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2010-08-13, 03:49 AM
Alright, after reading Happy's newly posted Lolcat story version of a Greek myth, I thought it'd be fine to post my ridiculous story about CSI: Miami and the Trix Rabbit, as well as various shorts.


CSI: Miama; The Rabbit Incident.

Blood. There was blood everywhere, covering the walls, the floors. Caruso walked in, disgusted.

"What kind of sick, twisted bastard would do this to three kids?" He wondered, shaking his head as one of the irrelevant extras ran up to him.

"Caruso, we've got a match on the blood. You're not gonna believe this, but..."
The man stops, shaking his head in sheer disbelief. It was clear that he couldn't believe what the match was. Caruso glared at him, and the extra shook in fear under the stair of a main character.

"What is it Tom Genericman? Speak up!" Tom Genericman nodded shakily, cleared his throat, and looked Caruso dead in the eye, with all the power of a Redshirt.

"It's... It's the Rabbit."

Caruso spat and shook his head.

"God, who knew that guy could be so sick? I don't believe it..." He stares up at the sun, and then looks out at the ocean.

"It look's like the Rabbit forgot that Trix..." He takes off his sunglasses, staring directly into the souls of the viewers.

"Were for kids."

Once I get back to my house with my notebook, I'll type some more up. :smalltongue: