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2010-08-09, 04:27 AM
Hey all,

My searches for the word "shirt" and "design" and such have all proved too generic to be useful, so here's a very general question: what is the appropriate venue for discussing t-shirt designs one would like to see? And if we eventually came up with a sort of "most highly requested" list, what would be the correct person (the giant or someone who assists him) to bring that to the attention of?

I feel that artists (cartoonists, bands, comedians, etc) who produce shirts with their logos and images are usually open to putting out thing their fans request enough...

I personally would LOVE to see an "Darth V" shirt that says either "I will end this. Now." or "We are all in the monster manual somewhere, are we not? My entry lies between Elemental and Ethereal Filcher." The second is possibly one of my favourite things said in the comic, ever. Probably with this splash art: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0635.html

I also would love to see "class/race/alignment?" as a kind play on "a/s/l?" I suppose Roy/Celia art would be appropriate there.

OH. And definately the nameless NPC wizard: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0340.html "Excuse me, sir. If you're done pretending I can't hear you because I'm a nameless NPC, I'm going to go off to that tavern over there and get utterly drunk in response to my life's apparent meaninglessness." That's probably my other favourite thing in this comic ever. As A. a waitress and B. a live theater performer, that kind of "Oh, I didn't know the people in the show could hear me on my cell phone, they're not behind a screen, they're alive, funny that..." thing happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Wait: I'd like to add the panel 3 art of charging, half-naked o-chul, with the caption "+5 Holy Cojones." http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0659.html

What would you like to see on a shirt?

(xposted from the oots forum at the suggestion of people there, saying it belonged better here.)

2010-08-09, 04:33 AM
Well, there's lots of places around the 'net where you can design your own t-shirts and have them made. Of course, you couldn't do that with the Giant's stuff... There used to be a subforum here about oots products, but it was hardly ever used so they got rid of it. Honestly, if you're mostly discussing the possibility of new Order of the Stick merchandise, the OotS Subforum was probably the right place to put it. If you're asking for someone else to design something for you then you might be in more luck, but if you're actually gonna put it on a shirt then it's almost certainly not allowed to have any of the Giant's characters or art.
For oots-style non-oots t-shirt designs, well, I've already done one for another forumite, and got the photo to prove it =3

2010-08-09, 05:00 AM
No, I'm more trying to round up a popular vote, and then find the appropriate way to send it to the giant or his staff.