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Fouredged Sword
2010-08-06, 02:52 PM
Here is an idea I had for PRC. It is a PRC for a multiclass barbarian / rogue.

Blade Frenzy Rager
HD = d8
Skill points 4+int
Class skills - Intimidate, Survival, Search, Disable device, Jump, Climb, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Nature), needs more - to be decided

- Intimidate 8 ranks
- Two Weapon Fighting
- 1d6 sneak attack
- Rage or frenzy class ability

{table=head]Bab|Fort|ref|will|class features
1|0|2|0|Rage Strike +1d6, Mind over Rage|
2|0|3|0|Rage Strike +1d6, Oversized Rager|
3|1|3|1|Rage Strike +1d6, Two Weapon Rager|
4|1|4|1|Rage Strike +1d6, Rage Smash|
5|1|4|1|Rage Strike +1d6, Heavy Hitter, Ride the rage|

Rage Strike -
- You deal an extra 1d6 damage per class level if your target is denied thier dex to AC or you are gaining flanking bonuses. This damage only applies when you are rageing or some other rage like ability, such as whirling frenzy, and useing a melee attack. This is precision damage.

Mind Over Rage -
- A Blade Frenzy Rager gains the ability to think more clearly during his rage or frenzy. You may use tactics and planing in your actions. Though you are still required to act agressivly, you are encouraged to pick targets of opertunity and use flanking or other abilites to enable you to use Rage Strike. Any action that will allow you to render an foe flanked, flat-footed, or denied thier dex to armor class can be prefored during a rage or frenzy.

Oversized Rager -
- You gain the ability to wield a one handed weapon in each hand without penelty while in a rage like state. This is identical to the feat Oversized Two Weapon Fighting, except it only functions while rageing.

Two Weapon Rager -
- While in a rage like state you do not suffer -2 to all attacks for wielding two weapons.

Rage Smash -
- while in a rage like state, the first point of damage from every precision damage die is no longer precision damage, and thus effects targets normaly immune to critical hits and sneak attacks.

Heavy Hitter -
- All precision damage die increase by one size while rageing.

Ride the Rage -
- Every round you drop a foe to zero or lower HP during a attack you apply Rage Strike does not count agenst the rounds untile the end of your rage.

OK, I am looking for feedback on this class. I also want to know what skills you think are good for class skills. I don't want to give hide or move silent as class skills to balance the extra damage gained each level.

I am also thinking of adding a light armor only restriction to some or all of the class features.

Also Intimidate as a prereq makes me want to add some class feature based on it, but I can't find a place to put it. I am thinking the ability to make a free action intimidate check to render an target flat footed for your round your class level + cha mod times per day.

Please give feedback, this is my first homebrew class on the forum.

Fouredged Sword
2010-08-07, 01:10 PM
Hum, no advice.

Please post your thought. I am interested in what the playground thinks.