View Full Version : Newish DM looking for adventures

2010-08-03, 04:30 AM
As the title states I am fairly new to DMing and two of my party of five are new to D&D entirely. I was hoping that someone may be able to suggest a good prefab adventure that I can use at least until this group becomes both comfortable with the game and I am more confident in DMing. We will be using 3.5...

2010-08-03, 04:41 AM
A relatively good first game is the free WotC adventure "A Dark and Stormy Knight" (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/oa/20030530b&page=1)- it's got a good reason for the PCs to be together, and it isn't too cliched.
(You might want to check it over before you play to make sure it doesn't need any fixing because it's actually a 3.0 adventure - but I think it'll be okay.)

There are lots of other free adventures in that link, but the quality varies - some of them are way too tough for the level they're pitched at, some are walk overs.

With all prefab adventures, read through the whole thing thoroughly first, to check it for missing information, typos, and hidden text (where the author refers to something vital in one part of the adventure, but with not page number reference, or only gives you the details in an obscure, unrelated block of text on page 94, or whatever) - and familiarise yourself with the special rules it needs.
Make sure you are happy with each encounter - that there's a good reason for the encounter to play out the way the author wrote it, and that you understand the way the NPCs and monsters will behave.