View Full Version : Ready made dungeon needed!(3.5)

2010-07-26, 06:13 PM
My party is at level 12 and an assassin invited them to his home. If my players choose to go there, it will be a side quest, a dungeon, made to test their abilities, so the assassin can take advantage of them in the future.

Is there any dungeon out there, for level 6-12 or something, that i could easly convert to this fluff. Preparing every side quest at these levels take way too much time.. hell even the main quest does.

2010-07-26, 06:57 PM
This might be helpfull: http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/

2010-07-28, 01:20 PM
Wow! That should be VERY helpful, even though I will only be using the map-generation portion, not the encounter stuff...

2010-07-28, 01:35 PM
Anybody else thought of a toilet shaped dungeon when they saw the title of the thread?

2010-07-28, 02:28 PM
This should be what you want ("http://www.myth-weavers.com/generate_dungeon.php?)

It does it all, even encounters.

2010-07-28, 04:20 PM
This might be helpfull: http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/
I like this one because it lets you make the maps look like the old blue and white maps.