divine Might is okay, cha to damage. Reqs Str 13 and Power attack.
Divine Soultouch is nice, raises Incarnum cap and grants essentia for 1 round.
Divine Soul heals immdeiatly 3+cha hp, reqs Devoted spirit stance.
Illuminan gets wis to damage witha TA, at 2nd level, if you pick certain sigils.
Divine Shield is kinda okay, add Cha to shield bonus as a Std action for 1/2 character level rounds.
DMM of course.
Sacred Healing works well, thats all I can think of.

Whats your build anyways, or are you asking for the curiousity only?


Andion Isurand
2010-07-25, 07:28 PM
Whats your build anyways, or are you asking for the curiousity only?

The rest is wizard with prerequisite chaining into the likes of Loremaster and Archmage.

Unfortunately, as per errata, Divine Metamagic only works on divine spells... and the ninja AC bonus prohibits shield usage. And my charisma is mediocre, so any benefits based on charisma bonus are limited.

Divine Soultouch looks interesting.

But yeah, basically I'm just trying to make the most of class features limited by lack of class levels.

Cadian 9th
2010-07-28, 02:39 AM
That's the funny thing about cleric. He has no class features, pretty much. But the class features are awsome.

I would recomend Divine Soul. Immediate healing is really quite handy.

Also, Profane Lifeleech or Dragonfire assualt can be nice, but Dragonfire assualt is reliant on your cleric level, that is d6 damage /2 levels. The good thing about Dragonfire channeling is that you can spend elemental turn attempts to do it, which means... 6 base + 2x Cha +8 for extra turning times per day.

The Healing one is nice, it maximizes the heal.