View Full Version : [3.5] Pet-Less Ranger Variant

Tequila Sunrise
2010-07-27, 09:36 AM
Say you want to play a ranger without a pet. Maybe you don't want the extra bookkeeping, maybe you don't want the added liability; or maybe the pet just doesn't fit your character concept. Well, you're up the creek without a paddle, because there are no published pet-less ranger variants [that I know of]. Here's an expanded Combat Style variant I wrote up to replace the ranger's pet. Its benefits begin before a ranger would get a pet, but that's okay with me because I like to discourage pets. Tell me what you think:

Level 2: Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot (Archery) or Two-Weapon Fighting (Two-Weapon)

Level 4: Rapid Shot (Archery) or Two-Weapon Defense (Two-Weapon)

Level 6: Many Shot (Archery) or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (Two-Weapon)

Level 8: Sharp Shooting (Archery) or Improved Two-Weapon Defense (Two-Weapon)

Level 11: Improved Precise Shot (Archery) or Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (Two-Weapon)

Level 12: Far Shot (Archery) or Greater Two-Weapon Defense (Two-Weapon)

Level 16: Improved Rapid Shot (Archery) or Superior Two-Weapon Fighting (Two-Weapon)

Level 18: Shot on the Run (Archery) or Superior Two-Weapon Defense (Two-Weapon)

Frog Dragon
2010-07-27, 10:38 AM
Actually, Distracting Shot replaces the pet.