View Full Version : New 3.5 campaign setting/adventure [PEACH]

2010-08-05, 01:23 AM
I'm lookin for some critique of a world I'm in the process of building. I'm basing it loosely on Terry Brooks' Shannara world, by loosely I mean renaming the places and bad guys :-P

I'm having the starting level set at either 10 or 11, with the average CR for the first 3 boss fights set around 14

The basic story path is going to be:

Start/Hook: While in a major port city (Name to be decided) a man runs up and stabs himself while screaming for the guards. When the City Guard shows up they take the PC's into custody for the murder. In jail, the prisoner in the cell next to them starts up a conversation. It is eventually revealed that the man in prison recruited a drifter to get the PC's to jail, so they could help break the Druid (Mysterious Prisoner) out, and join him on a quest to save the world (Duh duh DUHHHHHHHH). I'm going to be working on the prison break, which I want to be a mostly skill based challenge (Hopefully not only rogue skills, get the whole party involved, seeing as I hate it when one player is taking the stage for a few hours). After they break out they start upon the quest (Duh duh DUHHHHHHH).

The Quest The main quest is going to be stopping the Warlock/Evil baddie from escaping his specially crafted prison (Tentatively called The Void). I plan on having a few long-ish quests before this is done, hopefully getting the PC's up to level 17-19 before hand. The first of these quests is what I want some critique on :-)

Starting Quest The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse are secretly amassing an army which they plan on using to cleanse the planet before the Warlock's return. The Druid defeated Pestilence (My least favorite) but managed to kill the Lord's heir in the process...Or something along those lines. I'm going to use the Horsemen from D&D Modern: Apocalypse, which is the only book I've seen that has them. Kinda weak at CR 13 but it works. Each Horseman has their own dungeon/fortress, modeled around themselves (In Famine's dungeon, all food rots after an hour, all monsters are at 3/4 HP and there are traps which secretly poison food/drink)

All the Horsemen are going to be mounted on some sort of reptilian mount, which I find to be slightly more badass than horses.

So any ideas? Criticism? Praise :-D?

I'm not done yet, just in need of sleep, I'll add more tomorrow if it seems people are interested :-)