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2010-07-27, 12:26 AM
I am in a bit of a fix!

Here are the facts:
1. I don't know what I am doing in any design software.
2. I need a re-designed character sheet for my group!

The following house rules apply....

Generic Classes, no multiclassing penalties.

Defense bonus- armor doesn't make much of a difference. Defense is 2, 4, or 6 (2 for spellcaster, 4 for expert, or 6 for warrior) and increases by 1 at third level and at every third level thereafter. Armor instead grants damage reduction and detracts from defense bonuses, and is sorted into three types: light, medium, and heavy. Light has a base cost of 250 gp (def -1, dr 1/-), medium 500 gp (def -3, dr 3/-), and heavy 2000 gp (def -5, dr 5/-). Enhancement bonuses to armor increase the player's defense bonus accordingly, and apply to touch attacks as well. No max dex penalty, spell failure is non-existent. Armor check penalties are the same as the defense penalties. You cannot wear armor that would reduce your defense to 0 or below. Shields work as normal, except they stop a spellcaster from casting spells.

Injury- Nonlethal damage is the most common. If you get hit by a critical hit, or energy magic (or a magic weapon), it's lethal. When reduced to 0 damage (lethal or nonlethal) you are considered to be unconscious. They must then be hit for an additional amount of damage equal to your constitution score to be killed in combat, or be coup de graced out of combat. This reduces mortality all around for the swashbuckling-ness. If a hit does damage equal to a character's hit points plus their constitution score, they are still killed.

Alignment and Honor-
No lawful or chaotic. To simplify things, a character is either honorable or dishonorable. And, they are either Good or Evil. These are seperated into several alignments: Dishonorable Good (Rebel), Honorable (Knight), Unaligned (Commoner), Dishonorable (Degenerate), or Horonable Evil (Diabolical). Honorable is assumed good, and dishonorable is considered evil by default. [To put it into older terms, the previous alignments are as follows: NG/CG, LN/LG, N, CN/CE, LE/NE] Your "Honor" is on a sliding scale from one to fifty, and the basic points are as follows: 15, 30, 25, 10, 20. Any spells and such dealing with law and chaos mess around with this statistic instead, and your honor can be greater or smaller, depending on things outside of your control, like your pedigree, past deeds, and alliances. You never get to change your character's starting score, though.

The Main Continent is actually a monotheistic semi-theocracy. They have the concept of The Great Old One, the Evil creator god, and The Saint, a Good mortal who rose up against the god and became his immortal adversary, urging his followers to thwart him at every turn (but they usually feel that they're fighting a losing battle).

Can one of you please help me?:smallredface: These are (http://www.mad-irishman.net/pubs/MI_DnDCharSheet226Eberron.pdf) the sheets (http://www.dragonsdengamestore.com/D&D%20Character%20Sheet.png) that I have used before, if that helps... yes one is the standard one, I know....

Thank you in advance!

2010-07-30, 11:46 AM
Honestly, this isn't a big enough change for you to need non-standard sheets. Generic classes are fine: that's what the "class" line is for. The same with the "pantheon" line.

Both sheets also have a "damage reduction" area where you can put your armor-granted DR, and you can use the "other" column from the AC line for standard Defense bonuses.

For injury, just use the lethal/nonlethal damage areas included by default. The "dead at Con damage" doesn't need a spot on the sheet: it's pretty easy to remember.

You really only need a new sheet if you're doing sweeping changes to the system, or you want a specific look for your campaign.