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Flow Dancer


From all corners of the world the art of object manipulation has taken many forms, from the simple juggling in the times of the ancient desert kings to the intricate acrobatic and gravity defying stunts of the East, Flow dancers are a synergy of both object manipulation and dance, form and medium, artist and tool.

The flow dancer is a mastery of battle flow, weaving her weapon like a dance partner, and her environment as her canvas.
What can you expect from this class?
Unique "Stunts" act as a mix between class features, feats, spells and skill tricks.
The real benefit of this class is that it does not need similar classes as it contains the potential for them all, instead of multiclassing you can stay within your own field of training and instead of needing a prestige class it has Mystic Path which emulates having a prestige class.
The Flow Dancer can act socially, combat oriented, spell-like oriented or simply entertaining and can rescue herself from dead-end situations time and time again through versatility, all while being supremely cinematic and conjuring amazing imagery with every movement.

Please enjoy, and if you have anything to contribute please do so!


1st|+0|+1|+2|+0|Graceful Movement (+1), Mesmerize, Combat Reflexes

2nd|+1|+1|+3|+0|Bonus Mastery, Bonus Stunt

3rd|+2|+2|+3|+1|Harmony, Bonus Stunt

4th|+3|+2|+4|+1|Fluid Movement (10ft), Graceful Movement (+2)

5th|+3|+3|+4|+1|Fire Performance, Bonus Stunt

6th|+4|+3|+5|+2|Bonus Mastery, Battleflow Dance

7th|+5|+3|+5|+2|Graceful Movement (+3), Bonus Stunt

8th|+6/+1|+4|+6|+2|Fluid Movement (15ft), Bonus Stunt

9th|+6/+1|+4|+6|+3|Mystic Path, Bonus Stunt

10th|+7/+2|+5|+7|+3|Bonus Mastery, Graceful Movement (+4)

11th|+8/+3|+5|+7|+3|Bonus Stunt

12th|+9/+4|+6|+8|+4|Bonus Stunt

13th|+9/+4|+6|+8|+4|Graceful Movement (+5)

14th|+10/+5|+6|+9|+4|Bonus Mastery, Bonus Stunt

15th|+11/+6/+1|+7|+9|+5|Fluid Movement (20ft)

16th|+12/+7/+2|+7|+10|+5|Graceful Movement (+6)

17th|+12/+7/+2|+8|+10|+5|Bonus Stunt

18th|+13/+8/+3|+8|+11|+6|Bonus Mastery

19th|+14/+9/+4|+8|+11|+6|Graceful Movement (+7), Bonus Stunt

20th|+15/+10/+5|+9|+12|+6|Mystic Path Mastery


Alignment: Non-Lawful
Hit Die: 1d8

Skills & Proficiencies

Flow Dancers have Light Armor Proficiency and no shield proficiency.
Flow Dancers can be proficient in the following: Unarmed, Dagger, Club, Rapier, Straightsword, or Flail granted that the flail is one size category smaller than yours, which is considered a light weapon.

Class Skills:
Skill Points at 1st Level (6 + Int modifier) ×4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level 6 + Int modifier.

The flow dancer's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language (None), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex)


Primary Masteries

9 Section Whip and Double Meteor
You gain proficiency with all single handed chain weapons and gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat. You gain a +1 to attack roll when using double meteor hammer.

[9 Section Whips]
9 Section Whip New
Mighty Whip
Poi New

[Double Meteor Hammers]
Double Meteor Hammer New

Staff and Doublestaff
You gain proficiency with all lengths of staffs and gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat, you gain +1 to attack rolls when using a single staff, you can also treat a "doublestaff" as a light weapon in terms of dual wielding it.

Hoop and Doublehoop
You gain proficiency with hoop weapons and gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat. When not two weapon fighting you gain +1 to attack roll with hoops.

Fans and Claws
You gain proficiency with metal fans and metal claw weapons, you gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat.

War Fan
Iron Fan New

Claw Bracer
Panther Claw
Stump Knife
Tiger Claws
Triple Dagger
Ward Cestus
Punching Dagger
Bladed Gauntlet

Clubs and Knives
You gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat and consider small clubs and knives to be light weapons. You gain proficiency with Clubs and Knives.

Juggler's Club New

Juggler's Sapara New

Sword and Sai
You gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat and consider single handed swords as light weapons. You gain proficiency with 1 handed Swords and Sai.

Whip and Chain
You gain proficiency with spiked chain and whip and gain +1 to attack rolls with them.

Meteor Hammer and Rope Dart
You gain proficiency with Meteor Hammer and Rope Dart weapons and gain +1 to attack rolls with them.

You can “Take 10” on the following checks at any time:
Jump, Perform (dance), & Tumble. You gain +2 to these skills.

You gain Use Rope skill as a class skill regardless of class and can take 10 when using ropes, silks, or any similar material up to drapes or curtains still hanging on the wall.
Make a DC15 Use Rope check as a full round action, if you succeed you can perform a Battleflow Dance vertically downward the next round, you need neither hand to be free during your battleflow dance and can drop 5' vertically per attack without using your hands to continue the flow, you cannot use 2 handed weapons when using Battleflow Dance in this way.

You gain Improved unarmed strike and your unarmed strike damage die improves by 1 size category. You gain +2 to escape artist checks.

This mastery gives you Perform [Fire] as a class skill regardless of your class, any self induced hazards with using any fire tool are reduced by 75%. You gain the ability to use a 10GP flask of special fuel and a held fire source to project a 10'x5' cone of fire that does 1d6/4HD plus another 1d6 for every size modifier you are above medium and enemies are lit "on fire" unless they succeed a DC12 reflex save. The downside is that fire breathing is dangerous (danger is 20% chance of failure untrained, 5% chance of failure with Fire Performance class skill (roll a d20, 1 is fumble), and having fire mastery allows you to roll 1d4 when you fumble, another 1 indicates failure. Setting yourself on fire this way deals 2d6 damage (since it counts as a critical) and puts you "on fire" as described in the DMG, if it deals 12 damage to you then you also can contract ARDS (chemical pneumonia) disease.
ARDS - Inhaled - DC16 Fort - Initial 1d4 con 1d4 dex, Secondary 1d4STR 1d4DEX 1d4CON 1d4CHA // Initial damage after 6 hours, secondary damage after 24 hours. Every day player must make the fortitude save or take ability damage, if that fails then a long term heal check (DC12 for the first day, DC8 for following days) can prevent the character from hitting 0 Con at which point the character will have 1 Con.

Fire mastery also grants +1 saves against fire and fire effects, 1 fire resistance and +1 to knowledge checks about fire.

You gain proficiency with all light throwing weapons and gain Throwing Finesse as a bonus feat.

Secondary Masteries

Whip Sword Mastery
Requires: Mastery [Sword], Mastery [9s Whip] OR [Whip]
You become proficient at Whip Swords. You gain +1 to attack rolls made with a whip sword.

Sword Chuck Mastery
Requires: Mastery [9s Whip], Mastery [Staff]
You become proficient with Sword Chucks, you gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat and consider Sword Chucks as light weapons.



Many Throw
Requires: Juggle, Mastery [Throw]
Instead of juggling you may throw all of your objects that you would juggle at an enemy, if you throw 2 objects you take a -4 penalty to attack with both of them, for every object past that you add another -2 to each attack.
Damage reduction and other resistances apply separately against each object through only one object can apply precision damage such as a critical hit or other such vital hit.
The 1.5 object penalty for flow weapons in a juggle also applies to the accumulative attack penalty for Many Throw.

Rolling Grasp
Requires: Mastery [Acrobatics]
While performing a tumble you may pick up as many items as you have free hands or you may draw that many weapons, you gain +1 on grapple checks when you initiate them.

Contact Shift
Requires: Perform [Dance] 6 Ranks
When using one of these flow weapons you have a mastery in: 9s Whip, Single/Doublestaff, Rope Dart/Meteor Hammer, Hoop/Doublehoop, Whip/Chain, Club/Knife, Sword/Sai you may do a "contact" which rolls, stalls or spins the weapon on your body and then "shift" it back into your hands, this allows you to have your hands occupied and then free without dropping it.
Whenever you need to you may contact a weapon by making a DC15 dance check where as 1 indicates you drop the weapon, while a weapon is contacted you may use both your hands as if they were empty as long as immediately after you take your action the weapon returns to your hand.
While a weapon is contacted it is not considered disarmed, dropped or in mid-air, it is simply being held by different contact points on your body, and unless a magic item specifically uses the hands you can still use it's magic while contacting.

Hoop Defense
Requires: Mastery [Hoop]
While fighting defensively with your single hoop it grants you +1AC and you gain +1 to attack and damage rolls against foes attempting grapples or otherwise provoking attacks of opportunity by engaging you.

Bird and Branch
Requires: Mastery [Rope Dart]
When making a full attack with Meteor Hammer or Rope Dart if you miss the first attack you may choose another foe who is in range and is on the exact opposite side of you and make a free attack against him without interrupting your full attack, the threat range for the free attack is improved by 1.

Flood's Guile
Requires: Mastery [Rope Dart], Bird and Branch, BAB 6+
During a full attack action you may sacrifice your lowest attack to perform a feint action during the full attack as a free action. If the feint succeeds you gain an additional +1d6 sudden strike damage to your next attack. This effect lasts until the end of your turn, the effects do not stack but if you perform 2 successful feint actions in the attack your critical range improves by 1.

Moon's Meteor
Requires: Mastery [Meteor Hammer]
During a full attack action you may use any number of attacks to instead of hitting a specific target to sweep in vertical circles around you, this attacks both 5' infront of you, 5' behind you, the 2 squares diagonally upwards of you and the square 5' above you. You declare which way you want the arch to go and as soon as it hits a creature the attack ends. If you both critical AND floor a creature then Moon's Meteor attacks continue in the arch.

Requires: Dex 12
You may double your dexterity modifier to escape artist checks, you gain +1 to grapple checks and DR1 to unarmed damage made in grapples.
You may fit inside spaces normally too small for you, if a dexterity check is needed to squeeze through a space you may double your modifier for the check.

Twisting Form
Requires: Contort
Gain +1 to Reflex Saves.
You gain +2 AC versus Called Shots, Critical Confirmations and Sneak Attacks as long as it's not on a surprise round, this bonus does not stack with itself.

Fantastic Leap
Requires: Str 12, Cha 12
You do an amazing leap into the air, flourishing before you hit the ground.
3 times per day you may add your Charisma modifier to your jump checks.
Until the next round you gain +1AC while in mid-air.

Turning Movement
Requires: Wis 12, Dex 12
Make a DC 15 dance check whenever you are flanked, add the enemies combined wisdom modifiers to the DC, if you win the check you cannot be flanked by them this round.

Sword Chuck Form
Requires: Mastery [Swordchuck], Dex 15
Add +2 to intimidate checks for using 1 sword chuck or +4 if using 2 sword chucks. You can use this bonus in some forms of performance checks or diplomacy checks if weapon esteem would apply as a bonus.
You may now use Sword Chucks for 2 weapon defense.

Graceful Recovery
Requires: Mastery [Acrobatics], 8 Ranks Tumble
3/day You may add your Charisma modifier to your tumble checks.
As a move action, whenever you would fall prone make a DC 16 tumble check to enter a tumble instead (if directly opposed the DC is matched against their effort and they have an additional +4), you are considered tumbling in the same square you would have fallen prone in until your turn, on your turn if you have succeeded you tumble as a move action in the direction you specified and your move action is used up, if you fail you fall prone.

Spiral Arc
Requires: Mastery [Acrobatics], 8 Ranks Jump, 8 Ranks Tumble
Any time you make a jump check you can make a tumble check at -8 to attempt to tumble in midair, you can also apply tumble checks while already in midair or flying. You may make a DC18 jump check to add +1 to your damage roll whenever you are falling as you attack.

Aimed Pass
Requires: Mastery [Throw], 4 Ranks Sleight of Hand
Double your thrown weapon range increments.
As a standard action you can throw an object up to 10lbs or half your light load, whichever is smaller as a standard action, you can throw it up to 60' but every 20' away it adds -4 to your attack roll. To toss it to a player you have to make a ranged melee attack roll vs AC8, if you succeed the object is tossed to another player, the player than may catch it with a DC8 dexterity check. As long as the catcher has a free hand, this doesn't disrupt the player's actions, but throwing in this way counts as a ranged attack in terms of AoO and such.

Requires: Mastery [Throw], +2 BAB
As a standard action you may start a juggle, you may use up to 3 objects that are 1/10th your light load each plus an additional object for every 4 levels in Flow Dancer you have. When juggling you have no more than 2 objects in your hands at any time and the rest are in free-fall, you cannot move apart from a 5' step but if you are forced to take the move in an action like a bull rush or other such pushes your juggle fails and all the objects apart from 2 are dropped. You can toss the objects up to 5' up in the air during a juggle or you may choose 10' and take a -2 in spot checks or 15' and take a -4 in spot checks or 20'+ and take a -8 in spot checks. If you are attacked during a juggle you must make a concentration check of 8+damage taken or fail the juggle and all objects except 2 are dropped.
Catching and throwing a juggled object in this way occupies both your hands but you can still take swift actions that require hands, if you are juggling 2 less objects than your potential you can also take attacks of opportunity and either a single move action or a single standard action.
Catching and throwing a juggled object does not take up actions, so "drawing" a juggled weapon counts as the weapon already being drawn, dropping a juggled object does not directly fail the juggle so dropping a caught item can be done as a free action as well.
As a full round action you can catch all juggled objects split evenly in both hands if reasonable.

Flow Weapon Juggling
Requires: Juggle, Mastery [Throwing]
You may use 9s Whip, Meteor Hammer, Doublestaff, Doublehoop, Fans, Swords, Sai, Knives, Clubs and Sword Chucks in your Juggles as long as they have been weighted specifically for that purpose.
Each flow weapon counts as 1.5 objects (rounded down).

Daggerwheel Shot
Requires: Mastery [Throw], +4 BAB
You gain Ranged Pin and Ranged Disarm as bonus feats when using 1 handed light knives or daggers. You gain +1 to attack rolls made with daggers and knives. 1/day when you would have hit an ally with your dagger you can choose to reroll the attack, if it no longer beats the AC it misses.

Steady Aim
Requires: Mastery [Throw], +2BAB
You may take a full round action and go into a Steady Aim Stance, this doubles your dexterity bonus for throwing until the end of your next turn (maximum +3).

Throw Tool
Requires: Mastery [Throw], +6BAB
You can choose to throw an object as a standard action, if the tool does not require any other action than you could imagine throwing it would do you can use a throwing attack to do the job you could normally only do with a hand.
For example, a nail sticking out of a roof could be hammered in place by throwing a hammer a few times, or you could throw a bolas to hook around a lever and pull it down, or attach a string of self turning to a key and throw it into a key hole.

When using an attack in this way you take penalties if the object is small, a diminutive object takes a -5 to attack rolls and a fine object takes -8


Armor of Unfeeling
Requires: Divine Path, Dancing Meditation
You open your mind completely and dive into the currents of the flow getting lost in them.
Make a concentration check, you gain Armor of Unfeeling for that many rounds (dismissive) and convert 5 lethal damage per round into nonlethal damage, gain +6 to saves versus mind compulsions, -4 to wisdom based skill checks and +4 to concentration checks.

Dancing Meditation
Requires: Divine Path, Wis 12
At the start of your day you can choose to perform a Dancing Meditation.
A dancing mediation takes 1 hour and grants the Flow Dancer +2 to concentration checks, +2 to will saves, +1 to caster level for Divination Spells, and +2 temporary HP if your HP is already full, this effect lasts until the Flow Dancer falls unconscious after 24h

Gemini Form
Requires: Divine Path, Dancing Meditation, Dex 15, Cha 15
Another creature of the same size category that has more than 15 Dex and Cha and is within 3 HD of you may spend 2 weeks training with you (DC 18 Perform [Dance]), if successful you can now perform a Dancing Meditation with them at the start of your day. At the start of your day you may transfer any stunt spell with more than 1/day limited uses as long as you don't run out of /day charges yourself, these "Stunt Charges" dissipate after 12 hours.
For instance, a level 15 Flow Dancer could use Gemini Compulsion to perform Dancing Meditation with a Bard, the Flow Dancer could choose any number of stunts to grant the Bard uses of that day, such as Fire Wire, so she chooses to transfer 1/day charge of fire wire and keep 4/day to herself. The Bard could use a flow weapon and use the fire wire's effect, expending the charge without having either Arcane Path or Mastery [Fire] as the Bard would have copied the movements exactly from the Flow Dancer without ever having to "learn" them.

Spirit Weapon
Requires: Divine Path, Wis 12
3/day Standard
You forge a weapon from a part of your internal energy, drawing the shape of it with your hands and imagine holding it, as you do so it appears in your grasp.
You may take 1 week to study a weapon, getting to know how it works over time and perhaps using it in conflicts, after that time you may recreate the weapon (in terms of it being a +# weapon) out of force.
The Spirit Weapon persists for 1 hour after it's made and takes on the ability of it's copied counterpart, if let's say it was a +3 Hoop then it would be a +3 Spirit Hoop.

For every +1 it has on it you take 2d6 nonlethal damage for the energy it drains out of you to make it.

Having this stunt allows you to craft a Spirit Grip, a special section of the grip of a weapon which when a flowdancer with the Spirit Weapon stunt can activate by touching it, each grip extends into it's original weapon except for the grip which remains a part of the new weapon until it absorbs back into the grip after the 1 hour mark.
Each Spirit Grip has 3/day charges in it and takes as much as the real version takes to craft plus an additional 1/5th of the gold cost in XP.
Spirit Grips do not cause you damage.
You must have Spirit Weapon, have intimate knowledge of the weapon in question and enough materials to be able to make the grip.

Blurred Spin
Requires: Divine Path, Cha 12, Wis 12, Dex 12
5/dau Standard
You balance like a top and spin, the flow takes hold of you and skates you on your balance point across the ground. Make a balance check DC5 each round and increase the DC by 5 each round.
This stunt has 2 functions:
When using Blurred Spin you gain the ability to Skate like the psionic power except you gain a speed increase of 5' if you have at least 14 Wis, 10' if you have at least 18 Wis and 15' if you have 20 Wis.
When using Blurred Spin you gain an ability like Blur (20% concealment).

When using Blurred Spin you take -6 to spot checks and have -2 AC.

Spirit Sight
Requires: Divine Path, Wis 12
Whenever the vision of a flow dancer is completely gone she can use Spirit Sight to view the world through different eyes.
To have this ability active you must not be able to see, you must be either blind or have your eyelids in complete darkness.
Spirit Sight works just like regular sight except it grants -6 to spot checks due to the confusing visions and distortion floating through this now visible spirit world. You gain the ability to see ethereal creatures and because of the individual uniqueness of the way each sight works sometimes hidden objects, creatures, invisible matter or see through illusions, ect.
The downside is because of how skewed the principles of the sight are you may not see some things other people find obvious, some sight may not see words on a sign, some might not see the sign at all, some may see the sign and the words but not be able to read their distorted form, and some might see the tree used to make the sign.

Lifting Current
Requires: Divine Path, Mastery [Acrobatics]
Your body feels light and airy, and you feel you could be twisted and pulled by the slightest breeze, the divine flow opens up to you.
1/day/3lvl Swift Action you gain slowfall (granted you use this before you fall) and all air movement effects are doubled. You fall as slow as 5' every 3 rounds as long as you move at least 15', if you move 10' you fall 5' every 2 rounds, moving 5' you move 5' every 1 round, and stationary you move 10' a round maximum.
During a Battleflow Dance you can "direct" the current that suspends you, allowing you to move in mid-air flawlessly, this is not flight so it does not grant a fly speed, this behaves more like walking on the air although legs are not strictly needed. You can still make attacks with Battleflow Dance as if you were on the ground.
This effect lasts until the start of your next turn.

Avatar of the Flow
Requires: Divine Path, Wis 15
1/day Standard Action
Your eyes turn white and you lose your vision, the flow possesses you to carry out a single task in a desperate time.
When you start this effect the DM takes full control of your character, at any time you can end the effect, ending the effect causes you to fall prone, fall unconscious for 1 round and become fatigued.
For up to 5 rounds you gain the following effects:
1/day +20 to jump for 1 round (swift)
1/day Lifting Current
Circular Breath


Magic Bullseye
Requires: Arcane Path, Mastery [Throw]
You can use a move action to enchant an object, anything that object hits releases it's charge and a faint Magic Bullseye symbol appears where the object hit. Any attacks within 5' of the magic bullseye feel a slight magnetism towards it, all attacks targeting the bullseye get +2 to attack rolls, if the original attack was a critical then when targeting the bullseye your critical threat range improves by 1.

Flowering Door (G) (http://farm1.static.flickr.com/4/6060913_0f501d1cb4.jpg)
Requires: Arcane Path, Mastery [9s Whip] or [Hoop] or [Staff] or [Rope Dart]
1/day Full Round Action
Your flow weapon leaves an elongated blur and creates concentric circles in the air in certain points of alignment. Upon completion the shape solidifies, hums loudly and creates a solid Flowering Door.

This door is suspended in the air in any direction you wish (though both sides are the same effect) that is directly beside you and lasts until the beginning of your next turn. After creating a flowering door you may take a 5' step to enter it and a free jump action if that's required, you cannot make a flowering door if you are transversing as the blur hovers in the air and would not make a complete circle if you were for instance falling or in a caravan or on a boat.
Any creature can enter the door, but the door is suspended 1-2' off the ground and is only 5' in diameter and since the borders are made of force if the user cannot fit into that it cannot use the portal.

The other side of the door is anywhere inside of a 400' radius of the space where you created the door.

If there is no free space on the exit point of the door (100' radius of the door) then all creatures exiting the door take 2d6 damage and are shunted to an area within 1000', if that isn't possible they are ejected back through the flowering door and take 4d6 damage.

Fire Wire (G) (http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/185/f/5/Happy_4th_of_July_by_MattTheSamurai.gif)
Requires: Arcane Path, Mastery [Fire]
5/Day Move Action
Enchant your flow weapon instead of attacking to release a rain of glowing needles and sparks around you. Next time you attack (charge fades in 10 rounds) instead of attacking you may create two 5' x 15' cones of sparks in opposite directions from you dealing 2d4+1d4/2levels of fire damage, creatures caught in the effect are are dazzled.

Requires: Arcane Path, Mastery [Fire]
This stunt has 2 effects, at any time you can make a sleight of hand check (DC 15) to hide any object that will fit into your mouth or throat and have it disappear, you can store 1 object in this way, make another DC15 sleight of hand check to retrieve it. When it's inside of you it temporarily melds into you similar to a Wildshape transformation, and re-appears when you go to retrieve it. Retrieving it opens up the same weaknesses of casting, you create and AoO and have to save vs concentration. If you fail either your initial/secondary sleight of hand check or your concentration check if bothered then you either take critical damage from the object if it's a weapon or start to choke (DC 8+ weight of the object Fort Save, maximum 18) if it's an object.

1/day When you are holding a single handed single flamed object such as a torch or a flaming knife you can "block" a fire spell or effect, this neutralizes up to 3 fire damage/level of flowdancer, this increases to 5 fire damage/level at level 15. This fire damage is sucked into the flame you are holding (not changing the brightness and you may then extinguish the flame to dissipate the contained fire energy, alternatively you have 2 additional options; If you hit someone with the flame they take 1 extra fire damage per damage die of fire it absorbed, releasing the contained fire energy in an explosion OR you can extinguish the fire in your mouth (DC12 Perform [Fire]) and gain 1 temporary HP per damage die you absorbed. This temporary HP cannot be added once you have 10HP in your temp pool. Failure at consuming the fire means you take double the fire damage of striking an enemy + 1 additional fire damage.

Magic Card
Requires: Arcane Path, Mastery [Throwing], Mastery [Fire]
As a move action you may draw a card and enchant it at the same time. The card is now a +3 throwing weapon with a 30' range increment
There are 2 options, Fire and Sharp
Fire, on contact deals 1d4/2levels fire damage to a 10' spread (Reflex 18 Negates).
Sharp has an 18-20 critical range and has the properties of the Cleave feat in terms of going through a dropped foe as long as it's in a straight line.

Dragon's Maw
Requires: Arcane Path, Mastery [Throwing], Mastery [Knives]
3/day Swift
Pointing a knife in each hand towards your target you spin in a circle, the knives blur and form into force knives in the air.
When holding 2 knife weapons you may use Dragon's Maw to create several force knives in midair.
There are 2 options for this stunt:
You can throw each knife separately, half the force knives follow each of the knives and hit where they hit, add 1d4/3lvl to each knife hit.
You can expend a move action to flourish one or both of your knives in the air, the flourish sprays a 20' cone with force daggers that deal 1d8 damage for each dagger flourished.


Hands Brush Air
Requires: Ascetic Path, Mastery [Throw], Unarmed Proficiency
You can take 10 on checks made to catch objects, and can use effects the same as snatch arrows except that the Juggle stunt does not count against the 2 hand free prerequisite. When you choose to keep an object you can immediately put it into an existing juggle.

Circular Breath
Requires: Ascetic Path, Con 12
You concentrate on your breath, understanding it's motion and expanding your potential.
You no longer get fatigued at the end of your Battleflow Dance, you gain +4 to swim and can hold your breath for 5+Con rounds longer than normal.

Circle Movement
Requires: Ascetic Path, Turning Movement
You can no longer be flanked.
When charging you may use the movement generated from your Fluid Movement ability to move in any direction except the square you just moved from.
You can expend unused movement up to your fluid movement ability to negate sliding due to excess momentum, lack of traction (on a flat surface) or effects like a strong wind.

Step of the Four Walls
Requirements: Ascetic Path, Fantastic Leap, Dex 15
Your ability to move seamlessly from surface to surface seems unworldly.
When making jump checks you are always treated as taking a running jump even when you are not.
During a move action you may jump as a free action and use the wall as if it were the floor, during your move action you can make as many jumps as your dexterity modifier. As long as you follow the general path of momentum, making no more than a right hand turn over a flat surface (unless you rebound against something to change direction (DC20+ Jump Check) you may continue to end your turn in mid-air granted that you are not "sticking" to a wall or ceiling, ect.

Class Features
Mesmerize (Ex):
A Flow Dancer with 4 or more ranks in the Perform (Dance) skill can use her movements to cause one or more creatures to become mesmerized with her.
Make a perform check vs their will save, if you succeed the creature becomes mesmerized. A mesmerized creature takes -4 to all visual skill checks, -2 to reflex saves, has -2 initiative and is mildly distracted in terms of concentration checks. On the second round that a creature is mesmerized it loses -2 dexterity bonus (if it has one) to AC, on the third round it is considered flat footed.
This ability can be used in combat though the Flow Dancer takes -8 to perform checks made in this way, additionally creatures more than 30' away have a +2 to will saves, 60'+ have a +4 and 90'+ cannot be effected unless you are huge size or more, in which case they gain +6.
For every three levels a Flow Dancer attains beyond 1st, she can target one additional creature with a single use of this ability.

Failing this check raises the DC of all performance based skill checks by 2 for everyone who sees you within 90', this effect stacks.


Graceful Movement (Ex):
SKILL BONUS A flow dancer gains a bonus to all movement and body related checks as long as that bonus does not exceed her dexterity modifier. The effected skills are: Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Perform, Ride, Slight of Hand, Survival (For terrain purposes), Swim, Tumble, Use Rope (For movement purposes)

REFLEX BONUS A Flow Dancer's Graceful Movement also provides a bonus to Reflex saves equal to her Charisma modifier.

AC BONUS A Flow Dancer gains additional AC equal to her Graceful Movement bonus as long as it doesn't exceed her Charisma modifier and that she isn't carrying anything more than a light load, wearing anything heavier than light armor or any armor that incurs a armor check penalty. If her armor does have an armor check penalty then she loses Graceful Movement AC equal to the ACP of that armor.


Combat Reflexes (Feat):
Bonus Feat
You gain Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat.


Fluid Movement (Ex):
SPEED/SLOWFALL BONUS At level 4 a flow dancer learns to be so efficient in movement that she is able to move faster than normal while expending the same amount of effort. You gain +10ft to your base land speed and during a tumble check to reduce damage from falls you reduce an extra 10ft. Both these effects increase by 5ft at level 8 and 15.

At level 8 you also gain the ability to use your fluid movement technique with Balance, Climb and Tumble skills:
You may make Balance checks while moving at
normal speed without taking a –5 penalty.
You may make Climb checks to move at half speed
without taking a –5 penalty.
You may make Tumble checks while moving at
normal speed without taking a –10 penalty.


Battleflow Dance, 1/day. (Ex):
Melee Attack Pattern
You can make a Full Round Attack with a Flowdance Weapon and still move up to your movement.
Between each attack, you must move at least 5’ (but not back to the square you were just in). You gain +1 bonus to your attack & damage rolls. The Battleflow Dance lasts 1 round per 2 ranks in Perform (dance). You are still susceptible to Attacks of Opportunity while moving, but you are allowed to use Tumble. You may combine Bardic music with your Battleflow Dance, but not Rage / Frenzy. You cannot have on more than Light armor. At the end of
your Battleflow Dance you must make a Fortitude Save (8 + rounds spent in the Battleflow Dance) failure means you become Fatigued for the duration of the encounter.


Conditional Attack Bonus
Whenever clear music is playing the Flow Dancer gains +2 to perform checks, whenever Bardic Music is playing you gain +1 to attack rolls and gain +2 to concentration checks.


Fire Performance
Weapon Preparation
When you have this ability you are always assumed to have bought at least 1GP worth of flammable fluid (cooking oil, burning sap, firewater, ect) and have modified and upkept your mastered weapons to have fire resistant wicks on them (dense or alchemical fabric), as a standard action you may prepare your wicks and as a move action set them on fire.
Burning weapons take no damage and have 3 effects which last 10 rounds each:
Stage 1) You cast bright light for 30' and shadowy light for 20' after that, foes hit by your weapon take 1 fire damage, and you also gain +1 to attack rolls when in the dark.
Stage 2) You cast bright light for 15' and shadowy light for 10', foes with exposed skin hit by your weapon take 1 heat damage (hot metal, not fire).
Stage 3) You cast shadowy illumination for 10', foes with exposed skin hit by your weapon take 1 heat damage (hot metal, not fire).
If you choose to not move the weapon at all (or very slowly, but not attack) the light increments increase by 25% in distance.

When using Fire Performance you do not have the risk of lighting yourself on fire or the time usages, and the effects of the fire are less drastic.
This bonus also counts towards the Fire Mastery in terms of limiting the danger of using it's effects.

Using Fire Tools: Due to the sound and light produced by a flaming weapon or performance tool are partly disabled, they take -4 to listen and -2 to spot checks when using a fire tool, if it's shadowy illumination already then they take -4 and if it's dark they take -6 to spot checks. Fire Performance class feature limits the effects down to -2//-2 when the tool is being used, or -0//-0 when it's held still. Once the fire goes out, the metal is still very hot and thus a cool down time of 10 rounds comes into play. Re-fueling before that time may be extremely dangerous and could spit off toxic vapors or cause scalding burns.


Mystic Path
Class Options
At level 9 a flow dancer has 3 different paths it can choose from, these paths are:

The Divine Path
Those dancers who follow the divine path give up their mortal understandings and expressions to be guided by the forces above, they become an embodiment of flow uninhibited by their senses or confusions and through their flow find a connection to the other worlds.

Benefit: Those who follow the divine path can then gain stunts from the Divine Stunt list. All Divine stunts count as supernatural divine abilities.

The Weave
Those who study the patterns of the flow finally understand that the weave itself is a pattern, and through that can manipulate the weave through becoming a physical representation of the changes they wish to invoke.

Benefit: Those who follow The Weave can then gain stunts from the Arcane Stunt list. All Arcane stunts count as supernatural arcane abilities.

The Dancer Ascetic
Those who seek perfection in their flow unlock understanding of their own perfect truths, boundless insight exists within everyone as long as they know how to tap into it.
Those who choose the Dancer Ascetic path give up the life of whimsy to perfect their art and transcend what is believed physically possible.

Benefit: Those who follow The Dancer Ascetic path can then gain stunts from the Ascetic Stunt list and gain 2 bonus feats.


Mystic Path Mastery
Bonus Paths
At level 20 you gain access to the remaining Mystic Paths and gain 2 extra bonus stunts.


Alternate Class Options

Elemental Flowdancer
This class option allows the Flow Dancer to sacrifice her usual line of stunts and masteries to instead use elements as her medium.


Picture Gallery

Flowering Door (Arcane Stunt)

Tira, Human Flowdancer

Fire Wire (Arcane Stunt)

9 Section Whip

Poi (9 Section Whip Variant)

Double Meteor Hammer

War Fan

Video Gallery

Flow Sword-

Flow 9 Section Whip (AKA Poi), Staff and Double Staff-

Flow Double Meteor Hammer-

Flow Meteor Hammer-

Flow Rope Dart-

Starting Package and Sample Characters
Tira (III) Human Flowdancer (G) (http://benyoboy.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/20-tira-soul-calibur1.jpg)

Tira (IV) Human Flowdancer (G) (http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/sc_ti.jpg)
Levels: Flow8
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16
Feats: Psychic Instability

New Weapons, Armor, Items & Feats

In addition to a first level feat you may also sacrifice 1 skillpoint in order to gain a single Background, you may not have more than 1 background.


Forest Traveler


Under Dancer



Psychic Instability
Requires: Chaotic Alignment
You gain +4 to saves against compulsions and mind effecting spells as well as telepathy, charms, compulsions and psychic connections.
Every time you gain a level roll 1D6, if you roll a 1 you gain 1 insanity point and permanently lose 1 wisdom.
For each insanity point you have whenever a being is psychically connected with you both you and the being take 2D6 points of damage per insanity point.
This effect triggers whenever a being is connected to your mind and receiving something from it, if they do not wish to receive anything from it they may choose to take the save at a -6, failure indicates they take 1D6 nonlethal damage instead and fail any psychic connection they were trying to complete on their turn.
If their mind is linked with another mind you may also attempt to spread your chaotic link through their minds as well by sacrificing one of the damage die and instead forcing the connected mind to save against it or take 1 die of damage, no more than 1 die can be transferred per link.

9 Section Whip [Flow Weapon] (G) (http://dragonimpact.com/biz/images/5000120.jpg) (G)

Poi [Flow Weapon] (G) (http://www.yarn-fetish.com/poi/poi2.jpg)
2gp S1d4 M1d6
A variant on 9 section whip that deals nonlethal damage, similar to the sap it is a weight in a leather or strong cloth and can easily be disguised with colors and patterns to blend into everyday objects, when not in use observers take -6 to search and spot checks to recognize them as weapons.

Users not proficient in 9 Section Whip or Poi must take an attack roll on themselves every time they fail an attack roll with them by 5 or more, or they may choose to provoke an attack of opportunity.
Users who have not mastered Poi or 9 Section Whip are vulnerable to the same effect when rolling a 1.

Mighty Whip [Flow Variant]
You may choose to use a modified mighty whip as a flow weapon, this weapon acts as a 9 section whip that's reduced by 1 size category and deals nonlethal bludgeoning damage, it does not work like the standard mighty whip as you do not use a "whipping" motion to cause damage, instead you slam the weight of the whole into them, commonly to trip or stun.

Double Meteor Hammer [Flow Weapon] (G) (http://www.kenfuderyu.co.za/images/martialarts/ChinaEastAsia/Weapons/Meteor%20Hammer%20-%20Liu%20Xing%20Chui.jpg)
The double meteor hammer is considered a masterwork Dire Flail of 1 size category lower than your size, but this does not make it a light weapon.

A double meteor hammer is a double weapon. You can fight with it as if fighting with two weapons, but if you do, you incur all the normal attack penalties associated with fighting with two weapons, just as if you were using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon. A creature wielding a double meteor hammer in one hand can’t use it as a double weapon— only one end of the weapon can be used in any given round.

When using a double meteor hammer, you get a +2 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm an enemy (including the opposed attack roll to avoid being disarmed if such an attempt fails).

You can also use this weapon to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the double meteor hammer to avoid being tripped.

Iron Fan [War Fan Variant]
Iron fan is a variant of War Fan and can be used to deal either slashing or bludgeoning damage due to the fact it is made of solid iron instead of paper with metal veins. The Iron fan does not gain the disguising qualities of the War Fan, weighs twice as much and has a x2 critical range. When folded up in it's bludgeoning mode it can be used as a thrown weapon with a range increment of 10'.

Juggler's Club [Flow Variant]
This club is specifically weighted for tossing into the air, spinning and flourishing around, it can also be balanced end to end quite well.
Juggler's Clubs are disguised with colors and patterns to blend into everyday objects, observers take -6 to search and spot checks to recognize them as weapons.
Thrown clubs are not effective in combat, but without special training a Juggler's Club has a 15' range increment.

Juggler's Sapara [Flow Variant]
A juggler's sapara has a 15' range increment and is balanced for flourishing, spinning and throwing.
You can use a sapara to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during
your own trip attempt, you can drop it to avoid being tripped.


Cannot use swordchucks for 2weapon def


Ebon Wrap [I]+1AC Max Dex +8, ACF 5%, Speed 30', Wt 12lbs
This cloth armor is designed for stealth, while wearing this you gain +4 to hide checks when in the dark.
While in the dark and using a flaming weapon you grant an additional +2 AC versus sneak attacks, called shots and critical confirmations, this bonus does not stack with itself.

Insert Throwing Finesse

New Magic, Wondrous and Relic Items

Magic Items

Wondrous Items
War Fan of the Wind
This War Fan has been crafted in the plane of air, it is treated as having the ability to fly (40', Poor) when thrown and thus simply does not have a range increment, when dropped it can hover in the air and thus when controlled you may pick it up or drop it as a free action once per turn each.
While you are in 60' of the fan you may control it in mid-air either by expending a throwing attack as normal to control it to fly at an opponent or using a swift action to direct it's flight as you wish and additional flight commands as a move action, if the fan exceeds 50' it will execute the string of commands you last put into it with your actions. For instance if you wanted it to slice an apple off a tree 200' away you would need to make a swift action to command it to the apple, a pending attack roll vs the apple and then a move action to command it back, after you make those motions it will carry them out to the best of it's ability, though you must have the actions you wish upon it at mind while commanding it since you could not ask it to find or travel around things you are not immediately aware of.
To control the fan you must hold it in it's closed state and speak the command word, it then infuses that hand with an air connection link which is maintained until the fan is closed. You may close the fan at will as a standard action. When you have been infused you may control it in a radius of 50' when it's open, and when it is open it may only be closed by you.
Moderate Transmutation; CL8, Overland Flight, Permanency; Price: 12,000g +1, 18,000g +2, 28,000g +3, 42,000g +4, 60,000g +5



2010-08-06, 12:01 AM
Niiiice. The design is awesome. I'm useless with balance but I will say that I loved the new weapons. Double Meteor for the win.

But uh...Why 3/4 BAB? Full wasn't warranted? Good job mate.:smallsmile:

Also, unspoiler Class Features.

2010-08-06, 07:55 PM
How many skill points does it get?

2010-08-09, 02:02 PM
How many skill points does it get?
My bad, must have deleted that by accident when editing it!

Please feel free to make stunts, contributors are credited!

EDIT- The class information is getting too large, I'll have to start redirecting data down to this one until Model III.


Personal Inspiration Background

I've been a circus performer, dancer and fire performer professionally for a few years now, I've seen masses of people go through, learn, master different flow arts, different fire tools, forms of juggling and weaponry, martial arts, parkour and all that jazz in real life and I've been a community organizer through this, watching from the top.

Personally I just wanted a DnD class that really concentrated more on the concept of actually dancing in combat rather than the whole "parkour tricking into a square then swing wildly" because I just couldn't see the dancing aspect take form in any of the classes already available. Battledancer really was more like a rogue ranger than anything else, dervish was close but the concept of using scimitars to fight in dervish turning (I've turned with real dervishes and helped host Sufi performances) was almost distasteful as dervish turning would actually have to be more of a divine class than anything else, it would have to be, you can't see when you're that dizzy.

Really this class is meant to be a combination of things, it's main perks being grace, weapon skill, weapon styling, OPTIONS!, being able to make perform checks during combat validly, being both a social and skillful character and bringing together DnD and the community I love into one form. Enjoy!