View Full Version : [3.5] Avoiding Ability (Con) Damage

2010-07-31, 03:20 PM
Checking for generally simple ways to avoid or cure Con damage for a 5th (or 7th upon reaching) level Cleric other than the obvious casting of Lesser Restoration (and Restoration). Would rather not be a Necropolitan due to potential problems being undead might bring and the sheer amount of immunities undead receive is reaching further than I want. Any amount is helpful with a preference for things I need to trigger or use.

2010-07-31, 03:22 PM
1 level dip of Binder. Naberius lets you heal 1 ability damage a round.

2010-07-31, 03:26 PM
Rod of Bodily Restoration from MiC is charges/day and can heal up to 12 Con in groups of 4. Pretty cheap.

Shape Soulmeld: Strongheart Vest gives you effectively DR 1 v ability damage. Throw more feats at it and you can increase the resistance or make it apply versus drain too.

Shape Soulmeld: Vitality Belt and Open Greater Chakra will get you immunity to Con Drain and Damage. Out of your ECL range though.

A wand of Lesser Resto isn't that bad, especially if you get it from a paladin or an archivist who learned it from the paladin list.

Fouredged Sword
2010-07-31, 03:26 PM
Shape soul meld from magic of incarnum. Shape the strong heart vest. It will let you prevent one point of damage from a effect. Extra essentia feat will let you stop more.

2010-07-31, 03:34 PM
There's sheltered vitality in SpC, level 4 cleric.

2010-07-31, 03:46 PM
Sheltered Vitality, exactly what I was looking for, else I probably would have gone for Shape Soulmeld and Bonus Essentia. I'll be looking for wands and rods (what page is Bodily Resto on? I cannot find in my MiC) until I hit 7. Thank you all for the suggestions, plenty of ways to achieve.

2010-07-31, 06:56 PM
I second a dip into Binder. Naberious heals damage to all abilities, plus other nifty stuff. And, you can try other vestiges as well.